GoPet Treadwheel Review: Safe Running for All Pups

By Coty Perry

Exercise is an essential factor for your dog’s health. If you are interested in finding a way for your dog to get the exercise they need while still convenient for you, you might consider using a treadwheel. 

The GoPet treadwheel is similar to a treadmill but is in the form of a running wheel. There are many advantages to using this treadwheel for your pup. Keep reading our GoPet treadwheel review to understand further the advantages and disadvantages this wheel offers.


  • Ample space for your dog to enjoy running
  • Offers low impact exercise for your dog
  • The running pad is matted to protect your pup’s paws
  • No electricity required


  • The larger treadwheels are more expensive than a regular treadmill
  • Heavier and more prominent in size than a treadmill

GoPet Treadwheel for Small Breeds

The GoPet treadwheel for small dog breeds is a great tool for exercise in dogs that weigh up to 25 pounds. The GoPet treadmill for small breeds has a 19 by 42 by 45-inch dimension, perfect for your small pup. 

There is still ample space for your dog to move around on the treadmill and enjoy their room while they run inside the treadmill. We love that this product does not require electricity to use. 

You can use it at any time of your day without worrying about it being too noisy. There is even an optional brake that you can use if you need to slow down the pace because your dog is running too fast. 

Treadwheel for Medium and Large Breeds

The treadwheel for medium and large breeds is best used for dogs up to 150 pounds. We love that it doesn’t require electricity and there is a training door for a safety enclosure. The treadwheel for medium and large breeds is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. 

This wheel allows your dog to do low-impact exercise so their knees don’t become damaged. The dimensions of this treadwheel are 70 by 35 by 65 inches, and the product weighs 200 pounds. This treadwheel is more significant than a regular treadmill and is more expensive than a typical treadmill. 

Go Pet TreadWheel For Huge Breeds

The treadwheel for huge breeds is very similar to the treadwheel for medium to large breeds. They both are for dogs up to 150 pounds. However, the running area for this treadwheel is 82 by 22 inches, and the dimensions are 87 by 36 by 82 inches. 

The weight of this product is 250 pounds and is heavier and more significant than a typical treadmill. What makes the treadwheel for huge dogs different than the treadwheel for large dogs is the space available for running and the overall size of the treadwheel. 

If you have a huge dog like a Great Dane who takes large strides when running, this is the right size treadwheel for your dog. Like the other sized treadwheels, it does not require electricity but is the most expensive of the three treadwheels. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

You should consider some things before buying a GoPet treadwheel for your dog.

Your Dog’s Health

Suppose your dog has health or mobility issues, like heart complications, muscle problems, bone issues, joint problems, arthritis, hip dysplasia, or luxating patellas. In that case, your pup should probably not be running on a treadwheel. Running is a high-impact cardio exercise, and your dog’s vet should clear this type of exercise before purchasing a treadwheel.

Current Exercise Habits

If your dog is not used to running, it might not want to run on the treadwheel. You can warm your dog up to running by walking with your pup and then practicing running with them. 

Age of Your Dog

If your dog is still a puppy, you should wait to have your puppy run on a treadwheel until they are at least 1.5 years old. Running is not usually safe for puppies because their bones are still growing. 

If you have a mature dog, they should have no issues with running until they reach about 7 or 8 years old. Once your dog reaches that age, they might begin to experience muscle loss, energy loss and just generally will want to slow down. 

Features & Benefits

In our GoPet treadwheel review, we found some features and benefits of the treadwheel that are worth mentioning.

Environmentally Friendly 

All of the treadwheels that GoPet offers do not require electricity. Once your dog gets inside the wheel, your pup can run until they are worn out. 

Great for Outdoors and Indoors

When the GoPet treadwheels were designed, not using electricity was probably the best decision for its design. Since you don’t have to plug it in, your dog can use the wheel outdoors and indoors. If you are going to move the treadwheel from inside to outside, you will need help from a friend or family member because it is cumbersome.

Safe on the Inside

We love that the running pad is designed to protect your pup’s paws. If the running pad wasn’t matted, your dog’s paws might become bloody because of the friction. 

Thankfully, your dog won’t have to worry about that when running on the GoPet treadwheel. Your pup will also be safe from falling off the treadwheel because there is a removable training door. 

What pet Parents are saying about the treadwheel

Many pet lovers have shared their experiences with GoPet treadwheels.

Acadia Goldendoodles, a responsible breeder of English Goldendoodles in Maine, shared a video on Facebook of the Goldendoodle puppies enjoying their time on the GoPet treadwheel. 

This pup, Fozzy, enjoys running on his small-sized treadwheel! The Youtube video, uploaded by Andrew Reysen, shows Fozzy enjoying his wheel.


Here are some alternatives to the GoPet treadwheel that you can use if you don’t want to go with the treadwheel.

For Toy Breeds: The Gopet Petrun 700

You can purchase the GoPet Petrun PR700 Treadmill for toy breeds for small dogs. It is a tiny treadmill for dogs up to 44 pounds. The running area is 28 by 16 inches, and it does not go faster than 8 miles per hour. 

For Small Breeds: Go Pet PR710F Treadmill

If you have a small dog, you can purchase the GoPet PR710F Treadmill. If you are going to use this treadmill, your dog should not be any heavier than 88 pounds. The running area is 42 by 16 inches, and it does not exceed 7.4 miles per hour in speed.

For Medium Breeds: Petrun 720F

The GoPet Petrun PR720F Treadmill is best for medium to big-sized dogs up to 132 pounds. It does not exceed 7.4 miles per hour in speed, and its running area is 52 by 16 inches. 

For Large Breeds: GoPet Petrun PR725

You can purchase the GoPet Petrun PR725 Enclosable Treadmill if you have a large dog weighing 176 pounds. We like that this treadmill has a metal enclosure that acts as a visual cue to help your pup run straight. 

This is an excellent idea for dogs who live in an area that experiences frequent cold or rainy weather. The running site is 71 by 16 inches, and it doesn’t exceed 10 miles per hour. 


In this GoPet treadwheel review, we hope you got the answers to some of your questions regarding the treadwheels and how they work for your pup. 

If your dog has any health concerns or is older, we don’t recommend using the GoPet treadwheel. However, most healthy dogs will love having the wheel to run on. Talk to your dog’s vet first, though, before purchasing. If your dog needs some exercise, the GoPet treadwheel is a great way to allow your dog to do a low-impact workout. 

You can use the treadwheel outdoors and indoors, it doesn’t require electricity, and it is safe for your pup to use.

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