Do Weimaraners Like Water? 

By Coty Perry

If you are wondering, “Do Weimaraners like water?” The answer is yes. Weimaraners typically like water and will usually take to the water instantly. Weimaraners are great swimmers, especially if they were introduced to water as a puppy. 

Swimming practice is one of the best ways to get your dog used to being in the water, and they will eventually be trained to be excellent swimmers. You can teach your pup to swim yourself, or you can have a professional trainer teach your puppy to swim.

Besides swimming, this breed of dog also enjoys playing various types of water games like pool fetch, raft riding, water hoops, frisbee, or catch.

Why Do Weimaraners Like Water? 

Weimaraners do like water, primarily because of their athletic nature. As a Weimaraner owner, you likely know that this breed can be trained as a hunting and retrieving dog. Hunting dogs often need to swim through bodies of water to hunt and retrieve, making it natural for your dog to like the water.  

Weimaraners rarely seemed bothered by any type of water, whether rainwater, in a lake, a pool, or puddles. You may even notice your Weimaraner pup playing in the rain because he enjoys it.

Weimaraner are Natural Swimmers

Weimaraners are natural swimmers due to their coats, webbed feet, and long legs. With these specific characteristics, they are naturally good swimmers. They have inherited natural swimming skills from their ancestor’s time, and they have strong, muscular bodies that make it easy for them to enjoy the water.

Weimaraners have Abundant Energy

Most Weimaraners are naturally energetic. When dogs have an abundance of energy, they must let out the energy at some point throughout the day. You might notice your pup running around, barking, or wanting a lot of attention when he has too much energy inside. Your Weim will enjoy taking laps in the pool or running around in the rain. 

Mental Stimulation

Many Weims go through separation anxiety when their owners are away, even if it is just for a short period. 

Allowing your Weimaraner to get in the water or play in the rain is an excellent form of mental stimulation. After allowing your pup to get the mental stimulation, you will notice less destructive behavior and less whining. 


Water is comforting for Weimaraners due to their ancestry. Since it is so natural for your Weim to like water and swimming, your pup will feel comfortable around water. Your Weimaraner will be instantly calm and relaxed when allowed to be in the water.

Final Thoughts 

Weimaraners do like water, especially when it comes to swimming, playing water games, or playing in the rain. By allowing your Weim to get in the water, you are allowing your pup to destress and use their instinct to enjoy the water. 

To show your Weimaraner that you support his love of water, praise your dog for catching a ball in the pool or playing a successful round of water hoops! Your dog will be their happiest when they get to enjoy activities they love, like being in the water. 

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Coty is a self-proclaimed cat whisperer and animal lover. Growing up his mom ran a dog training business out of his childhood home so you can say it was complete chaos 24/7. Today, when he comes home after a long day of writing about animals, he’s greeted by his two loving cats Marley and Cozmo.