How to Train a French Bulldog 

By Coty Perry

If you’ve recently welcomed a French Bulldog into your home, you’ve quickly realized how incredible this breed can be. They provide so much warmth and love for such a small package. 

Learning how to train a French Bulldog is easy compared to some more difficult breeds. These dogs are smart and they react well to proper training. 

How to Train a French Bulldog: The Basics 

Here are some details on various aspects of training for your French Bulldog. 

Potty Training 

French Bulldogs may train well but they’re not known for their potty training skills. You’ll have to make sure to deploy a lot of patience and expect your French Bulldog to make plenty of mistakes in this area. 

Start with having a set routine each day when training a Frenchie puppy. Have a schedule they can rely on so they know when they’re going out and when it’s out of the question. 

Pair these routines around other routine aspects of the day such as feedings and naps. 

Leash Training 

French Bulldogs don’t require as much exercise as the majority of other breeds but you’ll still want to leash train them right away as a puppy. Some Frenchies are stubborn on the leash but the more you practice, the better they’ll get with handling it and not trying to pull away. 

Start by training them indoors with a harness. They’ll roll around and try to chew it off at first but after a while, they’ll become comfortable with the feeling of the harness. 

Because your French Bulldog isn’t that large, you can even start by taking them for walks throughout the house. Just be sure they don’t confuse this with potty time. 

Lastly, make sure you take your Frenchie for walks in quiet and safe places. It’s normal for them to be scared of cars, larger dogs, and other loud noises. During the first few walks, try to minimize the amount of scary things they may encounter. 

Basic Commands 

Talking to your dog is an important aspect of getting them properly trained. Start using basic commands as young as possible. Commands like sit, paw, potty, and stay are a great place to start. 

Make sure to use these same commands over and over to describe these various activities. Don’t change them and try to avoid reinforcements like treats too often. This can lead to your puppy becoming dependent on them. 

Crate Training 

Believe it or not, dogs actually enjoy their crates because it’s a safe place for them to go. Make sure the crate is big enough for them to spin around in. 

Start by putting the crate in a common area with the door open so they can go in and out as they please. Consider giving your Frenchie their meals in there and have them take naps inside the crate with the door open. 

As they become more comfortable with it, you can move it further away from living spaces and help them become more independent. 

Final Thoughts 

If you find yourself struggling to train your French Bulldog, don’t panic. Try not to get frustrated and realize that every dog is different and your Frenchie might have a bit of a stubborn attitude. 

Give them plenty of love and always reinforce good behavior. Good luck! 

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Coty Perry
Coty is a self-proclaimed cat whisperer and animal lover. Growing up his mom ran a dog training business out of his childhood home so you can say it was complete chaos 24/7. Today, when he comes home after a long day of writing about animals, he’s greeted by his two loving cats Marley and Cozmo.