Best Air-Dried Dog Food

With the rise of premium dog foods, dog owners are being introduced to many new options. This includes not only new ingredients but also new processes for making the food. One example is the growing number of brands offering air-dried dog food. This process is a great way to create high-quality, safe pet food. It’s … Read more

Best brush for Chesapeake bay retrievers

The Chesapeake bay retriever originated in the Chesapeake Bay area in the 1800’s. The Chessie is known as loyal dog, and a keenly intelligent companion. The breed is known for their distinctive and durable double coat, which protects them from water and harsh weather conditions. In this article we’ll look at the best brushes for … Read more

Best Brush For Bernese Mountain Dog

Berners are the best of canine companions. It’s not their fault their beautiful long locks of fur look better than our own.  Coat care for Bernese mountain dogs is not even that difficult as pet parents of this breed will agree. The biggest hurdle to jump is picking out the proper tools. So, what is … Read more

Best Salmon Dog Treats 

Best Freeze Dried Salmon Dog Treats We recommend Tickled Pet’s Wild Pacific Freeze Dried Salmon Dog Treats Product Details No added fillers, flavoring, or rendered by-products Made with 100% Pure Wild Pacific Salmon From The USA Overall most healthy treat Great Source Of Omega 3 & 6 Who Should Buy These Dog Treats From training … Read more

Front of the Pack The One Reviews and Ingredient Breakdown 

Front Of The Pack is a team of veterinarians, dog lovers, and biochemists who focus on producing products to help with pet nutrition and overall health.  The company sees that overall canine health is declining but for reasons that are not outside of our control. They believe it comes down to a lot of shady … Read more

Best freeze dried dog treats (top picks)

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to selecting freeze dried dog treats for your dog. Besides so many brands to choose from, there are multiple flavors. Giving your dog freeze dried treats is a great way to add nutrients, vitamins, and omega-three fatty acids into their diet using wholesome ingredients.  … Read more

Exercise Wheels for Dogs (Complete Guide)

Do you have a dog in need of a little more exercise? Have you ever watched a hamster running on its wheel and wondered: do they make giant hamster wheels for dogs? If so, good news! Dog exercise wheels are real, and they are a great tool for exercise. They might even be the next … Read more

Best brush for shiba inu

What is the best brush for your Shiba Inu? That gorgeous coat doesn’t take care of itself, so it’s up to you as pet parents to help them look as regal as possible.  That said, finding the right brush is not always easy. In our opinion, the Babyliss Pro Long Pin Slicker Brush is the … Read more

GoPet Treadwheel Review: Safe Running for All Pups

Exercise is an essential factor for your dog’s health. If you are interested in finding a way for your dog to get the exercise they need while still convenient for you, you might consider using a treadwheel.  The GoPet treadwheel is similar to a treadmill but is in the form of a running wheel. There … Read more