Best Brush for Australian Shepherd: 7 Choices for Dematting and Deshedding

By Coty Perry

Finding the best brush for Australian Shepherds requires you to understand a little about the breed. This dog’s coat is dense and needs a lot of love and attention. They don’t shed as much as other Shepherds, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. 

The Andis Deshedding Tool is a great option for grooming your Aussie because it works for deshedding, dematting, and regular grooming. Regular use can reduce your dog’s overall shedding. 

In this guide, we’re looking at the seven best brushes for your Australian Shepherd, and we’re certain that you’ll find the right one for your pup. 

Best Dog Brushes for Australian Shepherd: Our Reviews

Andis Deshedding Tool

Best Brush for Australian shepherd (Overall top pick)

4.7 out of 5

  • The ideal choice for a variety of functions such as deshedding, dematting, and grooming
  • It helps reduce overall shedding by 90% when used regularly
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle makes strenuous grooming easier
  • Great for Aussie Shepherds but suitable for all breeds as well

We chose the Andis Deshedding tool as our best dog brush overall, because of its many functions. It’s not a dog brush solely used for deshedding, brushing, or dematting; you can use it for anything. 

The best part about it is that regular use will reduce shedding by 90%, so you won’t have to worry as much about finding fur all over your clothes and furniture. 

The ergonomic handle design is a feature we always look for because daily brushing can be strenuous. If you know that you won’t be sore afterward, it’ll make the process of grooming each day more enjoyable and allow you to connect better with your pup. 

FURminator Long Hair Deshedding Tool

Best Deshedding Dog Brush for Australian Shepherds

4.7 out of 5

  • One of the best options for the Aussie Shepherds seasonal coat
  • Stainless steel teeth remove a lot of hair from the top and undercoat with ease use
  • It comes in various sizes to accommodate different breeds
  • Well designed to make you and your Australian Shepherd feel comfortable during grooming

The FURminator is one of the most popular deshedding tools for dogs for a few reasons. First, it’s a great option for their seasonal coat blow out because it can remove a lot of loose hair in a short amount of time. This not only makes the process faster, but it makes it easier for you as well. 

The ergonomic handle design helps reduce fatigue during long grooming sessions, and the curved brush section helps massage your Australian Shepherd and keep them calm while you’re using it. 

When choosing the best brush for Australian Shepherds, you want to go with a larger size because they’re a bigger breed. If you have other small dogs as well, the FURminator comes in various sizes to meet the needs of multiple dog owners. 

Continuous use of the FURminator can reduce overall shedding, but you don’t want to use it consistently over long periods. It’s meant to be used a few times a week during your dog’s coat blow out and then once a week after that should be enough. 

If you overdo it, this brush can thin out your dog’s coat and cause damage to it. 

Safari Bamboo Pin and Bristle Combo Brush

Best Grooming Brush for Australian Shepherds

4.5 out of 5

  • Pin brush and bristle combo is excellent for grooming and dematting
  • It comes in medium and large sizes based on the size of your dog
  • Wire pins are designed to lift out unattached hair and remove dirt and debris
  • The Bristle brush helps spread natural oil around and leave your dog’s coat shiny and vibrant

The best grooming dog brush can cover the gamut in terms of functionality. The Safari Bamboo brush does that by having two sides. 

The pin brush side is there to pull out mats, reduce tangles, remove dirt, and help with the overall health of their coat. 

The bristle brush side helps groom them and distribute their natural oils around their coat, so it looks shiny and healthy. 

The overall design of the brush is relatively basic, but it does come with an ergonomic handle making long grooming sessions a little bit easier, whether you’re using the pin or bristle brush side.

Pet Republique Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Best Slicker Brush for Australian Shepherds

4.6 out of 5

  • Designed with a self-cleaning mechanism to make removing excess hair easy
  • Slicker brush made specifically for removing tangles and loose hair
  • 15% of all the profits go to the American Animal Rescue Society
  • Stainless steel teeth are hygienic, bacteria-resisting, and easy to clean

Slicker brushes are made with thin wire. Sometimes the teeth are sharp and covered with a ball on the end like a pin brush, while others are duller. The goal of the Pet Republique slicker brush is to make brushing and grooming easier, so you don’t have to spend as much time doing it. 

The flexible bristles help detangle fur faster without hurting or scratching your dog’s skin. It comes with an ergonomic handle that makes it easier to use when working in tough to reach places.

The main feature of this slicker brush is the self-cleaning mechanism that allows you to retract the bristles, so the fur simply falls off the slicker brush to make cleaning easier. The company also donates 15% of all its profits to the American Animal Rescue Society, a major plus. 

