Best Dog Beds for Great Danes (Top 7)

The Great Dane’s large size make choosing the right bed for them a bit more difficult that for other breeds. The best dog bed for your Great Dane will depend on your dog’s personal preferences, physical needs, chewing habits, and sleeping space. In this post we cut through the competition to bring you our top … Read more

Best Dog Food for Shorkies (Quick Guide)

Being a mix between a yorkshire terrier and a shih tzu, shorkies are a small breed. They are known for their spunk and lovable demeanor. In general the best dog food for shorkies will have a high protein content and contain natural ingredients free of preservatives or fillers. Here’s our top picks for the the … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Chow Chow Care

If you are the proud owner of a chow chow, then you know that they are a special breed of dog. Chow Chows require a lot of care and attention, but they are a rewarding breed to own. In this article, we will discuss the basics of chow chow care. We will cover everything from … Read more

Best dog food for hounds

The best dog food for Hounds is Front of the Pack’s Air Dried Dog Food because of its high quality ingredients, expert formulation, and air drying preparation process. Best dog food for Hound dogs (top pick) Front of the Pack Air Dried Dog food Every ingredient serves a purpose in your hound’s nutrition AAFCO compliant … Read more

Best Dog food for Husky German Shepherd mix

Best dog food for german shepherd husky mix (top overall) Front of the Pack Air Dried Dog Food Formulated by a team of vets, biochemists, and animal nutrition experts Uses Cage free meat and organic vegetables Air dried to preserve natural nutrients AAFCO compliant Front of the pack was started by a group of dog … Read more

Best dog food for american staffordshire terrier

The best dog food for American Staffordshire terriers will meet AAFCO nutritional standards and feature wholesome natural ingredients without fillers or additives. An american staffordshire terrier’s age, weight, and health issues also play a factor in determining which dog food is better for them. In this blog post we’ll look the best dog food for … Read more

Best dog food for chiweenies

The best dog food for chiweenies is Front of pack’s Air Dried dog food because of its high protein content, natural ingredients, and air drying process which helps keep natural nutrients intact in a way that dry dog food like kibble simply can’t. Chiweenies are considered a designer dog, with highest pedigree of this mixed … Read more

Best dog food for weimaraners

The Best dog food for weimaraners is one that meets AAFCO nutritional requirements and uses natural or organic ingredients that are biologically appropriate for the breed. The exact food that’s best for your Weimaraner will depend in their phase of life and their unique health concerns. In this article we look at the best dog … Read more

Best Dog Beds for Pit Bulls 

Selecting the right bed for your dog is about more than just a comfortable place to sleep. Especially when you have a large dog like a Pitbull. Your dog’s bed can ease aches and pains while providing him with a place to call his own. But, there are so many beds on the market that … Read more

Best Plush Dog Toys For Various Levels of Play

Plush dog toys are meant to be cuddly, fun, and durable enough to withstand even the most aggressive chewers. They’re meant to be that way but that doesn’t mean they always are.  In this guide, we’re covering some of the best plush dog toys that are not only fun for your pup but durable enough … Read more