Is Front of the Pack Legit?

By Bethany Tate

Have you come across the Front of the Pack brand through advertisements or a recommendation from someone you know and you’re wondering if the company is legit?

The short answer is yes. Front of the Pack is a legit pet product company that makes and sells air dried dog food, Dog treats, and supplements for dogs.

Their dog food and supplements were all formulated by a team of experts including biochemists, veterinarians, and even one of the board members from the National Animal Supplement Council. Front of the Pack’s mission is to create dog food, treats, and supplements where every ingredient provides clinically proven nutrition.

Front of the Pack refuses to have no fillers, artificial ingredients, or additives of any kind in their foods, and they are fully transparent about the ingredients they use and the benefits those ingredients provide to dogs.

Is front of the pack safe for dogs?

Yes both Front of the Pack’s supplements, dog treats, and dog food are safe for dogs. The goal of the company is to provide pet parents with food that helps improve and maintain their dog’s health.

Front of the Pack’s air dried beef dog food is AAFCO compliant and suitable for dogs in all life stages. Their air dried chicken is also AAFCO compliant and suitable for dogs over 12 months old (though they mention on the site that they are in the process of getting the chicken recipe approved as suitable for puppies too).

Front of the packs supplements are safe for dogs under the recommended dosages based on the dog’s weight.

Front of the pack’s team of experts consulted over 480 published research papers while formulating their pet products. The company is also in the process of working with academic institutions to perform a full clinical trial for their products.

Has Front of the pack ever had any recalls?

No. Front of the Pack has never issued any recalls on their dog food, dog treats, or supplements.

Does Front of the Pack work?

Every ingredient in Front of the Pack’s dog food, dog treats, and supplements is clinically proven to provide a benefit for your dog. Their dog food is one of the few dog food recipes backed completely by nutritional science. Their supplements and treats were similarly formulated to benefit a dog’s natural biology.

Customer Review of Front of the Pack’s Dog Food

Does Front of the Pack’s One Supplement work?

If your dog is taking the One supplement you can expect to see results in your pet within 6 weeks.

Customer Review of Front of the Pack’s One Supplement

Does Front of the Pack’s Harmony Supplement work?

Front of the Pack’s Harmony Supplement takes affect 90 minutes after your dog takes it.

How to contact Front of the Pack

How to Contact Front of the Pack by Phone

You can contact Front of the Pack directly by calling the phone number listed on the contact page of their site: 323-922-5737.

This number is open between the hours of 9AM and 5PM Pacific Time (Monday-Friday).

How to Contact Front of the Pack by Email

You can also contact Front of the Pack via email at

How do you cancel front of a pack?

To cancel a subscription simply log in to your Front of Pack account and cancel there. If you have any problems you can contact their customer service here.

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