How to Get a Pitbull to Stop Whining

By Bethany Tate

Why does my pitbull whine so much?

Before we can talk about how to get pitbulls to stop whining, you’ll need to determine the reason why your pit bull is whining. 

Your Pit Bull Wants Attention

Attention is the most common reason Pit bulls whine a lot. Luckily it’s also one of the easiest types of whining to correct. Pit bulls that whine for attention do so because they want a reward, a specific object or food, or because they want you to notice them. 

Assuming your dog gets enough quality time with you, and isn’t deprived of some one on one doggy-owner time. There are some steps you take to teach your pit bull not to whine for attention. 

How to get a Pit Bull to Stop Whining for Attention

Show Your Pit bull That Whining Won’t Work

The most effective way to get a pitbull to stop whining is to not give in when your dog starts asking for something. When your pit bull whines do not give them any attention. This includes eye contact, touching, talking to, and even scolding your pit bull. 

As you withhold your attention during whining sessions, also use your body language to help drive the point home that whining won’t work. Cross your arms and turn completely away from your pit bull when they are whining. They must learn that before they get your attention they must be quiet and calm. 

There will be a bit of a learning curve for this technique, especially if your pit bull has gotten used to whining for everything they want. If you stick to your guns and make sure to reward your pit bull when they do start quieting down, then you will see a change in your dog’s behavior over time. 

Other Reasons a Pit Bull Might be Whining 

Your Pit Bull is Injured or Sick

Pit bulls whine and cry out when they are in pain. If your pitbull recently started whining, and wasn’t a regular whiner before, this is a sign that something could be bothering your dog. If your pit bull is sick or hurt, he will most likely display other symptoms besides whining. Keep an eye out for strange movements or posture, a sudden change of appetite, or any other behaviors that seem out of the ordinary. 

If you’re ever in doubt about what’s bothering your pit bull it’s best to consult your local vet. 

Your Pit Bull is Suffering From Anxiety

If your pit bull whines a lot they could be suffering from anxiety. Anxious whining can be dealt with on its own. You’ll need to address whatever issue is causing your pit bull to be anxious. Anxiety is typically accompanied by other nervous behavior like excessive chewing or licking, pacing, and even barking. 

Anxiety in pitbulls is often triggered by a sudden change in a dog’s environment or routine. Identifying this change and helping your pit bull to cope with it will help cut down on excessive whining. 

Depending on the circumstances a natural calming aid can help pit bulls handle anxiety. In extreme cases a vet prescribed medication may be needed. 

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