Can Golden Retrievers Be Left Alone?

While we all enjoy spending time with our Golden Retrievers, sometimes we have to part with them for a few hours at a time. However, you might wonder how long it is too long to leave your Golden Retriever alone safely.  You can typically leave your Golden Retriever alone for four to six hours at … Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Feed a Great Dane?

Due to the size of a Great Dane, the cost of food can add up quickly. It costs around $100 to $200 per month to feed a Great Dane. Great Danes need quality food to meet their dietary needs and avoid future health issues.  A Great Dane’s dietary needs depend on their activity level and … Read more

Best Dog Sling Carrier for All Breeds and Sizes

Dog sling careers are great for dogs who enjoy being close to their owners. The close interaction between humans and dogs increases happiness for both humans and dogs. Sling carriers can help us become emotionally and physically close to our dogs and allow us to bring our pups anywhere. Whether your dog is joining you … Read more

Best Dog Life Jacket for Safe Summer Fun

Whether your dog is going for a swim in your pool or the ocean, it is essential to do what you can to keep your dog safe in the water. While doggy paddling is an instinct in dogs, it will not save your pup if they become tired or scared when in the water.  Whether … Read more

How Big Does a Chiweenie Get? 

Chiweenies or Choxies are a cross between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. This breed packs a lot of attitude into a small package and they’re known for making great watchdogs.  For those that live in apartments or may not have a lot of space for a dog, this breed might seem like a no-brainer. Chiweenies … Read more

How to Take Care of a Golden Retriever 

There are few things better than the relationship between us and our canine companions. Even more so, there are few things better than a furry golden retriever zooming around and curling up for the occasional late night cuddle.  When we get a dog, our main goal is to provide them with as much love and … Read more

What Fruit Can French Bulldogs Eat?

If you own a French Bulldog, you likely want to know what fruits they can eat so you can offer them a healthy snack. There are quite a few fruits that are safe to give your French Bulldog, like apples, bananas, watermelon, pears, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries.  Fruits are a great alternative to high-calorie dog … Read more

Do Weimaraners Like Water? 

If you are wondering, “Do Weimaraners like water?” The answer is yes. Weimaraners typically like water and will usually take to the water instantly. Weimaraners are great swimmers, especially if they were introduced to water as a puppy.  Swimming practice is one of the best ways to get your dog used to being in the … Read more

How Much Exercise Does a Golden Retriever Need?

Golden Retrievers are a fun, energetic, and excitable breed. However, you should understand the qualities of a Golden Retriever before you own one.  Since Golden Retrievers were bred for sport, they thrive on a consistent exercise routine and a healthy diet made up of the best food. Golden Retrievers usually need between 20 and 30 … Read more