Dogpacer Minipacer Treadmill Review

By Bethany Tate

What is a MiniPacer Treadmill?

The dogPacer Minipacer treadmill is one of the latest products introduced to the dog training world. It promotes a healthier and happier pet and allows for indoor exercise despite your conflicting schedule or bad weather. Aimed at dog owners with pets under 55 lbs, the Minipacer dog treadmill claims to be one the most affordable and easy-to-use dog treadmills on the market.

Pros of the Dogpacer MiniPacer Treadmill: 

  • East to train your dog to use
  • Safe design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to operate and move

Cons of the DogPacer MiniPacer Treadmill:

  • Stuck at constant incline
  • Does not include remote control

What to Consider Before Buying the minipacer dog treadmill

A dog treadmill is a great way to keep your dog running daily when it’s not the easiest or most convenient to get outdoors. However, sizing is crucial when selecting a treadmill. The max dog weight for this dogpacer dog treadmill is 55 lbs If your dog is over that weight then you should try a treadmill with a longer deck. For example the GoPet PetRun PR700. Safety specs are the next important thing to consider because you’re getting a treadmill to better your dog’s life, not accidently cause injury.

Features of The DogPacer Minipacer dog treadmill

Designed for the Smaller dog

The main feature of the Minipacer treadmill is that it was designed for small dogs. By specifying the space required to run one of these treadmills according to a dog size, it allows the machine to take up less room in your home. The deck is only 47 inches in length which is about 30 inches shorter than the standard model offered by dogPacer.

Treadmill weight is extremely light

The treadmill is also easy to move around since it weighs in at 55 lbs. This is considerably less than other brands such as Petrun whose treadmill for small dog breeds is 63 lbs. The wheels on the back end make mobility simpler as well. However, it does require some loosening of a few screws and bolts to actually tuck it away. 

Even so, living in a small apartment wouldn’t be enough to deter me from contemplating an investment in a mini treadmill like this, as it’s completely portable.

The minipacer motorized dog treadmill is quiet

Another notable part of the Minipacer design is its quiet motor. Reducing the noise level of the treadmill ensures your pup will be focused on what’s in front of them. For some dogs who tend to be sensitive to noise this increases the likelihood they will be able to acclimate more readily during training. 

This feature almost seems necessary since noise sensitivity is a likely reason someone would even consider this product instead of walking their pet outdoors where factors are entirely unpredictable.


Another wonderful feature is that there is nothing blocking the front end of the treadmill which makes it so much easier for a dog to get off the treadmill. Honestly, I’m not sure how some other brands overlooked this part in their designs, do they expect dogs to get off the treadmill by walking backwards? That defintiely seems unsafe and could also serve as a deterrent from accepting the treadmill rather than an appeal depending on the dog. 

Next is the emergency stop: a magnet serves as the key and is super easy to access on the computer display. It can also be clipped onto your dog’s collar or leash directly, similar to a human treadmill.

It does lack a wireless remote that has an emergency stop. This seems fairly standard with other brands of dog treadmills. Even so, the Minipacer is built with an overhead bar where you can attach your dog’s leash for an extra level of security.

Still, I imagine it would be a huge plus to have the ability to briefly step away from the treadmill without worrying for your pets safety since you would still have complete control.


The computer display on the Minipacer seems similar to other brands as well. It includes the basic features such as speed, calories burned, distance, and time. Additionally, there are three preset programs geared toward small dogs that any customer can utilize. 

This feature is immensely helpful, for one, because for someone who doesn’t know the first thing about fitness training regimes for dogs, you’re given a starting point.

Overall the dogPacer Minipacer treadmill is an easy to use and well made option for you and your pets needs. Let’s not forget it is also fairly affordable and the price comes with more than just a treadmill.

Dogpacer offers videos on how to repair and operate the treadmill, a video to demonstrate the dog training process, and give you training tips, all accessible on their website.

What Pet Parents are Saying about the dogpacer Minipacer treadmill

After long hours spent researching reviews for the Minipacer treadmill I’ve found that many people and their pets are satisfied with it. However, there were a lot of complaints of delayed or no response from the company when something was wrong with the treadmill, so be wary of that.

Alternatives to the Minipacer dog treadmill

If you’re researching other dog treadmills then hopefully I’ve done some of the work for you. A comparable brand is GoPet. They offer a few options, the first one being the Petrun GoPet PR700.

Petrun GoPet PR700

This treadmill for small dogs looks very different from the Minipacer. Instead of being fixed on an incline with supports that keep the deck a few inches off the ground like the Minipacer, it is very low to the ground with several options for incline. But having said that, there is a railing on the front end that would require the dog to walk backwards or turn around to get off the machine.

Another difference is how many training programs come with the treadmill, the Petrun GoPet PR700 offers fifteen presets while the Minipacer offers only three.

GoPet Petrun PR710F

The second option is the GoPet Petrun PR710F. This treadmill is made with slightly larger dogs in mind with a pet weight limit going up to 88lbs. 

The larger model takes after the smaller size as far as design goes, but it does wau considerably more than the Minipacer and its younger sibling weighing in at 83 lbs. There is a dolley like set of wheels that will help with mobility, but the Minipacer definitely wins out in this category since it weighs only 50lbs and also has wheels.

If your dog is small but has long legs this is definitely one you should consider so you don’t affect your dogs stride by not giving them enough space. Both sizes include a remote with basic controls. It is more expensive though.

GoPet Small Dog Treadwheel

The last possibility to consider is the GoPet Small Dog Treadwheel if you’re looking for something staunchly different than a treadmill. Yes, as the name implies it is a wheel for your dog. One thing that’s nice about this one is the cushioning your dog will be exercising on as opposed to the rough surface of a treadmill.

I also find it interesting that unlike a treadmill, your dog completely controls the pace. I love that you can actually use the machine outdoors since it is UV resistant. It would be hard to get that with a treadmill you need to plug into an outlet. It is more expensive than the Minipacer dog treadmill.


The minipacer is a great solution to anyone struggling to get their pets the daily exercise they need. Any dog owner should be committed to maximizing the life of their pets and the best way to do that is helping them live a long, healthy life. The Dog Pacer minipacer treadmill makes doing so easy and affordable, all while keeping your pets safe.

If this isn’t the best fit for you, Petrun’s GoPet PR700 could be just what you need. It has plenty of training options but won’t hurt your wallet.

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