Best dog food for chiweenies

By Bethany Tate

The best dog food for chiweenies is Front of pack’s Air Dried dog food because of its high protein content, natural ingredients, and air drying process which helps keep natural nutrients intact in a way that dry dog food like kibble simply can’t.

Chiweenies are considered a designer dog, with highest pedigree of this mixed breed coming from a cross between a purebred chihuahua and a Dachshund. Chiweenies are small dogs, and have specific health concerns passed on to them by the dog breeds they were bred from.

In this post we’ll look at the best dog foods for chiweenies based on nutritional needs and health concerns of this designer breed.

Front of the Pack Air Dried Dog Food

Best dog food for chiweenies (most nutritious and top pick)

  • Recipe formulated by a team of vets, animal nutritionists, and biochemists
  • Meets AAFCO nutritional requirements
  • Air drying process preserves natural nutrients that the kibble making process doesn’t
  • Only $1.06 per meal for Chiweenies

Front of the Pack’s Air dried dog food is our pick for the best dog food for chiweenies because of its quality natural ingredients and nutrient packed recipe. The goal of Front of the Pack’s company was to create a natural and nutritious dog food that put at end to the harmful fillers and hallow calories found in most commercial dog foods.

To accomplish this they put together a team of veterinarians, biochemists, and even a board member from the National Animal Supplement Council. The result? A high protein dog food with organic vegetables, non-GMO grain, and non-GMO oils that meets all of the requirements for a chiweenie’s complete and balanced core diet.

The benefits of this dog food don’t stop at the ingredients. The air drying process heats the food just enough to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens, but is still gentle enough to lock in all the natural nutrition from the raw ingredients. The kibble making process on the other hand occurs at a much higher temperature and eliminates some of the natural nutrients in the dog food.

Another great thing about Front of the Pack’s dog food is that it starts at only $1.06 per meal for small dogs likes chiweenies. So you don’t have to break the bank to give your chiweenie one of the best dog foods around.

The company offers a free taster pack on their site so that you and your chiweenie can out the food for yourselves.

Wild Earth Complete Protein Dog Food

Best chiweenie dog food for plant based diet

  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Meets AAFCO nutritional requirements
  • Includes essential fatty acids and crude fiber
  • Includes Over 30% crude protein

Protein is perhaps the most important ingredient in any dog’s food. It’s also the main concern if you’re considering switching your dog over to a plant based diet. Wild Earth’s Complete Protein Dog Food lives up to its name in that it provides over 30% crude protein with each serving.

But the completeness of this dog food recipe doesn’t end with protein. The food also includes omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and is made up of 5% crude fiber. This checks all the boxes for food that supports a healthy coat and digestion.

The companies lofty claims about their dog food’s nutrition is actually grounded in reality. Wild Earth’s dog food was tested through volunteer humane testing that was overseen by a team of scientists and veterinarians.

If you’re thinking about a plant based diet for your chiweenie you will be hard pressed to find a better choice than Wild Earth. The dog food comes with a no questions ask 30 day money back guarantee so dog owners can try out Wild Earth worry free.

We Feed Raw

Best dog food for chiweenie raw food diet

  • Formulated by a PhD animal nutritionist
  • Includes muscle meat, organ meat, and edible bones
  • Meets AAFCO guidelines
  • Cold pressure process helps reduce unwanted bacteria

More and more dog owners are opting for a raw food diet for their pups, citing benefits such as improved digestion and dental health, healthy skin, and smaller stools. But a raw diet for dogs isn’t without controversy. Many vets point out that feeding your dog raw food on a regular basis increases the risk of exposing yourself and your pup to harmful pathogens like salmonella.

A raw diet is also a lot of work if you’re putting together the meals yourself. Every meal has to have the right balance of muscle meats, organ meat, and edible bone (note that not all bones are edible for dogs). The result is a lot of planning and preparation to keep your chiweenie on a raw diet.

This is where We Feed Raw comes in. To address the issue of harmful pathogens and bacteria We Feed Raw uses a cold pressure process to help eliminate harmful bacteria. On the convenience side of things every meal from We Feed Raw meets AAFCO guidelines and includes the exact ratio of muscle meat, organs, and bone your Chiweenie needs. The company also provides free cold shipping with every order.

We Feed Raw only uses USDA certified human-grade meat in their dog foods. Every recipe is also free of artificial ingredients including preservatives, flavors, and coloring. You also won’t find cheap fillers like chicken meal, lamb meal, or chicken fat byproducts that are prevalent in many dog foods.

If you’re considering a raw diet for your Chiweenie, look no further than We Feed Raw.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Best dog food for chiweenies on a grain free diet

While there’s no scientific evidence that grain free food for chiweenies is better than dog foods that include grains, some pet parents opt for grain free foods because of allergies, personal preference, or a distrust of the grain quality in other brands.

