Best brush for Jack Russell terrier

By Britt Kascjak

What is the best brush for Jack Russell owners? To find the best grooming tools with your dog, there are several factors to consider.

The best overall brush for grooming a Jack Russell Terrier is the JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin. But, your dog may need another option for their unique needs.

Here are 7 great brush choices for Jack Russell Terriers, and why you should try them.

Overall Best Dog Brush for the Jack Russell Terrier

We recommend the JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin.

Our Rating

5 stars out of 5

Product Details

  • Metal teeth in two lengths to remove loose hair and detangle your dog’s coat
  • Teeth angled 90 degrees is suitable for pets with sensitive skin
  • Rubber-sheathed handle designed to fit your hand for comfort during use

Who Should Buy This Brush

This slicker soft pin brush is a good choice for all coat types. This makes it suitable for Jack Russell Terriers regardless of their coat type.

The angle of the teeth makes it so that they run parallel to your dog’s skin during grooming. This prevents them from scratching the skin, turning your dog off grooming time.

Best Brush for a Smooth Coat Jack Russell Terrier

We recommend the Pet Republique Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush.

Our Rating

4 stars out of 5

Product Details

  • Fine, flexible bristles are gentle on the skin and effective in removing loose fur
  • Non-slip, ergonomic handle for your comfort
  • Easy self-cleaning design retracts bristles releasing gathered fur

Who Should Buy This Brush

A smooth coat is the coat type that sheds the most. By removing the loose hair, you help promote a healthy, shiny coat.

Not only will this improve your dog’s health and well-being, but it will also help keep your house clean. This slicker brush excels at removing loose hair and is a great choice for smooth coats.

Best Brush for a Rough Coat Jack Russell Terrier

We recommend the FURminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool.

Our Rating

5 stars out of 5

Product Details

  • Stainless-steel teeth reach beneath the topcoat to remove loose undercoat fur
  • Curved design prioritizes your dog’s comfort
  • Available in three sizes to accommodate dogs of any size or shape

Who Should Buy This Brush

Your dog’s brush will need to reach under the wiry topcoat to remove the loose hair trapped beneath.

The design of this FURminator brush helps it to reach the undercoat, removing more loose and dead fur.

Best Shedding Brush for Loose hair

We recommend the Paws & Pals Best In Show Dog & Cat Deshedding Tool

Our Rating

4 out of 5 stars

Product Details

  • Comfort-grip handle for the best possible control
  • Stainless steel blade is gentle on your dog’s skin
  • Designed to reach deep into the undercoat to remove loose or dead fur that is otherwise trapped

Who Should Buy This Brush

This deshedding tool not only helps to remove loose hair, but it also removes dander. The stainless steel blade removes dead hair and prevents matting.

It also encourages and stimulates the natural oils in your dog’s skin. This improves the health and appearance of the coat.

Best Grooming Brush for a Jack Russell Terrier

We recommend the ConairPRO Pet-It Boar Bristle Brush.

Our Rating

5 out of 5 stars

Product Details

  • Made of 50% natural boar bristles and 50% synthetic bristles
  • Palm-Petting Grip Technology to mimic petting while grooming
  • Suitable for all coat types and for daily use

Who Should Buy This Brush

The handle-free design of this brush makes it a good choice for dogs that are nervous about being brushed.

This brush is suitable for all coat types. Natural boar bristles are gentle on your dog’s coat, making it suitable for daily use.

Best Slicker Brush for Jack Russell Terriers

We recommend the Li’l Pals Coated Trips Dog Slicker Brush.

Our Rating

4 out of 5 stars

Product Details

  • Flexible wire pins adjust and contour to the body during grooming
  • Plastic tips on each bristle to prevent irritation
  • Small size for grooming smaller dogs

Who Should Buy This Brush

The wire bristles work to detangle your dog’s coat and remove any loose fur. They contour the body to get as much hair out of the undercoat as possible.

Plastic tips on the end of each bristle prevent them from scratching the skin.

Best Curry Brush for Jack Russell Terriers

We recommend the FURminator Curry Comb for Dogs.

Our Rating

4 stars out of 5

Product Details

  • Designed to fit the palm of your hand for easy brushing
  • Anti-microbial plastic to reduce germs and bacteria
  • Comfortable hand strap prevents you from dropping the brush during use

Who Should Buy This Brush

This style of brush removes loose fur and dust from the surface of your dog’s coat. It also helps to stimulate the production of natural oils for healthy, shiny fur.

