How Much Food Should a Chiweenie Eat?

By Coty Perry

Chiweenies typically need to eat between a half cup and one cup of food daily, split into two or three meals. Since a Chiweenie is such a small breed, they do not require much food throughout the day to get the nutrients they need. 

While they don’t need much food to thrive, they should still eat a well balanced dog food to stay healthy. Chiweenies are prone to obesity since they are so small, so you must do everything you can not to overfeed your pup and feed them proper food.

How Much Food Should a Chiweenie Eat?

Adult Chiweenies should eat high-quality dry food, measuring a half cup and one cup, two times daily. However, you can feed your pup a smaller portion up to three times a day if you prefer. Since Chiweenies are prone to obesity, it is essential to be mindful of how much food you serve them every day. 

Your chiweenie should weigh between five and twelve pounds. Their diet should consist of high protein, fiber, and a balance of vitamins and minerals. Some do better with dry or wet food, while others do better following a raw diet.

Raw Diet

Raw diets are great for pups with allergies or stomach issues. A raw dog food diet is a healthy option to provide your pup with homemade meals.

His raw diet should consist of muscle meat, organ meats, raw eggs, whole or ground bone, a dairy product like yogurt, safe fruits and vegetables. Raw diets have many benefits, like providing your Chiweenie with healthier skin, a shinier coat, increased energy, improved dental health, and smaller stools. 

He will need to eat 2 to 3.5 percent of his target body weight in homemade raw dog food daily. Before switching your pup to a raw diet, always consult his vet first to be sure it is the right option for your chiweenie

Dry Food

If you prefer to give your Chiweenie dry food, choosing one that is high quality and doesn’t contain by-products, fillers, or preservatives is essential. Your pup should eat between a half cup and one cup of fry food daily, split into two or three meals. 

Most high-quality dry foods are an excellent option for small breeds. You want a dog food that is made using high-quality protein and real chicken. 

When selecting a high-quality dry food for your Chiweenie, look for a brand that suits your pup’s unique needs. It should be geared toward small breeds, their age, and their activity level.

Wet Food

Small breeds should only eat one three-ounce can of wet food per three pounds of their body weight, divided into two to three meals daily. 

Wet food contains a high water content, helping your Chiweenie stay hydrated and making it easier for him to chew. When selecting a wet food for your Chiweenie, be sure to find a high-quality food that meets his specific needs.

Follow the instructions specific to the food you purchase to ensure your pup eats healthy food throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Whether you feed your Chiweenie dry food, wet food, or a raw diet, they are typically easy to feed. Be mindful of the type of food you purchase, as Chiweenies do best with high-quality food geared toward their specific needs. 

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