Can Dogs Eat Sesame Seeds? 

By Coty Perry

Yes, dogs can eat sesame seeds in moderation. It’s safe for them to have them but the health benefits are little to none because they’re indigestible. 

Whether it’s on a hamburger bun or cooked into a delicious oil used for lo mein noodles, sesame seeds are in a lot of things. But, can dogs eat sesame seeds? Does your dog enjoy these things but you want to make sure that the seeds won’t harm them? 

These are realistic concerns and you as a pet parent have to do your part to protect your pup. In this guide, you’ll learn more about sesame seeds than you thought possible. By the end, you’ll confidently know whether or not your dog can eat them. 

Can I give my dog Sesame Seeds? 

Yes, you can feed sesame seeds to your dog without a problem. Are they necessarily good for their health? No, but they don’t make much of a difference. There are some ingredients in sesame seeds that could be beneficial though. 

Nutritional Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Eating sesame seeds can be beneficial for dogs. Sesame seeds contain a lot of calcium, selenium, and phosphorus which can actually help with your dogs digestion. These minerals are also a great tool for helping with their skin. 

Keep in mind that you need to give your dog a lot of sesame seeds for them to experience the benefits and most things that come with the seeds won’t contain enough to reap the rewards anyway. 

In fact, giving your pup the amount they would need to actually experience the benefits, can have an adverse effect and make them sick. 

Health Risks of feeding Sesame Seeds to your dog

Sesame seeds aren’t necessarily bad for your dog but they’re simply unnecessary. If your dog consumes too many it can lead to irritation of the bowels, diarrhea, and vomiting. It’s important that you pay close attention to your pup if they eat something with a lot of sesame seeds so you can see how they react. 

Chances are they’ll be fine, but there is no way of knowing. If you happen to have an entire jar of sesame seeds, while it’s unlikely that your dog would eat that, if they do, you may want to call a vet. 

Can Dogs Digest Sesame Seeds? 

Dogs will not digest sesame seeds which means it will pass right through their system and provide next to nothing in terms of health benefits. 

As mentioned, it’s nearly pointless to feed them to your dog because you would have to give them so much that it would have a negative effect on their health just to get a sliver of the positive effect. 

The good news is that if you give your pup hamburger buns or some chicken that has sesame seeds on it, the seeds will not harm them. 

Can Dogs Eat Unhulled Sesame Seeds? 

An unhulled sesame seed has a higher chance of being digested in your dog’s digestive system which means that they’ll soak up more of the nutrients. 

Many pet owners prefer to grind up unhulled sesame seeds and sprinkle them into their dogs food as an added source of calcium and phosphorus. 

Again, will the benefits be enough to make the whole process worth it? Probably not. There are so many other healthy things that you can supplement into your dog’s diet that would be a better choice than sesame seeds. 

Can Dogs Eat Roasted Sesame Seeds? 

Yes, your dog can eat roasted sesame seeds with the benefits and risks pretty much being the same as if they were raw. You don’t need to roast them to feed them to your dog and keep in mind that feeding a high quantity of them whether they’re cooked or not can be hazardous to their health. 

Can Dogs Eat Sesame Sticks? 

You shouldn’t feed your dog sesame sticks because they’ll likely contain other ingredients like garlic and onion. Sesame sticks are typically included in a variety pack of trail mix or something similar so it can be hard to identify the exact ingredients. 

If you can manage to make your own sesame sticks from scratch and ensure they don’t contain toxic ingredients then you are free to give them to your pup. All-in-all, it seems like a lot of work for something that doesn’t carry a ton of benefits for your dog anyway. 

Can Dogs Eat Sesame Oil? 

Sesame oil is found in a lot of Asian cuisine and it contains fatty acids and various minerals that are great for your dog. If you’re preparing fresh vegetables and you want to throw a little sesame oil on it and give it to your pup, you can definitely do that. 

Keep in mind that the flavor of sesame oil can be strong so it could deter your pup from wanting to eat it. 

On the other hand, the strong flavor could be something your dog likes but they’ll become used to that taste if you feed it to them too much. Do not get them in the habit of tasting ingredients with strong flavors because it could deter them from wanting to eat their regular kibble. 

Can Dogs Have Seaweed with Sesame Oil? 

Seaweed is actually considered a superfood for dogs because it contains a ton of anti-inflammatory ingredients that are great for your pups overall health. If you Add sesame seeds or some sesame oil to the seawood could only improve it and make it even healthier. 

What if your dog wants sushi with sesame oil and seaweed? This is a gray area food because there are so many different ingredients used in preparation. 

For the most part, sushi-grade fish is okay for dogs in small quantities and white rice is also fine. Just keep in mind the risk for parasites in raw fish that apply to us just as much as they do with dogs. 

Can Dogs Eat Black Sesame Seeds?

Black sesame seeds are perfectly safe for dogs and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. They might not be loaded with health benefits unless consumed in large quantities but if your dog eats something that black sesame seeds, the seeds won’t be the ingredient you’ll have to worry about. 

Can Dogs Eat Sesame Chicken?

Keep in mind that sesame chicken is high in calories and contains a lot of sugar so the sesame seeds aren’t necessarily the ingredient you should be concerned about. If you decide to give your canine a little sesame chicken every now and again, it won’t hurt them. 

A lot of this type of food has the same effect on dogs as it does for us. We get a taste for it and we want it all the time. If we eat it too much, we gain weight. Your pup will experience the same results if you give them too much, too frequently. Always use caution when feeding human foods to your dog.

Final Thoughts 

Can dogs eat sesame seeds? They sure can, but the benefits are little to none since your dog won’t actually digest this ingredient. 

That said, if a seeded burger bun just so happens to “land” in their mouth, it won’t hurt them at all. 

There are a million things you can do with sesame seeds but we wouldn’t recommend worrying much about it when it comes to your pup. There are better options and more enjoyable treats for them as well. 

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