How to Raise a Pitbull to be Friendly?

By Coty Perry

While Pitbulls typically have a bad reputation, they are a friendly breed. If you teach your Pitbull how to behave correctly as a puppy, your PitBull will grow into a pleasant and likable dog. 

Pitbulls are not the right fit for everyone, so you should know how energetic and robust Pitbulls are before you own one. However, for many dog lovers, Pitbulls are the perfect fit for them and their families. 

Besides having abundant energy and being strong and muscular, Bullies are also affectionate, loyal, and gentle. You can raise a friendly Pitbull if you don’t teach your dog aggression. 

How to Raise a Pitbull to be Friendly?

Pitbulls were initially bred from Old English Bulldogs, famous for bull baiting. Due to their history of being aggressive, it is often thought that Pitbulls are naturally a mean dog breed. However, your Pitbull will only be mean and aggressive if you teach him to be that way. 

Many Pitbulls are naturally friendly. As a responsible dog owner, it is your job to teach your Bully to be friendly and not teach your dog bad habits. 

Everyday things that can make a dog nervous, like a loud noise, a child, an unfamiliar person, or even an umbrella, can immediately be seen as aggression in Pitbulls just because of their breed. However, you know as its owner that your Bully is reacting the same way as any other dog would. 

Social Interaction

To teach your Pitbull to be friendly, you must start as early as possible. You should begin socializing your Pitbull puppy early to make interaction and socialization your top priority. 

Your Bully must learn to be comfortable with adults, children, and other animals early, so your Pit Bull learns to be friendly. Taking your dog to a training class to help him interact with others is a great way to introduce social interaction.

Positive Reinforcement 

You can help your Pit bull learn to be friendly by using positive reinforcement to train your dog. Since your Bully is so muscular and strong, positive support will likely work better than training involving leash corrections. 

Try rewarding your Pitbull for good behavior or using clicker training. Pitbulls are typically eager and happy to learn new things, making positive reinforcement a great way to help your pit bull understand that friendly behavior is appreciated.

Set Boundaries

You must set and stick to those boundaries when training your Bully to be friendly. Pitbulls like to test their limits. They need to know who is in charge. It is essential not to make your dog afraid of you. Allow your dog to have confidence in you and trust you. 

An example of a reasonable boundary is not to allow your Bully to enter a room before you do. This boundary is important because it will teach your pit bull puppy not to run into a room with other people who might be afraid of dogs.

Final Thoughts

Now that you better understand how to raise a Pitbull to be friendly, you should have no problem teaching your pit bull good behavior. Both you and your dog will benefit from friendly behavior between other humans and animals. 

It is essential to be patient when training your Pitbull and keep your composure. Pitbulls will reflect their behavior on your feelings and energy, so do your best to stay calm and positive!

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