Front of the pack reviews: Dog Supplements and Nutrition

By Coty Perry

Every dog owner wants nothing but the best for their pup. Our dogs are here for many milestones in our lives and are also there for the difficult times. Your dog cares so much about you and your well-being, so it is essential that we reciprocate that love. We can show our love for our pups by giving them canine health supplements, like Front of the Pack. 

Pet supplements can help improve many factors in your dog’s health, like joint stiffness, healthy digestion, and even enhance the strength of your pup’s coat. Front of the Pack is a well-known pet supplement that has been featured in many prominent media outlets, such as USA Today, Forbes, and Modern Living. 

Front of the Pack, based in California, was founded in 2019 by Chris Wilkinson and Neil Hutchinson. Their primary focus is to commercialize nutritional supplements for dogs to improve their health.

However, just because the supplement has been recognized worldwide, it does not always mean it truly works. These Front of the Pack Reviews will help determine if Front of the Pack products are worth your money, are safe, and live up to their expectations. 


  • Vast assortment of supplements
  • All supplements backed by science
  • Sustainable and forward-thinking company


  • Price tag
  • Some products may not do everything they say

Front of the Pack Products

Front of the Pack offers many forms of products, like supplements, freeze-dried treats, and air-dried dog food. 


Front of the Pack offers four types of supplements to help with various conditions. 

The One 

The One supplement is a powder that includes 12 clinically proven ingredients to help improve your dog’s health, and is meant to be taken daily. It offers eight benefits for your dog’s preventive health. 

This supplement can be used on all dogs over one year of age. The One is supposed to help relieve your dog’s stress, anxiety, digestion, and joint pain. It is also believed to help with plaque control, breath, skin, immunity, mental sharpness, and the function of your dog’s heart. 

One tub of The One holds up to 60 scoops of powder and usually will last around up to two months. 


Harmony is a non-drowsy supplement that is supposed to help your pup feel calm, less stressed, and relaxed in less than 90 minutes after ingestion. Harmony is made from nootropics, adaptogens, and other clinically proven ingredients. Its three clinically proven ingredients are L-theanine, Relora, and organic ashwagandha.  

It comes in stick packs that are meant for one-time use so that you can bring them out with you quickly. Harmony can be given to all dogs over age one, and each box contains 30 stick packs. 


Move is a powder that is supposed to help with your dog’s mobility and supports a healthy joint function. Move also is supposed to help with your pup’s inflammatory response flexibility, and keep a healthy cartilage metabolism. 

Move includes six ingredients: calcium fructoborate, native type II collagen, chondroitin sulfate, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), curcumin phytosome complex, and glucosamine HCI. Move also contains natural chicken flavor and beetroot. 

It can be used in all dogs over age one, and it comes with a serving size based on your dog’s weight. One container contains 60 scoops of powder and should last around two months. 


Soothe is a daily probiotic powder that combines three clinically proven ingredients to support clear skin, a healthy microbiome, and a strong gut due to the Omega 3 fish oil. 

This product also contains yeast fermentate, water-soluble egg membrane, and floradapt.  Soothe can be given to all dogs over one year of age. One tub of Soothe contains up to 60 scoops and should last about two months. 

Freeze-Dried Treats

There are three different types of freeze-dried treats made using salmon, rabbit, and beef tripe.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats

The freeze-dried raw salmon treats are made with single-sourced USDA salmon and contain a rich source of fatty acids. 

The Omega 3 and 6 help promote a healthy coat and healthy skin. The treats do not have any preservatives or grains. These treats are meant to be used as a reward for your pup, and not as a meal supplement. 

Farm-Raised Rabbit Treats 

The freeze-dried raw rabbit treats contain farm-raised rabbit and are free of preservatives and grains. These are also meant to give to your pup as a reward and not as a meal supplement. They are packed with protein to help give your dog energy throughout the day.

Free-Range Beef Tripe Treats

The free-range raw beef tripe treats are made using fresh and single-sourced USDA free-range beef tripe. These treats have lots of protein and probiotics to help promote good digestive health and are supposed to help with your dog’s immune system. 

