Best Dog Treadmill

By Britt Kascjak

Are you looking for a solution to exercise your dog regardless of the weather? Are you looking for a new way to exercise your dog from the convenience of home?

While a treadmill should never replace outdoor activities, it’s a great way to work out your dog.

If you have a young, high-energy puppy or a dog needing to lose weight, a treadmill is a great option. But, before you invest, there are some factors to consider. Here’s a list of the best dog treadmills.

Best Dog Treadmill for Small Dogs

We recommend the GoPet Petrun PR710F Treadmill for Dogs up to 88 Lbs

Product Details

  • Multiple Speed Range of 1-7.4 MPH
  • Remote or Manual Control
  • Folds Away for Easy Storage
  • Quiet motor

Who Should Buy this Treadmill

If you’re looking for a basic pet treadmill that can accommodate small dogs, this is a great choice.

It offers all the basic options for safety and convenience while keeping the cost down.

Our Rating

4 stars out of 5

Best Dog Treadmill for Medium-Sized Dogs

We recommend the GoPet Petrun PR720F Treadmill for Dogs up to 132 Lbs

Product Details

  • Speed Range of 1-7.4 MPH
  • Running Area of 52″L x 16″W
  • Remote or Manual Control
  • Folds Away for Easy Storage
  • Quiet operation

Who Should Buy this Treadmill

This treadmill is a great choice for medium-sized dogs, offering a longer running area.

With timer controls and emergency features, it offers everything that your dog needs.

Our Rating

4 stars out of 5

Best Dog Treadmill for Large Breed dogs

We recommend the GoPet Petrun PR725 Encloseable Treadmill for Large Dogs up to 176 Lbs

Product Details

  • Speed Settings Range of 1-10 mph
  • Running Area of 71″L x 16″W
  • Air Step Incline System for Added Challenge
  • Metal Enclosure for Better Control

Who Should Buy this Treadmill

Not only does this treadmill offer the features of the other models, but it also has incline options.

This is great a large breed dog that needs a little extra exercise by increasing the challenge.

Our Rating

5 stars out of 5

Best Dog Treadmill for Toy Breeds

We recommend the GoPet Petrun PR700 Treadmill for Small Dogs

Product Details

  • Speed Range of 1-8 mph
  • Running Area of 28″L x 16″W
  • Remote or Manual Control

Who Should Buy this Treadmill

The most basic treadmill on this list, this compact treadmill is ideal for toy breeds.

While this model doesn’t fold up for storage like the larger options, its small size fits most spaces.

Our Rating

4 stars out of 5

Best Dog Treadmill for Extra Large Breeds

We recommend the GoPet CS8022 Indoor/Outdoor Treadwheel for Extra Large Dogs

Product Details

  • Running Area of 60″D x 20″W
  • High Weight Capacity (Suitable for Dogs up to 150 Lbs)
  • Dog Powered, No Electricity Required
  • Cushioned, Durable Matted Surface to Protect Paw Pads

Who Should Buy this Treadmill

If you are looking for a healthy way to let loose some of your dog’s excess energy, this is a great solution.

It allows your dog to exercise in a leash-free running area at their own natural walking or running pace.

This treadmill is built with big dogs in mind.

Our Rating

5 stars out of 5

Best Smart Dog Treadmill

We recommend the dogPACER 4.0

Product Details

  • Speed Range of 0.5-7.5 MPH
  • Running Area of 71″L x 16.5″W
  • Suitable for Dogs up to 179 Lbs
  • Includes Compatible Android or Apple App
  • Removable side panels

Who Should Buy this Treadmill

Technology fans, this one is for you! This treadmill combines the basic exercise benefits of a treadmill with Smart Technology.

It’s lightweight, portable, and features a fold-up design for easy storage.

Our Rating

5 stars out of 5

Best budget dog treadmill

For those on a budget we recommend the Petsite dog treadmill.

Product details

  • Adjustable speed and time settings
  • Remote control
  • Good for pets up to 66 lbs
  • Safety key and emergency stop

Who should buy this treadmill

If you have a small to medium dog and are looking for an affordable dog treadmill, then you may want to consider the Petsite dog treadmill.

Buying Guide

Can Dogs Walk on a Treadmill?

The treadmill can be a great tool to incorporate into your exercise routine. But, it’s not suited for every dog.

Healthy adult dogs and young puppies can enjoy the benefits of being able to exercise at home. This allows them to stay active even in bad weather conditions.

Dog treadmills can be set to a variety of speeds allowing dogs to walk, jog, or run. They are versatile for dogs of most fitness levels with different features to add to the workout.

Dogs that are in need of a more challenging workout would enjoy a treadmill with incline options.

But, it should be noted that a treadmill should not be a replacement for outdoor exercise. Instead, it should be seen as a piece of a larger exercise plan.

To decide whether a treadmill is good for your dog, you must consider their age and health condition.

Is it Cruel to Put a Dog on a Treadmill?

The use of a treadmill for your dog is not cruel, as long as you introduce it properly.

Don’t put your dog straight onto the treadmill and turn it on the first time. For a dog that is unfamiliar with the use of one, this can be a frightening experience.

Another time that the use of a treadmill may be cruel to your dog is if it triggers or impacts a health condition. Dogs that suffer from hip or joint problems should avoid high-impact exercise.

This is due to the constant jolt and pressure caused by running on a hard surface, including a treadmill. It can cause a lot of pain and make injuries worse than they already are.

How, then, do physical therapists use treadmills in their practice? The addition of water will completely change the experience.

Is a Treadmill Good for a Dog?

The use of a treadmill is good for most dogs. It provides a source of exercise indoors away from the elements.

