How Much Does It Cost to Feed a Great Dane?

By Coty Perry

Due to the size of a Great Dane, the cost of food can add up quickly. It costs around $100 to $200 per month to feed a Great Dane. Great Danes need quality food to meet their dietary needs and avoid future health issues. 

A Great Dane’s dietary needs depend on their activity level and age. It isn’t surprising that such large dogs need more food than the average-sized dog, so you can expect to make a few trips to the pet store each month.

How Much Does It Cost to Feed a Great Dane?

Your adult Great Dane will typically eat between 6 to 15 cups of dry food daily. However, this amount can change depending on your Great Dane’s activity level.  It sounds like a lot of food, but it is based on a calorie-to-weight basis. 

Not feeding your Great Dane cheap dog food is recommended, as it most likely lacks the nutrients your Great Dane needs to stay on track and healthy. You should also refrain from letting your pup eat unhealthy table food, like chicken nuggets, to keep your pup from getting sick. 

The money you spend on food for your dog will be well worth the cost of up to $200 each month to ensure your Great Dane stays healthy.


Great Danes eat between 6 to 15 cups of kibble each day, so it is important to know that you will be spending most of your money on kibble. The food you purchase for your Great Dane should be high in protein to ensure they maintain a healthy size and develop their muscles accordingly. 

The food should also contain fat, vitamins, and minerals, so your Great Dane gets the energy they need to get through the day. Developing a feeding schedule for your Great Dane can help them not want to eat so frequently and can help you stick to your budget.

Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food does not need to be given to your Great Dane daily. Be sure to choose high-quality food for your pup that does not contain artificial ingredients. A wet dog food with quality ingredients can help promote the healthy development of your Great Dane’s muscles, eyes, and brain. 

In addition, quality wet dog food can even aid in your Great Dane’s digestion and immune system due to having a good source of protein, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 

To figure out how much wet dog food to give your Great Dane, you should consult your pup’s vet so they can recommend the right amount of food for its age, size, and activity level.


There is no specific rule about how often you should give your Great Dane treats, but it should be limited. Treats should account for 10 percent of your Great Dane’s daily calories. 

This can mean giving your Great Dane one large biscuit daily or two treats at a time. Since you have a Great Dane, it is essential to look for treats containing natural ingredients that aren’t loaded with fillers, toxins, and chemicals. 

Final Thoughts

How much does it cost to feed a Great Dane? It can cost up to $200 monthly. However, ensuring your Great Dane is well taken care of and on track to living a healthy life is worth the price. 

To help keep your budget intact, consider supporting your Great Dane on a feeding schedule to ensure you do not overfeed your dog.

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