They do not contain any grains or preservatives and are only meant to be given to your dog as a reward, not as a meal supplement.

Air-Dried Dog Food

There is one type of air-dried dog food made by Front of the Pack, made only using organic ingredients.

Chicken Air-Dried Organic Dog Food

The quality ingredients listed in the chicken air-dried organic dog food are pure, healthy, and nutritious. It contains natural fruits and vegetables like blueberries, pumpkins, and organic beets to help provide natural immune support. 

Using air-dried dog food can be more convenient than using other frozen, fresh, or raw options. When using air-dried food, you don’t have to wait for temperature control for the food, you can grab the food and serve it immediately, and there will be extra space in your freezer or fridge. 

This air-dried food has the same nutrition benefits as a fresh or frozen diet but is less expensive and will not take long to prepare.

Things to Consider Before Buying

It is essential to keep these factors in mind before purchasing any Front of the Pack products. 


These supplements and treats can seem more expensive than other brands, but they are made with only high-quality ingredients. All of the products are gluten-free, allergen free, pesticide free, and are non-GMO. 

Typically, most pet parents care deeply about their dog’s nutrition. The price is overall not much higher than other brands, and the products offer many health benefits. When comparing Front of the Pack to other brands, the price is about the same, if not more affordable.

How Long It Takes Until the Products Work

When your dog begins taking these supplements daily, you can expect your dog to start showing results within about six weeks. Results will not happen immediately but will show over time.

Your Dog’s Age

Front of the Pack’s supplements are recommended for dogs at least one year of age. If your dog is still a puppy, you should consider waiting until they are a year old to begin using their supplements. 

Your Dog’s Unique Health and Nutritional Needs

Keep your pup’s unique health and nutritional needs in mind before purchasing. If your dog has sensitive skin, anxiety, or digestive issues, Front of the Pack supplements might be a great choice to help make improvements to your pup’s health.

If you feel that any of the ingredients listed in the supplements might be an issue for your beloved pet, don’t give it to them. It is your choice to give your dog these supplements, and you decide if your dog might benefit from the supplements.

Features and Benefits

Front of the Pack Supplements offers many features and benefits.

Clinically Proven Ingredients

The ingredients used in Front of the Pack’s supplements are patented, non-generic, and proven, which likely means they will do what they are supposed to do. They come from suppliers  who guarantee that the ingredients are pure and traceable. 

Front of the Pack has a science advisory board that brings together those that are intelligent with biochemistry, animal nutrition, immunology, and veterinary science so they can deliver science based supplements that are safe for your pet and work. 

All the ingredients that Front of the Pack uses are non-GMO, rooted in nature, hypoallergenic, free of artificial colors and flavors, and are pesticide free. The key ingredients in the supplements are:

  • MSM – helps soothe skin and support your dog’s joints
  • Glucosamine – improves flexibility and offers joint protection
  • Curcumin – supports flexibility and joint strength
  • Chondroitin – supports a balanced inflammatory system
  • Krill – optimizes disease fighting immune cells and supports immune health
  • Prebiotic – supports a healthy digestion
  • Ashwagandha – offers stress relief
  • Green Tea Extract – helps oral health
  • L-Theanine – promotes relaxation
  • Taurine – supports a healthy heart function
  • Postbiotic – improves your dog’s digestive health
  • L-Carnitine – promotes a healthy muscle function
  • Magnolia Bark Extract – helps alleviate anxiety


Front of the Pack uses only sustainably sourced ingredients and uses sustainable containers and shipping methods. The company has exhaustively vetted their partners to ensure that they meet their standards for acting responsibly and for living lightly on Earth. 

The scoops that come with the powder supplements is made of purely bamboo. Front of the Pack chose bamboo for the scoops because bamboo is a fast growing grass, does not require fertilizer, and it self regenerates from its own roots so it does not need to be replanted. The card shipper box is made from 90 percent post consumer recycled card.

Partnership with Best Friends Animal Society

Front of the Pack is partnered with Best Friends Animal Society and they commit to making the nation’s shelters no-kill shelters by 2025. 

