How Much Should I Feed My Pitbull: Complete Pitbull Feeding Guide

By Coty Perry

The average pit bull should eat around a pound or 2 cups of food a day depending on their age.

How much should I feed my pitbull? How often should I feed them? When should I feed them? These are all honest questions but the reality is, you don’t have to worry so much. 

As pet parents, we worry that our dogs are getting the proper nutrition but the truth is, as long as you’re feeding them the right kind of food, that’s what’s most important. 

In this guide, we’ll talk about how much to feed your Bully based on their age and weight to help you ensure you’re on the right track. 

Do Pitbulls Need a Lot of Food?

One thing that surprises a lot of people about Pitbulls is that they do much of their growing in the first two years of their life. As a result, they require an incredibly rich diet as puppies and adult dogs but that eventually tapers off. 

It’s not believed that Pitbulls require any sort of special diet or additional food compared to most other active breeds. Pitbulls aren’t considered “working” dogs so they don’t require a high-energy diet either. 

As your Bully ages, they’ll require fewer calories but it ultimately depends on their overall level of activity and individual metabolism. 

It’s important to understand that every dog is different whether they’re the same breed or even from the same litter. 

How Much Should a 40 Lb Pitbull Eat?

A 40lb Pitbull would be considered medium-sized or a medium breed dog. Dogs of this size require between 2-3 cups of food per day. An American Pitbull usually weighs between 35-60lbs so this would be considered a lighter Pitbull. 

You may want to consider ruling out any medical issues if your dog weighs this much at full adulthood. They may have trouble eating and could benefit from a special diet that will help with weight gain. 

That said, some dogs simply carry their weight differently and don’t gain as much weight as others. 

How Much Should a 50 Lb Pitbull Eat?

How much should I feed my Pit bull terrier if they weigh 50lbs? For a 50lb Pitbull, you’ll want to increase their food to 2 ¼ – 3 ¼ cups of food per day. This translates to a little over a pound of food per day. This can, of course, change based on your individual dog and their own habits. 

Keep in mind that Pitbulls are a breed that will generally eat whatever you put in front of them so you don’t want to overfeed them. Pay attention to what your dog likes, how they seem to be handling the food, and adjust accordingly. 

How Much Should a 70 Lb Pitbull Eat?

A Pit of this weight is on the higher end of the scale but it’s still considered healthy. Dogs that weigh this much should eat around 3-4 cups of food per day. 

Make sure you’re not overfeeding them and use their level of activity to determine if they need this much food or not. In some cases, they may be overeating and gaining weight as a result of you feeding them too much. 

There are three primary ways to tell if you’re overfeeding your Bully. You should always be able to feel their ribs and see definition in their muscles. These dogs are extremely muscular and developed so if you do not notice this type of definition in their torso and legs, chances are they may be carrying too much weight. 

Another way to tell is if your dog is panting during normal activity. Pitbulls are capable of high levels of exercise without getting tired but if you notice that they’re panting during daily walks or after running around outside, they might be overweight. 

How Much should a pitbull puppy eat?

You’l want to feed your Pit bull puppy a number of small meals throughout the day. They should be eating small quantities of food, frequently. An example could be feeding your Pitbull a quarter cup of food five times a day.

This type of behavior should continue for up to 12 weeks. As your Pitbull gets older you can gradually decrease the amount of servings you’re giving them until they’re approximately three months old. My owners feed their pitbull puppy large breed puppy food.

What Dog Foods Are Best for My Pit bull’s Diet?

When it comes to choosing a food, it’s important to understand that Pitbulls require a lot of protein to maintain their muscle mass. This is not a breed you want to simply pick up the cheapest food off the shelf to feed them. 

Here are some of our top recommendations for best dog food for Pit bulls.  

Crave High Protein Beef Dry Dog Food

This adult food contains 34% crude protein and it’s also high in fat which makes it a great choice for active breeds like Pitbulls. It uses beef as the first ingredient and comes with a lot of great complimentary ingredients like legumes, chicken meal, and vitamins. 

Front of the Pack Air-Dried Chicken

This is a high-quality recipe of dry dog food that we always love recommending to pet parents. It’s a great choice for Pitbulls because it’s freeze-dried which helps lock in the flavor and it’s also loaded with plenty of fruits and vegetables. This formula is backed by science and designed by Veterinarians to help ensure your Bully is only getting the best of the best. 

What Meat Is Best for Pitbulls?

According to, this breed requires around 35% protein in their diet. That means that real meat is one of the most important components of a Pitbulls diet. Lean protein sources like chicken, turkey, and lamb are always good because they provide the protein that your Bully needs without the fat. 

If you find that your Bully may need to gain some healthy weight, going with Beef isn’t a bad choice. In reality, any option works as long as they’re not allergic or sensitive to it. 

What Type of Dog Food Is Best for Pitbulls?

The best food for Pitbulls is one that contains a lot of protein, real meat as the first ingredient, and great complimentary ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Again, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option and there are many great food options out there, you simply need to look outside the box a little. 

How Much Do Senior Pit bulls Eat? 

The amount of food your senior Pitbull eats will depend on their level of activity and overall health. If the dog is still relatively active and gets outside each day for a couple of hours then they’ll require pretty much the same amount of food. 

If there is a clear difference in their activity level, they may eat less than two cups of food and you should decrease or increase the amount based on how much activity they have. 

Are There Any Dog Feeding Charts for Pit Bulls?

Feed chart for Pit Bulls

Here is a feeding chart to help you understand if you’re on track with feeding your Bully: 

Body WeightCups of food
5-10 lbs½ – 1
10-20 lbs1 – 2
20-30 lbs1 ½ – 2 ½
30-50 lbs2 ½ – 3
50-70+ lbs3 – 4


So, how much should I feed my Pitbull? The answer is, it depends. Of course, you want to give your Bully what they want if they’re hungry but you also want to make sure you’re not overfeeding them. 

Nutritional needs vary widely between puppies and adult pit bulls. And the high quality protein diet ideal for bullies may not be ideal for other dogs.

Follow the information in this guide, do your research, and make sure you’re doing everything in your power to keep your Bully healthy and strong with a long lifespan. Good luck! 

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