Can A Pitbull And German Shepherd Live Together?

By Bethany Tate

A German Shepherd and a Pitbull can live together and get along, as long as both dogs  have been properly introduced and socialized with one another. There’s nothing special in the German Shepherd or Pit Bull breeds that makes it harder for these two dogs to live together than other breeds.

In this case a German Shepherd and Pit Bull living together is more a matter of nurture than nature. 

Do German Shepherds And Pitbulls Get Along?

Both German Shepherds and Pit Bulls are known for being intelligent, loyal, and athletic dogs. This means if you have a Pitbull and a German Shepherd they will have a lot in common!

Below are some steps you can take to ensure your German Shepherd and Pit Bull can live together and get along after being introduced. 

How to help a Pit Bull and German Shepherd Live together

Both German Shepherds and Pit Bulls are large dog breeds. This means that if you want your dogs to live together peacefully, there’s got to be enough space! 

Be sure that both your pit bull and German Shepherd have ample room to get around in the house. They should have enough space to play together and also have a place to themselves. 

Also be sure to give both your German Shepherd and your Pit Bull plenty of exercise. In addition to promoting your dogs’ health, regular exercise will help your pit bull and german shepherd get rid of pent up energy and make it less likely that they will get on each other’s nerves. Remember that a tired dog is a good dog! 

How do you introduce a German Shepherd to a pitbull so that they can live together?

Introducing a puppy to an older dog so they can live together

If you have a new pitbull or German Shepherd puppy and you’re introducing them to an older dog there are some steps you can take to ensure that dogs will get along. It’s best to introduce your pit bull and German Shepherd on neutral territory, that is somewhere your older dog doesn’t feel is his space. 

This could be at a park, a friend’s house, or a field across the street. Keep the German Shepherd and the Pit Bull at a distance from each other at first. As the dogs get used to each other and you can gauge their reaction to one another gradually move the dogs closer together until they can interact and play together. 

Once your German Shepherd and Pit Bull have become acquainted in neutral territory, you can move things into your home. Just as you did outside the house, reintroduce your pitbull and german shepherd gradually as the dogs become comfortable with one another in a new environment. 

Introducing two adult dogs together

When introducing an adult pit bull to an adult German Shepherd it’s important to keep leashes on both dogs for the first meeting, at least initially. The steps you take to introduce your dogs will be pretty much the same as if you introduce a puppy to an older dog. 

The only caveat is that you want to keep a closer eye on the adult pit bull and german shepherd in case there’s any unexpected reaction. This is especially true if one or both dogs haven’t been socialized. 

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