Can I Get Homeowners Insurance with a Pitbull?

By Bethany Tate

The short answer is yes. There are insurance companies that will allow you to get homeowners insurance with a Pitbull. However some companies refuse outright to provide coverage for those who own Pitbulls or other “restricted” dog breeds.

Some states like Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, and Nevada have passed laws making it illegal for insurance companies to refuse liability coverage based on the breed of a dog. 

Why do I need homeowners insurance if I have a Pitbull? 

Your pit bull may be well trained and a complete teddy bear, but if your dog ever injured someone on your property you would be liable for any damages. Damages for a dog attack often include court fees and medical fees. The average cost per dog bite claim is around $49,000. Most pet parents don’t have that kind of money laying around. That’s where homeowners insurance comes in. 

If you notify your insurance company of your pit bull, and they cover pit bull owners, then in the event of a dog bite or attack on your property the insurance company would cover the cost of damages. 

So the idea of homeowners insurance covering potential damages caused by your pit bull, is the same as with any other kind of insurance. You hope you’ll never need it, but if and when you do, you’ll be covered. 

Do Pit Bulls Affect Homeowners Insurance?

Some insurance companies will provide homeowners insurance for homes with a pit bull, but at a higher price. Every company calculates their premiums differently so it’s impossible to know exactly how much higher your homeowners insurance will be if you have a pit bull (without getting a quote that is). 

The price of insurance for pit bull owners also depends a lot on where you live. 

Some insurance companies will base their decision to offer you coverage based on your dog’s past behavior. Their rates are also sometimes tied to your pit bull’s behavior. 

Can I pass off my Pit Bull as a different dog breed while looking for insurance?

Lying about your dog’s breed to get homeowners or renters insurance is not recommended. If an incident occurs (for example if your dog injures someone on your property), and your insurance company discovers that you lied about your pit bull’s breed, then the company could refuse to provide coverage and thus make you financially liable for any damages or medical fees. These liabilities can be very high so it’s best not to take this chance. 

Which insurance companies provide homeowners or renters insurance for pit bull owners?

Allstate, Nationwide, and State Farm are all insurance companies that offer homeowners insurance for pit bull parents. It’s best to shop around and get several quotes as each company has their own method for calculating your pit bull into their coverage rates. 

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