How to Take Care of a Doberman Puppy

By Bethany Tate

While a lot of puppy care is the same no matter what kind of dog you have, there are some special considerations to take if you have a doberman puppy. In this article we look at how to take care of a Doberman puppy, and share some practical tips you can use to get you and your new puppy off on the right paw! 

What to feed a Doberman Puppy

Before you bring your doberman puppy home, ask the breeder what food he or she has been eating. Assuming your doberman’s breeder is a good breeder, they are probably feeding them a high quality dog food that’s great for Doberman Puppies. 

You’ll want to keep your puppy on this dog food until they are around five or seven months old. At five to seven months a doberman is ready to switch to adult dog food. 

If you found out that your doberman puppy hasn’t been fed a high quality dog food, then it’s best not to change their food right away. Changing a doberman puppy’s food too fast can result in an upset stomach. It’s better to slowly switch to a new dog food over a few days. 

On the first day you can replace ¼ of your puppy’s old dog food with the new one. On the second day you can replace 1/2, on the third day day ¾, and finally on the fourth day you can make the full switch. 

Grooming a Doberman Puppy

As a short hair breed with a smooth coat, doberman’s don’t need as much grooming as longer haired dog breeds do. A single bath every six or eight weeks is optimal, along with an occasional brushing with a rubber dog brush. Dobermans are low shedders so there’s no need for weekly washings or brushing unless your puppy gets dirty. 

Exercising your Doberman Puppy

Doberman puppies are energetic so they benefit greatly from regular exercise. An adult doberman will need one or more hours of exercise each day. How much time you should spend exercising your puppy will depend on their age. In general the older your doberman puppy gets, the more exercise they can do. 

At the puppy stage exercise for a doberman can be anything from running around, walking, playtime, or training. The best way to determine how long to exercise your doberman puppy is to watch for signs of tiredness during exercise. 

If your doberman’s energy level drops during an exercise session or they suddenly become uninterested or easily distracted, these are tell-tale signs your puppy is tired. 

Tips and Tricks for training Doberman Puppies

Dobermans are intelligent dogs that are eager to please their pet parents. This makes them a great breed for training. 

Positive reinforcement works wonders with dobermans as they are more motivated by praise than by punishment. 

Early on it’s a good idea to teach your doberman puppy some basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, come, etc. These commands will lay the foundation for the rest of your doberman’s training and they themselves can be used as training tools for more complex tasks. 

You should also crate train your doberman puppy. A positive crate training experience from an early age will help prevent separation anxiety in your dog and it also makes life easier for both of you if you need to leave your doberman in their crate while away from home.

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