Do Cane Corsos Shed? (Low-Maintenance Breed Guide)

Cane Corsos shed, but not nearly as much as other large dog breeds. A Cane Corso has a short double-layered coat. The length of their undercoat varies depending on the type of climate they live in.  This popular dog breed is considered a low to moderate shedder that molts throughout the year.  The shedding season … Read more

Do Huskies Get Along With Cats

Do you wonder if bringing home a cat will stir up your perfectly imperfect balance at home? Huskies are natural-born hunters, so they have a high prey drive. If you plan on leaving your Husky alone with a cat, they should be supervised at all times if they try to harm the cat.  However, Huskies … Read more

Why Does My Dog Bark At Me and Not My Husband

If your dog is only barking at you and not your husband, there could be a few reasons why.  It could be resource barking, your dog sees you as a threat, or they’re jealous or territorial. Your dog may even see you as a stranger and is asserting dominance. Barking is your dog’s way of … Read more

How To Take Care of a Pug

A pug is a great dog breed with a fun personality and a unique appearance. While pugs may be small and cute, it is essential to properly understand how to care for this type of dog.  To ensure your pug stays healthy, you will need to feed him a healthy amount of food, ensure he … Read more

Does Neutering a Dog Help With Aggression?

It is not guaranteed that neutering your dog will help with aggression, but it can. Neutering does eliminate issues linked directly to hormones, but anxiety or food guarding behaviors are not guaranteed to disappear due to neutering.  The only behaviors that change when you neuter your pup are the ones associated with male hormones. Your … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Deer Meat? Yes They Can

Dogs can eat deer meat, as it is an excellent source of protein and contains many vitamins and minerals.  These vitamins and minerals can help your dog maintain their energy throughout the day and is a great option for pups with allergies and food sensitivities. On many dog food labels, this ingredient is listed as … Read more

What Do French Bulldogs Eat? Quick Reference Guide

Many people who own a French Bulldog are unsure what to feed them. French bulldogs should eat a meat-based diet to stay healthy although some have special dietary needs. If you don’t feed them the proper food, they can suffer from snorting, wheezing, and coughing. While these characteristics are cute, they are a sign that … Read more

Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Shed?

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are large dogs that are often very intelligent, confident, and relaxed. They are natural-born hunters and make loyal companions. They have a ridge of hair growing in the opposite direction on their backs, which gives away their name.  The hair that grows in reverse on their back does shed, but not a considerable … Read more

How to Take Care of a French Bulldog 

There’s something to be said about a breed that has won the hearts of so many. Few dog breeds can do this like the French Bulldog. From the cute wrinkly body to the smushed snout, this dog breeds loving and playful nature makes them one of the best choices for families and children.  Bringing a … Read more

Why Does My Dog Bite My Ears?

You might think it’s cute that your dog bites your ears, or you might find it gross. When a dog bites your ears, he shows you that he is comfortable with you. Ear biting is a form of affection from your precious pup.  Since dogs are pack animals, it is instinctual for them to bite … Read more