How to Make My Pitbull Smell Better

By Bethany Tate

Do you love your Pit bull but not their smell? Has a new or unusual odor started coming from your Pit bull and you want to get to the source of it?

Then this article is for you. 

Try a bath with the right shampoo for pit bulls

Bathing your pit bull is the most obvious possible solution to your dog’s stink problem. If you’re reading this perhaps it’s one you’ve already tried. Pit Bulls are a short hair breed and low shedders so it’s not recommended to bathe them more than once a month (more than this can irritate their skin). 

If you’re battling a bad odor try a specific dog shampoo that specializes in neutralizing bad smells. Aromatherapy shampoos or shampoo with citrus are good options. If you think the smell may be the result of something bacterial, then you might even want to try an antimicrobial dog shampoo. 

When you wash your pit bull make sure to get the nooks and crannies of their ears and anywhere else where dirt and bad smells can hide. 

Change your pit bull’s diet

The old adage “you are what you eat” applies to your pit bull just as much as it applies to you. Poor nutrition can contribute to a pit bull’s allergies and can even cause yeast infections (which lead to foul odors). It’s important to feed pit bulls a balanced diet with enough of the right proteins to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Consult your vet if you are unsure about your pit bull’s diet. 

Dental hygiene for pit bulls

The smell could be from bad breath. If this is the case then it’s time for you and your pity to up the dental hygiene game. A good routine for your pit bull’s teeth should include regular teeth brushing (daily is recommended), once a year dental cleanings, and using special dog chews that help clean your pit bull’s teeth and stop tartar from building up. 

Wash your Pit bull’s dog bedding regularly

If the bed your Pit bull sleeps in stinks then your pup is going to wake every morning and carry that odor with him. Clean bedding is important for good smells and overall pet health. How would you feel if you slept in a bed with sheets that were never washed?   

Get your Pit Bull’s Anal Glands checked

If the smell you’re trying to get rid off is a strong fishy type smell, there’s a high chance your pit bull has something wrong with their anal glands. In a lot of cases the glands simply need to be expressed, but there could be more serious health issues causing the order. It’s best to schedule a vet visit if you think a pit bull’s anal glands are omitting an odor (naturally they shouldn’t). 

Ear infections

There’s a lot of reasons why pit bull ears might stink. It could be bad grooming or something bacterial (we’re already covered these problems). If you notice an overwhelmingly strong smell coming from your dog’s ears then you have your vet check for a possible ear infection. Ear infections in dogs often lead to a strong and unpleasant odor which emanates from the ears. 

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