To help Front of the Pack in this mission, you can shop for your favorite supplements, and select a local no-kill shelter at checkout. When you complete your purchase, they will send one percent of the funds from your purchase to the shelter of your choice. 

Front of the pack customer reviews

Many pet parents have shared their experiences using Front of the Pack supplements for their dogs. Here are some examples.

This Instagram user raves about Front of the Pack supplements, saying that it is the best supplement that they have added to their dog’s routine. 

Before using Front of the Pack supplements, Hank the dog had itchy spots that were sensitive to touch, and also had itchy eyes and ears. His symptoms cleared up once he began taking these supplements, and he even liked the taste. 

This Instagram user says that Front of the Pack supplements have helped their dog, Pepper, with many things. Before using the supplements, Pepper was experiencing bad breath, her coat left a film on your hands after petting her, she was sluggish, might have been experiencing joint pain, had glassy eyes, and strong smelling urine. 

She had dander, bad gas, and was frequently biting and itching her skin. After using Front of the Pack supplements, Pepper has gained energy, became more mobile, and her coat became silky and smooth. Her dander, breath, and gas got better and she stopped itching her skin. 

Front of the Pack supplements have helped this pup, Feenix, with his anxiety. He has made improvements with crate training, car rides, and staying home alone after using the Harmony supplement. He is even less anxious to be around large groups of people and other dogs when out in public. 

He is now cautious, but more interested, in meeting other dogs rather than trying to attack them. While Feenix is still being trained for his behavior, the Harmony supplement helps reduce anxiety. 


There are other supplements that are similar to Front of the Pack, but can differ depending on what you are purchasing. These alternatives are a good idea to purchase if you would rather have a vegan diet for your pup or if you are looking for a product that is safe to give to puppies.

Wild Earth

Wild Earth offers ingredients that are clean, cruelty free, full of protein, sustainable, and are rich in nutrients. These ingredients include sweet potato, chickpeas, pumpkin, spinach, oats, and more. 

The WIld Earth recipe was developed by vets and food scientists to ensure that pets get all the nutrition they need to excel. Their products are supposed to help make your dog’s coat smoother, softer, and make their skin feel less irritated. In addition, the products can also help improve your dog’s digestion and promote strong muscles. While Wild Earth is similar to Front of the Pack, they are completely vegan and Front of the Pack is not.

Wild Earth offers their products in the form of supplements, food, and treats. Their supplements are priced very similarly to Front of the Pack’s supplements, but can me more or less depending on the quantity of what you are purchasing. Their kibble is not suitable for puppies and is recommended for adult dogs over one year of age, like Front of the Pack. 


PetHonesty uses naturally derived ingredients that are backed by research and clinical studies to help change your dog’s health for the better. The ingredients used in PetHonesty do not contain artificial preservatives, wheat, GMOs, or corn. 

By taking these supplements, your pet could experience improvements with their joint health, allergies, digestion, skin and coat, overall pet health. Some supplements also help with anxiety relief. PetHonesty is a little different from Front of the Pack because it is safe for puppies to use and comes in chews which are like vitamins, oils, shampoos, sticks which are similar to treats, and powders. 

PetHonesty and Front of the Pack are priced very similarly, but prices can be higher than Front of the Pack depending on what you are purchasing and how much you are purchasing. 


Now that we have completed the review of Front of the Pack supplements, you can have a better understanding of their products and why they can help your pet overcome some obstacles. 

Front of the Pack is one of the best supplements you can give your dog. Whether your pup struggles with anxiety separation anxiety, dander, itchy skin, behavior problems, muscle or joint pain, Front of the Pack supplements will likely help relieve your dog of these issues. 

There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to supplements. You can try air-dried dog food, freeze-dried treats, or their four different kinds of supplements. The ingredients are organic and clinically proven, non-generic, and patented. 

Overall, Front of the Pack supplements are a great choice to add to your dog’s diet. Reading these Front of the Pack reviews are a great way to help make your decision on giving your pup these supplements.  

Your dog’s health improvements will not show right away, but should improve quickly once you start incorporating these supplements into their diet. The products take about six weeks to fully show improvements in your dog’s health and help them live a happier life.

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