How Much Exercise Does a Husky Need? (Quick Guide)

Huskies are highly active dogs. They do not need more than two hours of exercise daily because of their activity level. Huskies are a happy-go-lucky and energetic breed and want nothing more than to be played with and go for long walks.  Since they have such high energy levels, you might find it challenging to … Read more

How Much Exercise Does a Golden Retriever Need?

Golden Retrievers are a fun, energetic, and excitable breed. However, you should understand the qualities of a Golden Retriever before you own one.  Since Golden Retrievers were bred for sport, they thrive on a consistent exercise routine and a healthy diet made up of the best food. Golden Retrievers usually need between 20 and 30 … Read more

How Much Exercise Do Pitbulls Need? Bully Exercise Guide

Pitbulls need around 30-45 minutes of exercise per day. Their energetic nature requires vigorous exercise paired with low-impact walking or games. Proper exercise is necessary for their overall physical and mental wellbeing.  How much exercise does a pitbull need and how do you know when enough is enough? That’s a great question and one that … Read more

Exercise Wheels for Dogs (Complete Guide)

Do you have a dog in need of a little more exercise? Have you ever watched a hamster running on its wheel and wondered: do they make giant hamster wheels for dogs? If so, good news! Dog exercise wheels are real, and they are a great tool for exercise. They might even be the next … Read more

How to Exercise Your Dog on a Treadmill

Treadmills and treadwheels are a great form of exercise for dogs of all ages. However, learning how to exercise your dog on a treadmill can be tricky if they are not used to it.  Pet treadmills have become helpful for both pups and dog owners alike, as they can be used indoors, outdoors, and during … Read more

Exercise for Dogs: Ultimate Guide

Does your young dog get the “zoomies” each day? Do you have a dog that has too much pent-up energy? Are you caring for a dog in recovery and don’t know how to provide healthy exercise? Exercise is an important part of a healthy, happy life for your dog. The old saying goes, “A tired … Read more

Why Do Dogs Get The Zoomies?

Unraveling the Mystery of Zoomies   As pet owners, we’ve all experienced those moments of sheer joy when our beloved dogs transform into furry tornadoes, sprinting around with tons of energy. These episodes, commonly known as “zoomies,” both intrigue and delight their human owners. But have you ever wondered what triggers these bursts of excitement and … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Chow Chow Care

If you are the proud owner of a chow chow, then you know that they are a special breed of dog. Chow Chows require a lot of care and attention, but they are a rewarding breed to own. In this article, we will discuss the basics of chow chow care. We will cover everything from … Read more

How Big Will a Shih Poo Get?

Shih Poos range in size from tiny to small. An average adult Shih Poo will weigh between 8 and 18 pounds and grow to be up to 18 inches tall. A shih poo can be as short as 8 inches tall.  Shih poos are a cross between toy poodles and shih tzus, and are often … Read more

Common Chiweenie Health Issues (Quick Guide)

Common Chiweenie Health Issues include obesity, intervertebral disc disease, luxating patella, glaucoma, and gum and tooth diseases. Because Chiweenies are a  mixed designer dog breed they often inherit the health issues of both chihuahuas and dachshunds.  Obesity  Both chihuahuas and dachshunds are more likely to be overweight or obese as they age or if they … Read more