7 Best Extra Large Dog Beds for Giant Breeds

By Bethany Tate

1) Kuranda

Best Raised dog bed for large breeds and best XL dog bed overall

  • Supports dogs up to 250 lbs
  • Comes with a one year chew proof warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean

The Kuranda aluminum bed is our top pick for extra large dog beds because of its durability, convenience, and the fact that it’s vinyl cover evenly distributes a dog’s weight so that are no pressure points on your pup.

The Kuranda aluminum extra large dog bed supports dogs that way as much as 250 lbs. This means the bed supports even the biggest breeds like Great Danes and Mastiffs.

But the durability of this bed goes beyond just sheer weight. This giant dog bed is also designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic chewers. The corners of the metal frame are covered by aluminum casings that leave no exposed surface for your dog to get a hold off. The edges of the vinyl fabric that make up the base of the bed is completely enclosed in the metal frame so there’s no way your dog can chew on it.

Kuranda’s Extra large aluminum dog bed is a first choice among shelters and kennels. Because of it’s strength and durability it’s highly likely that this bed will last the entire lifetime of your extra large dog.

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Chew proof warranty

Another thing we love about this giant dog bed is that it comes with a 1 year chew proof warranty, which means this bed has a longer warranty than any other dog bed on this list. If your furry friend is able to damage any piece of the frame or fabric beyond usability within the first year, Kuranda will ship you a replacement for free.


Light weight

You would think that a bed that’s able to withstand a 250 lb dog would also be heavy and hard to move. Giant Mattress style dog beds can certainly take some effort to move around the house. But this bed is surprisingly easy to lift and move. Most pet owners will be able to pick up with one hand.

Easy to clean

The vinyl fabric of the base makes cleaning this bed extremely easily. Just hose it off or scrub it with a sponge and the bed will be good to go!

Kuranda’s aluminum bed is our pick for the best XL dog bed because it’s easy to move, clean, it comes with one of the longer warranties around, and because it will likely be the last dog bed you ever need.

Cost effective

Kuranda’s aluminum dog beds come in at a cheaper price than mattress style dog beds. Extra large dog beds with a memory foam mattress can easily cost over $230. Kuranda’s largest aluminum dog bed costs less than $200.

2) Bully Beds

Best XL and XXL chew proof dog bed

  • 200 day chew proof warranty
  • Seams are reinforced with kevlar
  • Cover is chew and dig resistant
  • Orthopedic foam

If you have an extra large dog who digs or chews into things, it can be a serious pain cycling through one dog bed after another. This why the folks at Bully Beds developed their chew proof dog bed for extra large dog breeds.

A durable cover means a durable dog bed

The value of this bed is in its cover, which is highly durable, comfortable for your dog, but still easy to remove and wash. The entire bed cover is made with their trademark BullyTuf material, which is specifically design to endure chewing and digging. As an added plus the cover is also water resistant and hypoallergenic too!

The bed cover has no zippers and instead uses a extra heavy duty Velcro to attach to the mattress.

If the cover wasn’t enough, the seams of the dog bed are reinforced with kevlar, the same material used in bullet proof vests.

200 day chew-proof warranty

Bully Beds Chew resistant dogs beds come with a 200 day chew proof warranty. If your dog chews the bed beyond usability then Bully Beds with either send you a new bed or replace the part of the bed that was damaged.

Available in both XL and XXL sizes

This bed comes in both XL and XXL sizes, both of which come with an orthopedic foam mattress that is 5 inches thick. So even large dogs like an Irish Wolfhound or Great Dane will have the support they need and enough space to spread out comfortably (The XXL dog bed is “60 x 48”).

3) K9 Ballistics Rip-Stop Orthopedic Dog Crate Bed

Best crate bed for extra large dogs

  • Chew Resistant with triple stitched seams
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Machine Washable


If you have a crate trained pup and are looking for an extra large dog bed, then this crate bed from K9 Ballistics might be the right choice for you. K9 Ballistics is popular brand known for quality dog beds that stand up to aggressive chewers.

This crate bed certainly lives up to the brand’s reputation. The bed is made with the company’s tough RipStop fabric and features a triple stitch at its seams.

