How to know Your Husky Loves You

By Bethany Tate

Huskies like to talk, but what are they telling you when they’re not howling and barking? Do they ever communicate that they love you? Well, in short, yes. From eye contact to belly rubs, huskies are always trying to tell you something.

A lot of the signals dogs give to show affection often go unnoticed. There’s no need to worry though, since huskies are naturally pack dogs, you can be sure that they are happy to have you around. 

I’ve listed below a few subtle ways your husky is trying to communicate and exactly what those signs mean. Every dog has their own quirks, so use this as a guideline, and remember you probably know your dog best.

7 Signs your husky loves you

1) Eye Contact

As humans we tend to look at things we like: a sunset, pretty phone background, or a loved one. Just like that your husky is looking at you because they like you.

2) Open Mouth

When any dog is calm with an open mouth and relaxed tongue, they are comfortable, feel safe, and content. If you’re the one creating that environment for them, they’ll show you they appreciate it.

3) Happy Greeting

If your dog missed you while you were gone then they’ll be happy to see you when you get back, pretty simple.

4) Belly Rubs

It is actually a vulnerable act when your dog shows you their belly. Doing so means they trust you a great amount and feel at home with you.

5) Following You Around

If your husky follows you or checks in on you, it means they feel safe with you and enjoy being with you. However, if they get annoyingly close then they just might be bored or nosey.

6) Dog Kisses

Licking is the easiest way for a dog to show they care about their owners. Letting your dog lick can even help lower their stress levels.

7) Leaning Against You

This action would also mean they trust you, as you’re literally supporting them when they lean against you.

How To Know Your Husky Doesn’t Like You

Keeping at a Distance

This would be the opposite of following you around. Not trying to cuddle or check in on you could be signs they don’t like you or maybe your Husky is super independent.


If your husky doesn’t get excited about playing or going outside it might not have to do anything with you. Dogs get depressed just like humans.

Sometimes It’s In Your Head

Some huskies don’t show affection like listed above so it may seem like they don’t like you when they actually do. Don’t overthink it.

Summing it Up

Since Huskies can’t speak in our language it can be hard to see how your husky is communicating. But, it’s reasonable to assume your husky is showing you some of these signs on a daily basis, you just have to watch for the little things. 

To get an idea of whether your husky loves you or not all you have to do is pay attention to their behavior the next time you come home. Doing so should give you the answer you’re looking for and hopefully now you have the tools to better understand your pet and make a stronger bond.

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Bethany Tate
Writing and analyzing data are her superpowers. Dogs, nature, and trail running are her oxygen. Bethany passionately believes pets make the world a better place. Her world is made better by Nemo, her pet dachshund.