How fast can a pitbull run?

By Bethany Tate

The average healthy Pitbull can run about 25 to 35 miles per hour over short distances.

Can humans outrun a pitbull?

The average human runs anywhere from 6.5 to 8 mph. Usain Bolt has been recorded at reaching speeds of just over 27 mph, but keep in mind this was during a sprint at an professional athletic event.

Unless you’re an Olympic athlete, you’re probably not going to outrun a pit bull, and even then it would be difficult.

Are Pitbulls good running dogs?

Assuming you’re not running marathons, and your pit bull is in good shape, he or she can be an excellent running buddy. The pitbull was bred for athleticism, giving them natural strong abdominal muscles and high energy levels.

How to train your pit bull to run with you

If you haven’t ran with your pit bull before begin by running with them in short intervals. You want to start out gradual (just as if you were helping your pitbull to get used to swimming). Jog for 3-5 minutes followed by another 5 minutes of walking and so on. As you and your pit bull get used to running together you can gradually start to increase the running time and speed.

It’s recommended to run with your pit bull on a leash. This is the safest option for your dog and for other people and pets. If your pit bull starts pulling on his leash while running don’t give in to the temptation to pull back (this would actually encourage him to keep to pulling).

When your bully starts pulling stop running. When he or she finally looks back you then you can reward them with praise or a treat, then start running the opposite direction you were before.

Can a pit bull run long distances?

Pitbulls are an athletic canine breed and a healthy one can run up to 7 miles without issues. If you plan on running distances longer than 7 miles you should consider conditioning and training your bully.

A pitbull’s endurance with depend on several factors. Just like humans, Pit bull breeds need regular exercise to maintain peak physical fitness levels. An out of shape pit bull won’t be able to run as far or as long as a fit one. Age is another important factor. Younger pit bulls with be fast runners compared to older ones.

Because pit bulls come in different shapes and sizes, the physique and breeding of the dog also affect endurance.

Pit bulls breed to have a wide gait and be low to ground, probably don’t make good running dogs. That being said, your typical healthy American pit bull terrier will likely be a good running companion and should be able to run about eight kilometers without trouble.

Benefits of running with your pit bull

For humans running is a great form exercise that promotes cardio vascular health and psychological health. The same can be said for dogs. Your pit bull with be healthier and happier with regular exercise, and running is great way to do that.

Running with your dog is always an excellent way to spend quality time together and bond with your pup as a pet parent.

What makes a pit bull such a remarkable runner?

In general, the legs on a Pitbull’s head are incredibly thin and short. The big chests make this dog very fast. However pit bulls have several redeeming traits. Pitbulls are extremely muscular. It prevents forelimbs from tireing out during long distance runs. The dog has long-nose. So they can run more efficiently without breathing difficulties. It weighs about 35-60lbs, which is a lot heavier in comparison to other larger dogs like the English Mastiff.

Do pit bulls like to run?

As athletic dogs pit bulls will be more than happy to run for medium to short distances. Temperament will vary from dog to dog. Your dog could have a more whimsical and laid back personality and simply not like running. Chances are though your pit bull will be more than happy to run around.

What’s the fastest dog breed?

The Greyhound can reach speeds of 45 mph over its initial six steps. Its unparalleled agility makes greyhound the fastest dog breed.

Other dog breeds known for their speed include Australian shepherds, German Shepherds, the Border Collie, the Siberian husky, and the golden retriever. Though none of these dog breeds are faster than the Greyhound.

The African wild dog can reach speeds of around 44 mph, which is comparable to the Greyhound. Give that this isn’t a domesticated breed, you wouldn’t want to make one of these pups your running buddy.

Where do Pit Bulls get their strength, speed, and agility?

We have to go back in history and understand the ancestry of pit bulls. Pit Bulls originated in England, and descended from the now extinct Old English Bulldog breed. In the 17th and 18th centuries Old English bulldogs were raised for bull-baiting – a sport where a dog attacked a bull while the bull was chained to a post.

This required the dog to be powerful, quick, and agile. In 1835 the violent sport was outlawed and a new sport arrived to take its place: dog fights. The dogs bred for this sport were precursors to the pit bull breed In the past bulldogs have also been mixed with terriers and bred in battle. This produced a very powerful, muscular, speedy and agile Pitbull breed.

Final thoughts

If you find yourself wondering, “Are Pit bulls fast runners?”, the answer is yes. Pit bulls can hold their own against many other dogs. Given that pit bulls run so fast, a human is unlikely to out run them.

Being an athletic dog, the pit bull can make a good running partner. How well your pit bull runs will depend on factors such as their age, fitness level, and personal preferences.

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