Can My Dog Chew On Rib Bones?

By Bethany Tate

It’s not recommended to let your dog chew on rib bones. Cooked rib bones should never be given to your dog. Raw rib bones can be given to your dog but only under close supervision. Even so, many vets do not recommend giving your dog raw rib bones. 

Do you love ribs and want to know if it’s okay to share some with your dog to chew on? In this post we take a look at rib bones and some of the health benefits and risks they pose for dogs. 

Is it OK for dogs to eat rib bones?

Rib bones are not toxic to dogs and nutritionally speaking, they don’t contain anything that could be harmful for them. In fact raw bones can be very healthy for dogs if consumed safely. Raw bones help naturally firm your dog’s stool and contain vital nutrients like calcium.

The danger with rib bones is that they can break and splinter. This poses a choking hazard for your dog. Even worse the bone splinters can damage the gastrointestinal tract causing pain and digestive problems. 

For these reasons veterinarians don’t recommend letting your dog chew on rib bones. 

Can dogs eat uncooked rib bones?

Uncooked rib bones are somewhat safer for dogs than cooked rib bones. This is because raw bones are not as soft and are less likely to break than cooked bones. That being said, only give your dog raw rib bones with caution. Keep a close eye on them while they chew on the bone to make sure they don’t choke or that the bone doesn’t splinter into smaller more dangerous pieces. 

When giving your dog raw rib bones keep in mind that anytime your dog eats raw meat or bones they are at a higher risk for bacteria borne disease and parasites. 

Can dogs eat Beef rib bones?

Cooked beef ribs should never be given to your dog. Raw beef ribs can be given to your dog to chew (though most vets recommend that it’s better not to), but only if they chew on them while supervised. 

Can Dogs chew on Pork Rib Bones?

You might love a good barbecued pork rib, but that doesn’t mean you should give your dog one. As with Beef rib bones, avoid giving your dog cooked Pork ribs. If you must give your dog raw pork ribs only do so under close supervision. 

What bones are OK for dogs?

Raw meaty bones with some muscle tissue are safe and even healthy for your dog to eat. Some common types of raw meaty bones given to dogs include poultry necks, feet, wings, and tails. 

Can dogs eat beef rib bones from the pet store?

Rib bones found at your local pet store are designed to be chewed and not necessarily eaten by your dog. They are processed in a way to be safe for your dog. Just keep in mind the bone’s size relative to your dog’s size. A small rib bone could be a choking hazard for a large breed dog, while a large bone might be a bit overwhelming for a small dog. 

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