Easy to clean and waterproof

Accidents happen, even after your dog is crate trains. Thankfully this crate bed is completely waterproof and machine washable. Even the gnarliest accidents in your dog’s crate won’t seem as bad with a bed that’s easy to remove and wash.

4) Bully Beds Infrared Dog Bed

Best orthopedic XL dog bed

  • FDA Medical Device Certification
  • Helps soothe joints and muscles
  • Firm support for a dog’s natural frame
  • Easy to clean and remove cover

This infrared dog bed is the only extra large dog bed that has FDA medical device certification. It’s orthopedic memory foam and infrared fibers not only support a giant dog’s joints and muscles, they also help prevent and alleviate discomfort. It comes in both XL and XXL sizes and can accommodate any extra large breed dog.

Science behind infrared dog beds

This Infrared dog bed is made with special ceramic coated fibers. These fibers reflect the far infrared rays (FIRs) emitted naturally from a dog’s body back to their skin. This helps widen the blood vessels which in turn increases blood circulation and tissue oxygen levels. FIRs also help regulate a dog’s body temperature while sleeping so that they don’t overheat.

This all results in notable benefits for big dogs suffering from joint pain, muscle stiffness, and arthritis. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better extra large orthopedic dog bed than this.

Washable cover and waterproof lining

The cover of this dog bed is removable and machine washable. The lining of the bed is waterproof in order to help protect the mattress. The bed also has a non skid bottom to prevent it from slowly migrating across the room when your dogs lays in it.

5) K9 Ballistics Rectangle Bolster Pillow Dog Bed

Best extra large dog Sofa

  • CertiPUR US made shredded foam
  • Available in XXL size
  • Easy to remove and wash cover

If you’re looking for an extra large couch style dog bed, then look no further than K9 Ballistics’ Rectangle Bolster Pillow bed. This extra large doggy couch is great for the gentle giants who love to nest and curl up in their bed.

While this bed isn’t orthopedic, it is filled with a CertiPUR US made shredded foam that will support the weight of XL and XXL size dogs.

The cover is washable and easy to remove. True the K9 Ballistics brand name it’s also durable enough to stand up to diggers, stratchers, and chewers.

6) Extra Large Faux Fur calming bed

Best calming bed for extra large dogs

  • 11 inches thick
  • 20 year no flatness guarantee
  • Orthopedic foam

For dog parents looking for a cozy extra large dog bed to help calm and relax their dog, this comfy donut style bed might just do the trick. It has a washable bed cover that’s completely waterproof. The cover is easy to remove if needed.

The mattress is made from 4.5 lb dense orthopedic memory foam, which provides support for joints and muscles of big dogs.

This bed features extra soft faux fur. It’s not designed to be chew proof. But if you have a gentle giant that loves to curl up in soft space this extra large dog bed is a great choice.

7) Tough Rip-Stop™ Rectangle Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

Best jumbo dog bed

  • Made in the USA
  • Water Resistant cover
  • Strong material to stand up to digging and scratching

With a length of 68″ and a width of 40″, this bolstered bed by K9 Ballistic is the biggest pet bed around. The mattress is made of orthopedic foam and is design for extra large dog breeds that often have problems with spine or joint support.


True to the K9 Ballistics reputation, this jumbo dog bed is built tough. The bed cover is made from chew resistant Rip-stop material. The corners of the bed are reinforced and all seams are triple stitched. No zippers are exposed so your extra large dog won’t be able to naw at them.

Easy to clean

The fabrics of the bed cover are water resistant and easy to spot clean. If things get really messy and the cover is removable and machine washable.

Buying guide for Extra Large Dog Beds

What size bed is best for an extra large dog?

A general rule of thumb is that a dog bed should large enough has some space to roll around, but not so large that the bed is empty and drafty. Below is an image of approximate recommendations of for dog beds based on your pet’s size.

Which breeds are considered giant breeds?

The Bernese mountain dog, Mastiff, Irish Wolfhound, Great Dane, Saint Bernard, and Newfoundland are some of most popular giant dog breeds.

What is considered an extra large dog?

In general any dog breed that has a usual weight of over 100 lbs is considered giant and will probably need an extra large dog bed!

What’s the best place for big dogs to sleep?

Any place that is comfortable and safe for you and your furry friend is a great place for a big dog to sleep. Some pet parents choose to crate their pup, while others will opt for a large dog bed.

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