This is especially important for those that live in an area where the weather may be known to be harsh at times. For example, locations up north with bitterly cold winters.

They are a great tool for strengthening your dog’s heart and lungs. Dog treadmills are also a popular choice for dogs working on endurance training.

If you have a dog that participates in dog sports, you can use a treadmill to warm up. This is a great way to prepare for more intense exercise and prevent injuries.

But, there are a few drawbacks when it comes to using a treadmill.

The exercise is solely physical, meaning that it provides no mental enrichment. This would come in the form of sniffing and exploring on an outdoor walk.

Dogs that use the treadmill on a regular basis should also be given interactive toys and puzzles.

This will also increase the physical demand of your dog’s workout. There is no stopping to rest or catch their breath.

Keep treadmill workouts shorter than you would a normal outdoor walk.

Finally, older or senior dogs and those with a history of hip or joint problems should not use a treadmill. 

How Long Should a Dog Stay on a Treadmill?

Treadmill workouts should generally be shorter than other exercise options.

Most trainers recommend starting with 5-minute workouts and working up from there. You can add a few extra minutes to your dog’s workout each week, but don’t rush it.

The longest recommended treadmill workout for an average dog is 20-30 minutes.

Keep in mind that if you increase the speed or incline, that will increase the intensity. Shorten the length of your dog’s workout accordingly.

How Much Does a Doggy Treadmill Cost?

The cost of a dog treadmill is a wide spectrum, depending on size, brand name, and features. The options on this list range from $399to $2,950.

As with most dog supplies, treadmills for smaller dogs will be cheaper than those for large dogs.

Features like the ability to adjust the incline and a wider range of speeds will increase the price. As will the addition of smart technology.

How to Choose the Right Size of Treadmill for Your Dog 

When shopping for your dog’s treadmill, most options have a recommended weight limit. But, these are only guidelines.

The most important factor to consider in choosing the right size is the length of the running area.

To begin, measure your dog from the top of their nose to the base of their tail. Take this measurement and multiply it by 2.5.

This number is the ideal treadmill length for your dog.

Can Dogs Use a Human Treadmill?

If you have a treadmill sitting around at home, you may be wondering if your dog can use it. After all, you would save money not needing to buy a second treadmill for your house.

Unfortunately, this is not recommended except for smaller breeds.

Human treadmills are designed with the shorter gait of our two legs. This means that they have a shorter running area.

For a larger dog, this fails to provide enough space for the spread of their natural stride.

They are also built narrower than most dog treadmills.

While your dog may be able to adjust their stride to match the distance available, this can cause issues. A shortened stride can lead to an unnatural gait.

In time, this can create joint problems that impact your dog’s mobility for the rest of their life.

One concern with smaller dogs is the speed of the treadmill. The slowest speed of a human treadmill is often too fast for the short stride of a smaller dog.

If possible, the best solution would be to buy an appropriate dog treadmill for your dog. 

How Do You Introduce a Dog to a Treadmill?

The most important consideration in using a dog treadmill safely is the training. You need to introduce your dog to the equipment and teach them how to use it.

treadmill training is a process and could take time, so don’t expect immediate results.

Start by setting up the treadmill in a familiar room. Anytime your dog steps onto the running area, reward your dog.

This will help to create a positive association. It’s also an important step to encouraging your dog to get on the treadmill on their own.

When your dog is comfortable with getting up onto the treadmill, the next step is to turn it on.

Turn on the power so that the motor and fan kick in, but don’t start any movement. This gives your dog the opportunity to adjust to the sounds that it makes.

Continue to reward your dog each time that they get onto the treadmill.

When your dog is comfortable with the presence of the treadmill, it’s time to start moving.

In the beginning, you want to introduce the slowest speed. Keep your sessions to 5 minutes at most and reward your dog throughout the training.

Build up the speed one week at a time, giving your dog plenty of time to adjust before moving on. The same approach can be used to introduce different features, like an incline.

Make sure to be patient and don’t rush the process. Let your dog’s comfort level lead the speed you move forward.

This will set your dog up to enjoy their treadmill exercises for years to come!

Can Dog Treadmills Help Your Dog Lose Weight?

Dog treadmills are a great way to help your dog increase stamina, build muscle, and lose weight.

If your dog is overweight or obese, they will need to adjust their diet and increase activity. By walking on a treadmill at a slower speed, they can burn calories.

In more serious cases of obesity, a treadmill workout could be more than your dog can safely handle.

This doesn’t mean that the use of a treadmill is off the table. Physical therapists working with obese dogs often use treadmills submerged underwater.

Known as hydrotherapy, the process of walking in water provides extra resistance. At the same time, it reduces impact. But, hydrotherapy treadmills are expensive specialty equipment.

Contact your veterinarian to discuss the options to access this kind of therapy for your dog.

Are Dog Treadmills Illegal?

There are some states in the United States where laws against the use of treadmills need to be followed. This includes states where certain types of treadmills are illegal without a prescription from your veterinarian.

This isn’t due to the fact that treadmills are cruel or dangerous for dogs.

Treadmills are often used by dogfighters to train their dogs. The laws are put in place to try to crack down on dogfighters, but fail to take other dog owners into consideration.

Before purchasing a dog treadmill, take some time to research the laws in your area.

Conclusion: Choosing the Best Dog Treadmill for Your Dog

The use of a dog treadmill as part of your dog’s exercise plan is a great way to keep your dog active. It opens the door for workouts regardless of the weather or your busy schedule.

Research the ideal treadmill size for your dog to enjoy the full benefits and reduce the risk of injury.

While treadmills can be pricey, they are an investment for your canine companion and their long-term health.

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