Dogpacer Minipacer Treadmill Review

What is a MiniPacer Treadmill? The dogPacer Minipacer treadmill is one of the latest products introduced to the dog training world. It promotes a healthier and happier pet and allows for indoor exercise despite your conflicting schedule or bad weather. Aimed at dog owners with pets under 55 lbs, the Minipacer dog treadmill claims to … Read more

Best Brush For Goldendoodle: Top Picks for your dog’s coat

Goldendoodles are a special breed that can have several different coat styles. Regardless of which one your pooch possesses, it’s important to keep their fur healthy. They want to look good enough to strut their stuff. So, the tough question is, what’s the best brush for Goldendoodle dogs? We prefer a slicker brush like the … Read more

Can Dogs Eat pepperoni? (everything You need to Know)

Pepperoni should not be given to dogs as a snack. It’s not recommended by canine experts due to its high fat and sodium content. The highly processed meat also contains spices such as garlic and onion that are bad for your pet. Consuming too much can cause serious side effects like kidney damage and pancreatitis. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Jello?

The gelatin brand, Jello, is not safe for your dog to eat. The artificial ingredient Xylitol is a toxic sweetener canines cannot ingest. Your dog can eat plain gelatin, however,  without the added ingredients. Made of 99% protein, gelatin is an animal-derived food that has several health benefits for your canine.  Jello is a classic … Read more

Benefits of Having a Dog

If you have a dog, then you already know what makes being a dog owner so awesome. The love and friendship, the responsibility, the fun and sense of purpose, the list goes on. What many canine lovers don’t realize however, is that all those warm fuzzy feelings and new experiences they share with their pet … Read more

Dog Bite Statistics in the US

Dog bite Statistics: The Quick facts In the United States, more than 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs each year 61% of dog bites occur in the animal’s home or in a place familiar to the animal In 77% of cases, the biting dog belongs to friends or family of the victim Children are … Read more

Most Popular Dog Breeds: According to the Internet

Most popular dog breeds – the quick version The Cane Corso is the most popular dog breed in America (based on Google search data) The French bulldog is in the second most popular breed in the US (based on Google search data) The Labrador Retriever and French Bull Dog are the two breeds most commonly … Read more

Pet Ownership Statistics in the United States

Pet ownership in the United states: The quick rundown 90.5 million households own a pet in the United States (70% of total households) 2020-2021 saw the largest increase in pet ownership in eight years (+8 million more pet owners). Likely due to the pandemic. Millennials make up 32% of pet owners and represent the largest … Read more