How Much Water Should a Pitbull Drink a Day?

By Bethany Tate

A healthy Pit bull should drink at least 1 ounce of water for every pound of their body weight. This means that a 40 pound pit bull should drink at least 40 ounces of water every day. 

Why drinking water is important for pit bulls

All mammals (humans included) need water to survive. This is because water makes up the main part of a body’s cells. If your pitbull doesn’t get enough water their cells and consequently their body will not work properly (this process is also known as dehydration). 

Thus it’s important to ensure that your pit bull is getting enough water to support a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

How to tell if a pit bull is drinking enough water

In general you don’t need to measure out the exact amount of water you give your pit bull to drink each day. Unless instructed by your vet to do otherwise, just making sure that your pit bull’s water bowl is always full of fresh clean water is enough to keep your pitbull hydrated. 

Why your pit bull might drink less water than normal

You’re feeding your pit bull wet dog food

Most wet dog foods for pit bulls are anywhere from 65-80% water. If your pit bull eats wet dog food regularly then they are getting some of their daily water from their meals.

Sickness or pain

In some cases pit bulls drink less because they are ill or in physical pain. If you think either of these issues could be preventing your pit bull from drinking enough water then you should consult your vet immediately.  

How to get a pitbull to drink more water

If your pit bull isn’t in a huge rush to drink water here are some ideas to encourage them to stay hydrated. 

Put water bowls conveniently around the house

Putting several water bowls around the house will ensure that your pit bull always has a refreshing drink nearby. Keeping the water convenient and accessible will help your pit bull drink more. 

Feed your pit bull wet dog food

As mentioned before wet dog food has a lot of water already in it. If you can find a wet dog food your pit bull likes then it’s an easy and effective way to increase his or her water intake. 

Make sure the water bowl is always clean 

Odds are that your pit bull doesn’t like drinking from a grimy water bowl any more than you would. Keep the bowl clean and full at all times to help encourage your pit bull to drink. 

Exercise your pit bull

Pit bull breeds are active and full of energy. Channeling these into healthy exercise will get your dog thirsty and make the water bowl irresistible. 

Final thoughts

Water is a vital part of your pit bull’s health and well being. While you don’t normally have to worry about the exact amount your dog drinks each day, there are some tricks you can use if you think your pit bull isn’t getting all the water they need. 

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