Taste of the Wild’s High Prairie dry dog food recipe provides an option that’s free of grain but packed with nutrients. The whole idea behind the Taste of the Wild brand is to mimic the natural diets of your dog’s ancestors.

The first ingredients of this high protein recipe are roasted bison and roasted Venison. With ingredients like sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and blueberries Taste of the Wild also includes essential vitamins and minerals, as well as omega fatty acids and antioxidants.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Small Breed Puppy Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe Dry Dog Food

Best dog food for chiweenie puppies

Blue buffalo’s Life Protection Formula takes a holistic approach to the nutrition for puppies of small breeds. Starting with the main ingredient of deboned chicken, everything in this puppy food helps support some aspect of your chiweenie’s development. The quality protein helps with muscle mass development while other ingredients like whole grains and garden vegetables provide essential nutrients to support everything from brain to eye development.

This puppy approved tasty food is ideal for small breed dogs, including Chiweenies.

Farmer’s Dog

Best Wet food for chiweenies

Farmer’s dog isn’t just the best wet dog food for chiweenies, it’s one of the premier fresh dog food brands in the market. The philosophy behinh Farmer’s dog is simple: make fresh natural dog food free of artificial ingredients and label shenanigans.

Farmer’s Dog foods are tested on humans and contain only human grade ingredients. Their site allows you to build out a custom nutrition profile for your chiweenie so that you can craft a personalize meal plan that’s best for your dog.

The companies dog food is always made and delivered fresh (and includes free shipping!). As far as wet dog food for chiweenies goes, it doesn’t get better than this!

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Salmon & Sweet Potatoes Dry Dog Food

Best chiweenie food for allergies

Typically food allergies in all dog breeds are triggered by a protein, though artificial ingredients and grains can also trigger a reaction. Common proteins that trigger allergies are beef, pork, and chicken. If your chiweenie is suffering from irritated skin or other food allergy symptoms then you’ll want to transition to a limited ingredient dog food.

Natural Balance’s limited ingredient dog food has only two proteins: the first and main one is salmon, the second is menhaden fish. This recipe is also grain free, soy free, and has no GMOs. It’s mix of grainless ingredients like sweet potatoes and flaxseed ensure that every meal is balanced and nutritious, without triggering allergies or plaguing sensitive stomachs.

Chiweenie Feeding Guide

What is the best diet for a Chiweenie?

The best dog food for a chiweenie will depend on the chiweenie’s age and any personal health issues the dog might have. Let’s look at some of the nutritional needs of a chiweenie in each of its life stages.

Nutritional needs of chiweenie puppies

Small dogs like chiweenies should eat a diet made up of high quality proteins and low fat content. The protein will help your chiweenie puppy as it’s muscles grow and develop. You’ll also want natural ingredients that contain essential vitamins and minerals to help with eye and brain development.

Nutritional needs of adult chiweenies

Adult dogs will need slightly less protein than they do as puppies, but it’s vitally important that your chiweenie’s adult dog food’s main ingredient is a high quality protein. At this stage you’ll still want a dog food with low fat content. Both Chihuahuas and Dachshunds have certain health concerns that are exacerbated by being overweight or obese, and your chiweenie is no different.

A dog food with healthy fats is also recommended as omega fatty acids help support both coat and joint health.

Nutritional needs of Senior Chiweenies

As chiweenies transition into old age their body starts to slow down. They begin to naturally lose lean muscle mass and their digestion begins to decline. A premium dog food with high protein will help support lean muscle and help maintain a healthy immune system as a chiweenie gets older.

A dog food with natural fiber will help support healthy digestion. As in the other life stages of a chiweenie dog foods with low fat are preferred. Like all older dogs a senior chiweenie is at greater risk for being overweight due to their lower activity level and slower metabolism.

Homemade dog food for chiweenies

Making food at home is a great way to take control of your dog’s diet, especially if your suspicious of commercial dog food brands. When preparing food at home for your chiweenie be sure that your dog’s meals include the right mix of the following ingredients:

  • High quality protein
  • Fresh or organic vegetables
  • Healthy fatty oils (these can be fish oil or plant based oils like corn or flaxseed)
  • Carbohydrates like brown rice or whole wheat

You’ll want to seek out veterinary advice on what exact recipes will be best for your chiweenie. Every dog is different and the best food for one chiweenie may not be the best for another.

How much food should a chiweenie eat?

An adult chiweenie should eat anywhere from 1/2 to 1 cup of dog food each day. This amount should be split up between two meals. It’s also recommended not to feed chiweenies directly after exercise or active play sessions.

Are chiweenies picky eaters?

Chiweenies can be picky eaters sometimes. If your chiweenie is getting picky about his or her food you can try switching dog foods or adding a healthy topper to help incentivize your dog to eat his meal.

What is the best diet for a Chiweenie?

The best diet for a chiweenie is a healthy fix of quality protein, healthy fats, and vitamins and minerals. Most premium dog foods meet this requirement. If you’re unsure on whether your chiweenie is eating the right food consult your local veterinarian.

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