How to calm a weimaraner

By Bethany Tate

Weimaraners are an athletic and active breed. Under the right circumstances a weimaraner can be a loyal, loving, and obedient companion. However their energetic personality can be challenging. If not properly trained and exercised weimaraner can easily become hyper and over excited. Here are some quick tips on how to calm a weimaraner. 

Make sure your Weimaraner is eating a healthy diet

What and when a weimaraner eats can affect their behavior and energy levels. Weimaraners without a regular feeding schedule are more prone to act out and become unruly. So if you have a hyperactive weimaraner make sure you feed them on a regular and predictable schedule. 

It’s also important to ensure that your weimaraner is eating a balanced diet with sufficient amounts of protein. Dogs who don’t have enough protein in their diet are more likely to display aggressive behavior. The right dog food for your weimaraner will solve this problem. 

Consult a vet if you aren’t sure if your weimaraner is getting the nutrition they need. A dog’s diet affects everything from their mood, their coat health, and their overall quality of life. You don’t want to overlook what your weimaraner eats! 

Exercise your weimaraner

One of the most effective ways to calm a weimaraner is to give them plenty of exercise. A tired Weimaraner is a calm a weimaraner. These dogs were bred to be athletic hunting dogs and they are happiest and healthiest when living an active lifestyle. 

Oftentimes a weimaraner who exhibits destructive or hyperactive behavior simply needs more physical activity. Exercise your weimaraner for at least two hours every day to help calm them down. 

Long walks, runs, fetch, or a good flirt pole session are all great ways to wear your weimaraner out. 

Give your weimaraner mental stimulation

You want to challenge your weimaraner’s mind as well as their body. Interactive dog toys are great methods for mental stimulation. A food or treat puzzle will distract your weimaraner and force them to think hard to get their reward.

You can even try taking a kong toy and filling it with peanut butter or another choice snack and freezing it before giving it to your weimaraner. This forces your dog to work for his treat. 

Training games are also a great way to mentally exercise weimaraners. Practicing the games you know or adding new ones will be sure to help your dog burn off energy and calm down throughout the day. 

Obedience training with your weimaraner

There are some commands you can teach weimaraners to help keep them calm in specific situations. Situations such as meeting new people, seeing other dogs, or going for a car ride can make weimaraners over excited. 

Commands like “sit”, “Place”, or “come” are great ways to distract a weimaraner and help divert their excitement or pent up energy. 

Crate train your weimaraner

Crate training is another way to help weimaraners calm down. Teach your weimaraner that crate time is quiet time. When he or she is in their crate it’s time for them to calm down and unwind. Try scheduling regular quiet times throughout the day to help your weimaraner to get in the habit of calming down. 

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