A curry brush is a great choice for dogs that are nervous about being groomed.

Guide for Jack Russell Dog Brushes

Don’t underestimate the importance of grooming your dog.

Brushing your dog regularly helps to improve the health of thier coat. It also goes a long way to keep your home clean!

The brush that you use is only one pieces of the puzzle. Caring for your Jack Russell’s coat requires attention to your grooming technique. 

What Kind of Brush Do You Use on a Jack Russell?

The kind of brush needed to brush your Jack Russell Terrier will depend on your dog’s coat type and their level of shedding. While a curry comb works well for a smooth coated dog, it’s not as effective on a rough coated dog.

A slicker brush does a good job of removing loose hair in the undercoat. They are very effective for smooth coated dogs.

Bristle brushes are another great choice for regular grooming. They work to remove loose hair, untangle knots, and smooth your dog’s coat.

Additionally, they help to spread the natural oils from your dog’s skin through the coat. These oils help to improve the health and condition of your dog’s coat.

They are suitable for all Jack Russell coat types.

For those that shed the most or have the longest coats, a deshedding tool is a great choice. These dog brushes reach down past the topcoat to remove loose and dead fur from the undercoat.

Some dog owners use deshedding tools as a regular grooming tool. Others only use them during shedding season. They are a great option either way.

How Do You Brush a Jack Russell Terrier?

Brushing a Jack Russell Terrier is easy when you understand the needs of their specific coat type.

There are three coat types: Smooth, Broken, and Rough.

Smooth Coated Jack Russell Terriers have short, sleek coats. They are the easiest to care for as there are a wide variety of dog brushes that will work. But, they are also the type that will shed around your house the most.

Rough Coated Jack Russells have longer fur that has a natural wiry texture. Their coats can grow anywhere from one to two inches in length.

Below the wiry top coat is a softer undercoat. This is where loose hairs will often become trapped on a Rough Coated Jack Russell. A deshedding tool will help to reach down and remove that dead hair.

Finally, the Broken Coated Jack Russell is a mixture of the other two coat types. The fur can vary from one spot to another, with patches of longer hair and patches of shorter hair.

The variety of different coat types on a single dog means that you will want to find a brush that is suited for all types.

After you have chosen the right brush, gently brush through your Jack Russell’s hair. Be careful to break up any knots without pulling or making the process uncomfortable.

If you have a Broken Coated or Rough Coated Jack Russell, you may also choose to comb through with your fingers. This is called hand-stripping and will help to remove loose and dead hair from the undercoat.

Hand-stripping is not a comfortable process for most Jack Russell Terriers. Only do a little at a time and give your dog plenty of breaks.

How Often Should Your Brush a Jack Russell?

To keep your Jack Russell’s coat looking clean and healthy, you should brush your dog at least once a week. If your dog enjoys grooming, you could make it a daily task.

The more you brush your Jack Russell, the greater the benefits. This includes eliminating bacteria build-up, reducing shedding, and minimizing odors. This will also limit the amount of dander around your house which will help manage allergies.

How Do I Stop my Jack Russell from Shedding?

There is no magical solution to stop your Jack Russell from shedding. But, you can reduce the amount that your dog is shedding with regular grooming.

Each time that you brush your dog, you are removing loose and dead hair before it can fall out around your house.

If you have a Rough Coat Jack Russell, take your dog to a groomer at least two times each year. The groomer will do an in-depth stripping of the dead hair, cleaning up the undercoat.

Another way to reduce shedding is to focus on your dog’s diet. A healthy, balanced diet will help to improve your Jack Russell’s coat health. Poor nutrition can cause excess hair loss.

Adding supplements high in Omega-3 fatty acids will also help to boost your dog’s coat health.

Conclusion: What is the Best Brush for a Jack Russell?

This guide includes some great brush options for Jack Russell Terriers of all sizes and coat types.

The FURminator Short Hair Dog Deshedding Tool is a great choice to reduce shedding. Also, the ConairPRO Pet-It Boar Bristle Brush is a good option for all coat types.

But, neither of these brushes can handle all coat types and shedding needs with the ease of the top choice. The JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush Soft Pin is the best overall brush on the list.

Not only does it remove loose and dead hair and detangle your dog’s coat, it is comfortable to use. This includes comfort both for you and for your dog. 

This brush will allow you to meet all your Jack Russel’s grooming needs.

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