What is a Chiweenie Dog’s Life Expectancy?

A typical chiweenie in good health will live between 12 and 16 years.  Chiweenies are small mixed breed dogs, so their life expectancy is longer than larger breeds. While it’s impossible to accurately predict how long a chiweenie will live there are several factors that affect their lifespan.  Factors that affect a chiweeni’s life expectancy  … Read more

how to stop my dog from being scared of everything

Is your dog scared of everything and you don’t know what to do? Was your dog acting normal before, but then suddenly they became fearful?  In this article we’ll look at some common reasons why dogs can be scared of everything. We’ll also outline some steps you can take to help your dog overcome their … Read more

Why Does My Dog Bark at Me When We Play?

If your dog barks at you while playing don’t worry. Dogs often bark then they play with people or other dogs. The barking is a sign of excitement. Your dog is trying to tell you that they are having fun!  How do I get my dog to stop barking when playing? If your dog barks … Read more

Can My Dog Chew On Rib Bones?

It’s not recommended to let your dog chew on rib bones. Cooked rib bones should never be given to your dog. Raw rib bones can be given to your dog but only under close supervision. Even so, many vets do not recommend giving your dog raw rib bones.  Do you love ribs and want to … Read more

Is It Okay to Let My Dog Sleep Outside?

It is okay to let your dog sleep outside. Just make sure your dog won’t run away at night, the temperature outside isn’t too extreme, and that there is no threat from wild animals.  Does your dog love being outdoors and want to sleep outside? If so that’s completely okay! While there are some necessary … Read more

Can A Pitbull And German Shepherd Live Together?

A German Shepherd and a Pitbull can live together and get along, as long as both dogs  have been properly introduced and socialized with one another. There’s nothing special in the German Shepherd or Pit Bull breeds that makes it harder for these two dogs to live together than other breeds. In this case a … Read more

How Often Should I Walk My Pitbull?

Pit Bulls are an active and athletic dog breed and they need daily exercise. You should walk your pitbull for at least 1 hour per day. This hour can be broken into 2 or 3 shorter walks spread throughout the day if needed.  How Many Times Should You Walk a Pitbull? Ideally you should walk … Read more

How to Make My Dog Sleep All Night

A sleepless dog is no fun for anyone. When your dog won’t sleep through the night, neither will you. In this article we look at six ways you can make your dog sleep all night.  1) Give your dog plenty of mental and physical exercise One of the best ways to make your dog sleep … Read more

How to Keep Your Pitbull from Being Aggressive

Pit bull breeds get a bad rap in the media and public imagination. All too often just the mention of the word pit bull brings to mind an ill trained and intimidating dog who is hell bent on being aggressive.  That’s unfortunate because with the right training an environment pit bulls can be friendly and … Read more

How to Train My Dog Not to Bark at Other Dogs

Does your dog freak out when other dogs are around and you’re looking for a way to get them to stop? In this article we look at four techniques you can use to train your dog to stop barking at other dogs.  1) Divert your dog’s attention One of the best ways to train your … Read more