Best Dog Life Jacket for Safe Summer Fun

By Coty Perry

Whether your dog is going for a swim in your pool or the ocean, it is essential to do what you can to keep your dog safe in the water. While doggy paddling is an instinct in dogs, it will not save your pup if they become tired or scared when in the water. 

Whether your pup is small or large, a life jacket can save their life in the water. Having your dog wear a life jacket will ensure their safety when in the water and give you peace of mind knowing they are safe. 

Best Life Jackets for Dogs: Top Picks

These are our favorite picks for the best dog life vests.

Kuoser Life Jacket with Reflective Strips

Best Dog Life Jacket – Overall

4.9 out of 5

  • It comes in various sizes
  • Easy to see reflective bands
  • Made using materials that provide maximum floatation
  • Has easy to grab handles on top

The Kuoser dog life jacket with reflective strips is designed to keep your dog safe in the water while also allowing your dog to be seen from a far distance. 

The reflective strips help your dog be noticed by others in the water, especially if people are fishing, surfing, or on a boat. This vest ranges in sizes XS to 2XL, making it a great vest that any dog can wear. 

It is made using Oxford and Nylon cloth and high-density pearl cotton foam to ensure your dog floats in the water.

Kuoser Solid Color Float Coat Life Jacket

Best Life Jacket for Small Dogs

4.6 out of 5

  • Durable rescue handle
  • Comfortable and snug fit
  • Metal D ring for leash attachment
  • Velcro tape helps keep your dog’s head above water

The Kuoser sold color float coat life jacket functions perfectly to keep your pup safe and afloat in the water. This vest comes in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL.

The rescue handle on the back of the jacket makes it easy to grab your pup if needed without pulling too harshly on your pup’s belly. 

To reassure you and your dog that he is safe, you can hook your leash to the D ring to better track him in the water. This vest is an excellent fit for any dog but is comfortable for small dogs since it has a snug fit. 

Kuoser Adjustable Ripstop Life Jacket

Best Large Dog Life Jacket

4.7 out of 5

  • Does not restrict movement in water or on land
  • The chest and abdomen are fully supported
  • Not bulky
  • Comfortable velcro and quick release buckles system

Many large dogs like Pitbulls can swim, but it is wise to use a life jacket just in case. The Kuoser adjustable ripstop life jacket is a solid orange life jacket that helps make your dog visible in the water and on land. The velcro and buckle system is comfortable and snug but does not restrict movement. 

The velcro helps keep his abdomen and chest firm. In case you need to lift your pup out of the water quickly, there is a handle that makes it easy to do so. 

You can also attach his leash to the D ring on the jacket in case you don’t want your dog to have free roam. This vest comes in multiple sizes, ranging from XS to 2XL. However, large dogs will appreciate the fit of the vest, and you might also enjoy how simple it is to use on your large dog.

Kuoser Bright Colored Stitching Life Jacket

4.6 out of 5

Best Dog Life Vest for Kayaking

  • Made using durable materials
  • Will last many summers
  • It has a breathable mesh underbelly
  • It comes in many sizes

The Kuoser bright-colored stitching dog life jacket keeps your pup safe, even when kayaking. It uses high-grade and durable polyester materials to resist tears, scrapes, and cuts. 

There are grab handles on the top of the vest, made using anti-skid rubber, to ensure you can easily pull your pup to safety if necessary. You can even attach your pup’s leash to the D ring if you are worried about your dog not being able to swim. 

The Kuoser bright-colored life jacket is the perfect vest for kayaking. It comes in purple, green, and red, making it easy for your dog to be seen from a distance.

Kuoser Colorblock Striped Life Jacket

4.5 out of 5

Best Dog Life Vest for Paddle Boarding

  • Made using lightweight, but safe, materials
  • Has anti-abrasive properties
  • Sturdy nylon adjustable straps 
  • Buckles are easy to release

The Kuoser color block striped dog life vest is made from durable materials, like high-grade polyester fabric and pearl cotton foam. The polyester material used to make this jacket has anti-abrasive properties, which makes activities like paddle boarding perfect for this jacket. 

If you want to walk your dog after paddle boarding, you can use the D ring leash attachment on the back of the jacket to hook up your leash. The Kuoser color block striped jacket is perfect for water sports, like paddle boarding, since it is anti-abrasive and lightweight. 

Kuoser Clownfish Shaped Life Jacket

4.6 out of 5

Cutest Dog Life Jacket

  • It looks like clownfish, including wings and tail
  • Bright colors increase your dog’s visibility 
  • Great for all levels of swimmers
  • Easy to adjust

The Kuoser clownfish-shaped life jacket is great for dogs of all sizes and swimming levels. It is cute, and the bright color makes your dog more visible on land and water. The jacket handles are easy to grip, and the velcro is easy to adjust. 

It is also easy to adjust the chest girth of this jacket to ensure your dog’s body is secured. This vest comes in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL and in orange, red, and blue. Your pup will make the cutest clownfish in this safety vest.

Choosing The Best Dog Life Jacket

To purchase the best-suited dog life jacket for your pup, follow our buying guide to help make the best choice.

Do Dogs Need Life Jackets?

All dogs should wear a life jacket, even if they are a strong swimmer. While they might not need the life jacket, it ensures your dog’s safety in the water.

Tips for Choosing a Dog Life Jacket

  • Find a life jacket with a handle for you to grab
  • Look for a D ring for the leash
  • Bright colors are best to increase your dog’s visibility 
  • Straps and buckles should be easy to adjust
  • The life jacket should be made using durable, long-lasting materials

How to Measure a Dog for a Life Jacket?

You will need a measuring tape to measure your dog’s circumference of the widest part of his ribcage. 

With most dog life jackets you may also need to measure the length of your dog from the base of his neck to the base of his tail, along with the circumference of his neck. Compare your measurements to the sizing chart of the life vest you want to purchase for your dog. 

Can Dogs Wear Human Life Jackets?

No, dogs cannot wear human life jackets. Life jackets for humans will not snuggly fit your pup, making them not as safe. Dog owners and their dogs should each have their own specially designed life vests.

How to Know If your Dog’s Life Jacket Fits Correctly

Once you have buckled and strapped your dog into his life jacket, you should be able to slide no more than two fingers between your pup and the jacket. It should be snug but not so tight that it is uncomfortable. 


While these life jackets are excellent choices, the Kuoser Life Jacket with Reflective Strips is our top pick. It is perfect for dogs of any size and has reflective bands, making it easy to spot your dog in the water. 

We like this life jacket the most because of the reflective strips, variation of sizes, and its easy-to-grab handles.

Next to the Kuoser Life Jacket with Reflective Strips, our second favorite choice would be the Kuoser Adjustable Ripstop Life Jacket. This jacket does not restrict your pup’s movement on land and in water and has a comfortable velcro and buckle system. 

We also like that this life jacket isn’t bulky and has an easy-to-use handle that you can use if you need to rescue your pup.

All the best dog life jackets we reviewed are safe and excellent choices for your pup. Whichever jacket you choose, your dog’s safety will be ensured.

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