How To Take Care of a Pug

By Coty Perry

A pug is a great dog breed with a fun personality and a unique appearance. While pugs may be small and cute, it is essential to properly understand how to care for this type of dog. 

To ensure your pug stays healthy, you will need to feed him a healthy amount of food, ensure he gets enough exercise, groom, bathe, and train him. 

Some specific pug features require more attention than others, like their snouts. A pug is a brachycephalic breed, meaning they have short noses with compressed airway passages. 

Pugs are prone to packing on the pounds, so you must incorporate regular exercise into your daily schedule. 

However, the exercise shouldn’t be too intense because of their breathing issues. Consider taking your pug for short walks and playing mind stimulating activities with him, like playing with a treat release toy or speaking toy.

How to Take Care of a Pug?

One of the best ways to ensure your pug stays healthy and happy is to allow him to engage in exercise daily. Pugs are a playful breed but can be mischievous if they do not get the necessary stimulation and exercise. 

You should allow your adult pug to moderately exercise for about 15 to 20 minutes daily. You can also include toys in the activity, in addition to playtime. Remember that their flat noses make it difficult to cool down after getting hot, which can put them at risk of a heat stroke. 

Try to keep the exercise minimal and not too strenuous. A harness, rather than a collar, will also help keep your pug breathing comfortably during a walk. Some other essential things to keep in mind when taking care of a pug include:

Eye Maintenance

Pugs have large eyes and pick up debris, irritating the cornea. To keep your pug’s eye area clean, you should aim to wipe their eyes after each meal. Food is one of the common things pugs get in their eyes. Open each fold around their eyes with grooming wipes.


Pugs are known to be heavy shedders. Even if your pup looks like he isn’t shedding, lots of loose dead hairs are likely stuck to his coat. It is wise to brush your pug regularly to avoid excess shedding.

Wrinkle Maintenance

Pugs have many wrinkles on their heads and faces that fold deep into their skin. Their wrinkles are prone to developing skin infections, so it is important to wipe them at least three times daily with a grooming wipe. Be sure to open each fold when wiping it to ensure you have adequately cleaned the area.

Final Thoughts

Having a pug in your life is a lot of fun and a huge responsibility. A pug’s physical features, like its wrinkles, nose, and eyes, require extra care. 

As a pug owner, it is essential to know this breed requires special needs. If you are ever worried about your pug developing an infection or believe their breathing is an issue, you should call their vet to determine what the best form of care is for your pup.

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