Safari Wire Pin Brush

Best Pin Brush for Australian Shepherds

4.3 out of 5

  • Well designed and high-quality pin brush without the frills
  • Simple but essential tool designed for removing hair and dematting fur
  • Great option for daily use because it’s small and lightweight
  • Works for all breeds and coat types

The Safari Pin Brush might not have any fancy features or interesting things, but it’s a durable and easy-to-use brush that gets the job done. Pin brushes are used to remove loose fur debris and work through mats. 

This brush comes in two sizes, so you can choose which one you prefer based on your own grooming techniques. If you often find yourself working in tough areas around legs and tails, then the smaller brush might be the right choice. 

The main feature of this dog brush is the handle design. It’s made out of solid wood versus plastic like some of the other options. This will absolutely increase the life of the brush and ensure it stands the test of time. 

Hertzko Self-Cleaning Dog and Cat Slicker Brush

Best Dematting for Australian Shepherds

4.5 out of 5

  • Slightly curved stainless steel bristles provide a more enjoyable experience for your pup
  • Designed with retractable bristles for easier cleanup
  • Great for removing mats and clearing tangles while improving overall coat health
  • Also works on the thick Aussie Shepherd undercoat

This brush boasts a few nice but important features. First, the slightly curved bristles do better at pulling unattached hair out of your dog’s coat while also providing a more soothing feeling too nervous or anxious dogs. 

Second, it has a self-cleaning feature with retractable bristles making it more sanitary and easier to remove the fur without getting poked. 

The Hertzko brush also comes with an anti-slip grip handle that is both durable and ergonomic. This is more important than you think, and it helps ensure that you don’t get tired and give up on the grooming process. 

ConairPRO Dog Undercoat Rake

Best Undercoat Rake for Australian Shepherds 

4.4 out of 5

  • Explicitly designed for removing loose hair for your Australian Shepherds undercoat
  • Removes more excess hair easily and faster than other dog brushes
  • Great for dogs with long and thick coats
  • The non-slip gel grip is comfortable, ergonomic, and safe

Hand fatigue is a major issue when it comes to undercoat raking because of the angle and location of the hair. This brush counters that with a non-slip gel grip which makes holding it and using it easier and less fatigue-inducing. 

Another issue with the undercoat is that it tends to drag especially when they have their seasonal coat. This means that the fur picks up a lot of debris, dirt, and mud. The ConairPRO Undercoat Rake is a great option for getting in there and pulling all of that out. 

Guide to Choosing the Right Brush 

You must consider many different factors when choosing the best brush for Australian Shepherds. This breed requires frequent brushing, and while they may not shed as much as a Husky or German Shepherd, they can get matted easily and become very uncomfortable if not cared for. 

We’ll answer some of your questions in the following sections and provide the criteria we considered when choosing our seven favorite brushes. 

What is the Best Dog Brush for an Australian Shepherd?

The best brush for your Australian Shepherd is the Andis Deshedding Tool because it can do a lot of things besides simply brush your dog. 

It’s a great option for dense coats because it easily pulls out loose hair that can irritate your dog’s skin. Beyond that, it also helps to detangle and demat their fur as well. When the hair becomes matted, it pulls on their skin, leading to irritation and discomfort. 

Another great option for heavy shedding is the FURminator Long Hair Deshedding Tool. This brush is so popular because of how much fur it’s able to remove without having to brush your dog for a long time. 

While the Australian Shepherd doesn’t shed as much as some other dogs, the hair can build up if you go long periods without grooming. This is one of the reasons why it’s recommended that you don’t use the FURminator regularly. It thins out your Australian Shepherd’s coat and causes damage if you use it too much. 

How Should You Brush an Australian Shepherd?

Australian Shepherds are herding dogs, and they’re one of the most popular breeds due to their intelligence, quickness, and obedience. Like any other pooch, they need to be groomed regularly, but they’re a lot less maintenance than some of the other shepherds. 

Keep Them Calm 

This breed isn’t known for being erratic or excitable, but it’s still important that you try and keep them calm especially if they’re not used to being groomed. 

Take Your Time

Start at the top and gently work your way around their body down towards the tail. You’ll want to start with a slicker brush because this will pull out all the debris and dead fur that’s been sitting in their coat.

Focus on areas around the legs and neck because these are known for becoming matted. Wherever the fur is thickest is where it will mat the most. If you’re grooming them in the middle of shedding season, you may want to take a run through with a dematting rake after you get through the initial “debris brush.” 

Be Careful on Mats 

Remember that a mat is pulling on your dog’s skin, so if you pull on it, it’s going to hurt them even more. You’ll want to use a mat conditioner on the area first before you try and pull it out. These sprays will break it down and allow it to come loose easier and with less force. 

