How Often Should I Walk My Pitbull?

By Bethany Tate

Pit Bulls are an active and athletic dog breed and they need daily exercise. You should walk your pitbull for at least 1 hour per day. This hour can be broken into 2 or 3 shorter walks spread throughout the day if needed. 

How Many Times Should You Walk a Pitbull?

Ideally you should walk your Pit Bull at least seven times per week or one time per day. It is completely okay to walk more than this if you and your pit bull like getting out together. 

As mentioned before your pit bull needs to get in at least one full hour of walking time every day. Whether that hour is made up of one large walk or several smaller ones is up to you. 

Can pitbulls go on long walks?

Pit bulls are naturally athletic dogs and in general they adapt well to physical activity. Pit bulls as young as six months can walk a mile or more without too much problem. How far your pit bull can walk depends on their age, fitness level, and the terrain you plan to walk on.

If you’re walking around the neighborhood a long walk will be great for you and your pit bull. If you plan to hike up a mountain, then you might want to make sure your pit bull has the needed fitness level required to do so. 

You also need to consider the outside temperature if you want to walk a pit bull. On especially cold days and hot days long walks aren’t recommended. 

Should I walk my pitbull everyday?

Yes, you should walk your pit bull everyday. Daily exercise is important for a pit bull’s physical and psychological well being. If you are unable to walk your pit bull everyday then you should supplement their walks with active playtime. 

How Often Should I Walk My Pitbull Puppy?

You can walk your pit bull puppy everyday. The younger a pit bull puppy is, the shorter the walks will be. Make sure to pay attention to signs your puppy might give to show that they’re tired or ready to finish their walk. Signs could include panting, drooling, loss of interest, or laying down. 

When is it Too Cold to Walk a Pitbull?

Your pit bull shouldn’t be outside for extended periods if the temperature is 45 degrees F or lower. If you must walk your pit bull in cold weather, keep it short!

When is it Too Hot to Walk a Pitbull?

If you’re walking your pit bull on a day with temperatures of 75 degrees F or higher than you should use caution (especially if you live somewhere humid). Above 85 degrees F and  you should keep the walks short. 

Another thing to keep in mind when walking a pit bull on hot days is pavement. Pavement can sometimes be hotter than the outside temperature suggests, and walking on hot pavement can be painful and even harmful to your pit bull’s paws. A simple test is to put your bare hand against the pavement. If it hurts to hold it there for five seconds or less then it’s too hot to walk your pit bull.   

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