Bullmastiff Skin Problems (and How to solve them)

By Bethany Tate

Every breed has its own unique complications; bullmastiffs and their sensitive skin are no exception. Being prone to many possible skin problems, typically caused by allergies, bullmastiffs do not have it easy.

It can be hard to be a vigilant owner of a bullmastiff when there is such a great amount of potential problems with their skin. Remember to never make a diagnosis on your own, always consult your vet.

Common reasons for Bullmastiff Skin Problems


Allergies are the main cause of skin problems in bullmastiffs. When left untreated an unalarming allergic reaction can lead to atopic dermatitis as I’ll discuss later. Allergens can be anything from food, fleas, or environmental triggers like grass. 

You can begin to see allergic reactions in your dog any time after six months until about two years of age. Allergies in dogs tend to surface as skin problems so bullmastiffs are especially susceptible.

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is caused by repetitive exposure to an untreated allergen. You will be able to notice a behavior change in your dog when this has become a real issue. 

They will obsessively lick or bite areas of irritation like their paws, armpits, or groin. These areas will look red and the skin may thicken and look dry or oily, differing case to case. Ear infections will also become a reoccurring symptom. 

The most likely allergens to cause this reaction are fleas, food, or a sensitivity to yeast and other skin bacteria.

Since atopic dermatitis is common in all dogs, not just bullmastiffs, you have a lot of options for treatment. Medicated baths are a routinely used home remedy, but if greater intervention is needed you can consult your vet on the use of antihistamines and other medications.

Depending on the allergen at fault for the reaction a change in diet might be necessary or something even as simple as the addition of a supplement.

Dry Skin

Though a less severe cause of skin problems, dry skin can still be a nuisance. Dry skin can be caused by allergies or just be a genetic characteristic that your pet just happened to be born with. 

Dry skin can make your dog itchy and uncomfortable and while you might not be able to see an issue with their skin at the start, over time there could be symptoms like dandruff, redness, and eventually scabs and sores caused by excessive licking/biting. 

To alleviate dry skin you can also use medicated baths. There’s plenty of products out there to help with common issues, but always consult your vet before self-treating.

Be Aware

Bullmastiffs have sensitive skin, so any irritants can quickly cause a decent amount of damage. Allergies are the most universal cause for any skin issues in bullmastiff, but due to commonality of allergies they can easily be identified. If you suspect any issues with your pet, always speak to your vet to confirm and discuss treatment options.

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