How Often Should I Brush my Australian Shepherd? 

It’s recommended that you brush your Australian Shepherd at least two or three times per week. You can increase these when they’re having their coat blow out to remove any excess fur that may be lingering. 

We also suggest you use something like the FURminator during this time because it will make removing a large quantity of fur much easier and less strenuous on you. 

At the bare minimum, you will want to brush them no less than once per week during most of the year.

Remember that grooming is really up to you. Go based on what you think your Australian Shepherd needs. If you notice a lot of shedding around the house paired with some scratching, you know that your dog needs to be groomed more frequently. 

Even though we like to bundle breeds together, there are differences from dog to dog, even if they’re the same breed. 

Best Way to Groom an Australian Shepherd’s coat

Your shepherd has a great coat that’s worth taking care of. It’s important that you understand what needs to be done to keep it healthy and beautiful. You don’t need to be first in line at the groomers every week, and there are plenty of things you can do at home. 

A Gentle Trim

Keeping an Australian Shepherd’s coat slightly long will allow all their natural beauty to display itself in the best light. This strategy will require a bit of attention because you’ll need to groom them regularly, so they don’t matted. 

Thinning shears are a nice tool to help keep things from getting out of control, and they’re more forgiving if you make a mistake than other types of trimming scissors. 

The Teddy Cut 

This style produces a more rounded shape in the face, which provides your Australian Shepherd with a gentle appearance.

You can leave them a little puffier if you’re going for a cute look but again, remember the importance of regularly grooming, brushing, and dematting. 

Simba Style 

The Simba cut is one of our favorites because we think it gives the Australian Shepherd a very majestic and powerful look. For this style, you’ll keep the hair shorter around the body but leaving it longer in the neck to imitate the appearance of a long and flowing mane. 

This cut inspired by Lion King is a great way to make your dog look more astute and sharp-witted.

How do I Keep my Australian Shepherds Hair From Matting?

The only way to ensure your Australian Shepherd doesn’t get matted is by brushing them regularly. Getting in the habit of brushing and grooming them two or three times a week is important for their overall health. 

In addition, you could bathe them with a dematting shampoo once every other month. Every six-eight weeks might seem like it’s not that often but you don’t want to bathe your dog too much. 

Bathing them too frequently will strip their coats of the necessary oils and nutrients necessary to care for their skin. By bathing them occasionally, you are providing vitamins to their coat and washing them so areas of the fur that are tangled, don’t turn into full-blown matted messes. 

Should You Use a FURminator on an Australian Shepherd? 

We’ve talked a lot about the FURminator, but a lot of Australian Shepherd owners wonder if they should even use this brush at all. It gets a bad reputation for being too rough and removing too much fur, which thins their coat out too much. 

We believe that it’s perfectly okay to use the FURminator as long as you’re only using it every few grooming sessions. Using it too often will definitely strip your dog’s coat too thin, which is removing the nutrients they need and the only protection they have. 

Can you Shave an Australian Shepherd? 

Since the Australian Shepherd is double coated, you should never shave them. A lot of pet owners wonder if the warm climates are unhealthy for double-coated dogs because they are afraid they’ll get overheated and feel uncomfortable when it’s hot outside. 

Believe it or not, the long coat actually has the opposite effect. A double coat helps keep your dog cool because the inner layer insulates the skin while the outer layer helps to circulate air through their coat.

Another issue is that double-coated dogs have susceptible pink skin, which is prone to sunburn and damage from UV rays. Shaving your dog will only remove the outer layer, which will allow the heat to get to their skin, and they’ll likely get sunburn because you removed the protective outer layer. 

If you’re worried about your Australian Shepherd overheating, keep them hydrated. If they’re frantically panting, it simply means that it’s time to stop whatever activity you’re doing and take them inside to relax. 


Your herding Australian Shepherd is a lovable, intelligent, and happy pup. They love being outside and staying active, so you might have a hard time keeping up if you’re more of a couch potato. 

They also have a beautiful coat that’s easy to maintain if you don’t let it run away from you. That’s why we think the Andis Deshedding Tool is the best brush for Australian Shepherds. It offers a versatile design that you can use for almost anything. 

Now, if you’re dealing with a heavy winter coat and the Andis tool isn’t good enough, the FURminator Long Hair Deshedding Tool is the best option to pair along with it. This dog brush will get down deep and remove stubborn fur that you’re having difficulty getting. 

The best dog brush can vary depending on the breed and owner preference. No matter what brush you choose, be sure to give your Australian Shepherd a lot of love and attention before and after grooming! 

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