How to Keep My Dog Out of the Garden

By Britt Kascjak

Gardening is a fun and enjoyable pastime enjoyed by many people.

But, after all the hard work put into building your garden, you want to protect it. This includes protecting it from your dog!

The good news is that you don’t have to keep your dog out of the yard to maintain a garden.

Both flower and vegetable gardens can be kept safe with a little preparation and some strategic planning.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you keep your dog out of your garden.

Build a Fence

The easiest and most obvious solution is to build a fence around your garden area.

Selecting the best fence materials will depend on your dog’s breed and personality. Some dogs are more destructive or may challenge the barrier more than others.

If you have a dog that tends to dig, consider extending the fence down into the ground.

Create a Dog-Friendly Play Area

Another approach, instead of focusing on blocking off the garden is to block off an area of the yard for your dog.

The benefit of this is that you can allow your dog to do some of the “dog things” that are often discouraged. For example, you can include a dirt area where your dog is allowed to freely dig.

This will also keep pet waste contained in one area, which may appeal to dog owners with kids and those who enjoy entertaining outdoors.

Prevent Boredom

There is a chance that your dog is destroying your garden simply because they are feeling bored.

The best way to prevent this is to make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise during the day. This could be daily walks or a game of frisbee in the yard.

A tired dog is a good dog, and far less likely to be destructive.

Also, consider providing your dog with plenty of toys and activities while outdoors. This will keep their attention on something positive and away from your garden.


There are some basic obedience training commands that can help you discourage your dog from getting into the garden. Of course, this means training your dog to obey these commands first!

A proper recall will allow you to call your dog away from the temptation at any time.

This is also a great command to teach your dog anytime you are going out. If they get off the leash you can prevent your dog from running off or getting into danger.

Another great command to teach is ‘leave it’. This tells your dog to leave any object alone on command.

These are especially important if you are growing plants that could be toxic to your dog.

Try Container Gardening

Are you just starting your garden? If so, you may want to start with a focus on container gardening instead of a traditional garden.

This means planting in raised containers or garden beds, allowing you to keep the plants up and out of your dog’s reach.

Container gardening is also great for those living in areas with problematic wildlife. Rabbits, deer, and other animals may see your garden as an open buffet.

You can build covers to place over the containers out of chicken wire or similar material if needed.

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Britt Kascjak
Britt Kascjak has been active in the animal rescue community for over 15 years, volunteering, fostering, and advocating for organizations across Canada and the US. Her ‘pack’ includes her husband John, their 3 dogs – Daviana, Indiana, and Lucifer – and their 2 cats – Pippen and Jinx.