My Rhodesian Ridgeback is Lazy, What Should I Do?

By Bethany Tate

Has your Rhodesian Ridgeback become sluggish and you’re worried something might be wrong? Does your Rhodesian Ridgeback have a lazy attitude and you’re looking for a way to combat this?

In this article we’ll look at what you as a pet parent can do if your Rhodesian Ridgeback is lazy.

Reasons your Rhodesian Ridgeback might be lazy

A lazy Rhodesian Ridgeback can sound like a bit of an oxymoron. The breed is known for their physical stamina and strong prey instincts (they were used to hunt lions afterall). Here are possible reasons why your Rhodesian Ridge might be displaying an out of character lazy behavior. 

Poor diet and nutrition 

Have you ever filled up on junk food or simply eaten too much and felt lazy? Well the same sensation can happen to your Rhodesian Ridgeback if they have been eating too much, or have been eating unhealthy food (ie table scraps and low quality dog food). 

It’s important to choose the right dog food for your Ridgeback, one that has the right balance of protein and carbs and also features the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs. If you’re in doubt about whether or not your dog is getting the right nutrients consult your vet. A simple switch to a healthier food might be the key to bringing a pep to your dog’s step. 

Lack of exercise

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are an athletic breed and with a strong prey instinct. They are at their best when they get plenty of time outdoors and regular exercise. If your Rhodesian Ridgeback isn’t able to get the exercise he or she needs this can result in them acting lazy. 

Rhodesian Ridgebacks need as much as two hours a day of exercise. 

If you think your Ridgeback is lazy, try getting them in the habit of an active lifestyle. Get them outside and running around asap!

Lack of Mental stimulation

Your Rhodesian Ridgeback needs mental exercise just as much as they need physical exercise. Puzzle toys and training games are great ways to stimulate your dog and get them out of a lazy rut. 

Lack of attention and playtime

Your Rhodesian Ridgeback might seem lazy because they haven’t been able to spend quality time with you or their other pet parent. Just like any relationship, your relationship with your dog needs quality time to grow and be healthy. 

Try setting aside time each day to simply enjoy being with your dog. This will lift their mood as well as yours!

Sickness or injury

Laziness could actually be a sign that your Rhodesian Ridgeback doesn’t feel well. This is especially true if your dog recently started acting lazy, but usually is active and energetic. Consult your vet on your pup’s sudden behavior change. 

If your Ridgeback is sick or injured it’s better find out sooner rather than later.

Old age

Just like people, dogs slow down with age. If you have an older Rhodesian Ridgeback it might just be that they aren’t as spry and energetic as they once were. A healthy diet and exercise regime are important to keep your dog healthy, but don’t overdo it with an older pet. In this case slowing down isn’t laziness so much as it is a natural part of the Rhodesian Ridgeback lifecycle. 

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