Best dog food for american staffordshire terrier

The best dog food for American Staffordshire terriers will meet AAFCO nutritional standards and feature wholesome natural ingredients without fillers or additives. An american staffordshire terrier’s age, weight, and health issues also play a factor in determining which dog food is better for them. In this blog post we’ll look the best dog food for … Read more

Best dog food for chiweenies

The best dog food for chiweenies is Front of pack’s Air Dried dog food because of its high protein content, natural ingredients, and air drying process which helps keep natural nutrients intact in a way that dry dog food like kibble simply can’t. Chiweenies are considered a designer dog, with highest pedigree of this mixed … Read more

Best dog food for weimaraners

The Best dog food for weimaraners is one that meets AAFCO nutritional requirements and uses natural or organic ingredients that are biologically appropriate for the breed. The exact food that’s best for your Weimaraner will depend in their phase of life and their unique health concerns. In this article we look at the best dog … Read more

Why Does My Dog Keep Chewing On His Paws?

It is typically normal behavior for dogs to chew on their paws. They might bite their paws to clean them, scratch an itch, remove debris, or sometimes just because they are bored.  Biting and chewing is typical behavior in puppies but should lessen as they grow older. However, some dogs might chew their paws for … Read more

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Burnt Rubber?

Here are some of the most common reasons why your dog might smell like burnt rubber.  Your dog was sprayed by a skunk If your dog spends a lot of time outside then it’s possible that he smells like rubber because he was sprayed by a skunk. Under a skunk’s tail is a small gland … Read more

Why Does My Dog Kiss Everyone But Me?

Reasons why your dog kisses everyone but you Your dog kisses when he’s stressed or in new situations If your dog is kissing everyone but you it might be because they lick when they’re nervous. Pet parents often associate dog licking as kisses, and in many cases that’s true.  However affection isn’t the only reason … Read more

Why Does My Dog Sniff My Feet?

As long as there have been pet dogs and dog owners, canines have been interested in feet. Whether it’s licking, sniffing, or a combination of both, many pups are human feet enthusiasts. In this article we zero in on one of these common feet centered behaviors as we try to answer the question, “Why does … Read more

How to Take Care of a Doberman Puppy

While a lot of puppy care is the same no matter what kind of dog you have, there are some special considerations to take if you have a doberman puppy. In this article we look at how to take care of a Doberman puppy, and share some practical tips you can use to get you … Read more