Can Dogs Eat Persimmons? 

Yes! It is safe for dogs to eat the fruit of persimmons in moderation. But, there are some risks to consider. Not all parts of the persimmon are safe for your dog. Always remove the seeds and pit of the fruit first. Can My Dog Snack on Persimmons? Does your dog give you puppy eyes … Read more

When Do Labs Calm Down? 

If you’re waiting for your young Labrador puppy, be prepared. Most Labradors don’t start to calm down until approximately 2 to 4 years of age. Of course, this will differ from one dog to the next. Some Lab puppies calm down from a very early age while others won’t calm down until later in life. … Read more

When Do Boston Terriers Calm Down?

Is your Boston Terrier acting crazy and you’re wondering how long this behavior will last? Is your Boston terrier still high energy even though he or she is getting older?  If the answer to both questions is a yes, then there are a few things you need to know about this breed.  Boston Terriers are … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Clementines? 

Yes, Dogs can eat clementines! In moderation, oranges are a healthy addition to your dog’s diet with many great benefits. Are you considering sharing the sweet taste of clementines with your dog? Has your dog stolen a piece of clementine and you’re worried about whether he is going to be okay? The good news is … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Salami?

No, dogs cannot eat salami safely. While salami isn’t poisonous for your dog, it is not a food that you should incorporate into your dog’s diet. Containing high levels of fat and sodium, it can make your dog very ill. Some varieties even incorporate potentially harmful ingredients like garlic. Can My Dog Safely Enjoy Salami? … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Hummus?

While hummus is often seen as a healthy food option, this isn’t true for your dog. Dogs cannot safely eat hummus, especially store-bought varieties. These processed chickpeas are often full of dangerous spices and seasonings. But, you can make dog-friendly hummus by cooking chickpeas without any added seasonings. Can Dogs eat Hummus as a Snack? … Read more

When Do German Shepherds Calm Down?

German Shepherds calm down around the age of 5 but don’t expect them to sleep and lay around all day. This breed is generally energetic and will maintain a high level of energy through most of their life. Of course, this will vary dramatically from dog to dog.  Is your German Shepherd bouncing off the … Read more

Can Dogs Drink Gatorade? 

Yes, Gatorade and many sports drinks are safe for dogs. They can drink a few sips to help with hydration. It is a great source of salt and other essential minerals. But, it should only be offered in small amounts on an occasional basis. Can My Dog Drink Gatorade? Are you planning a hike and … Read more

When Do Golden Retrievers Calm Down? 

The average Golden Retriever will start to calm down around 2 or 3 years old. But, this could differ from one dog to the next. There are some Golden Retrievers that will calm down sooner and others that will take longer to reach that stage of maturity. They are working dogs and will need regular … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Mandarins? Fido Feeding Guide

Dogs can eat mandarin oranges in moderation. Be sure to peel them and remove any seeds before feeding them to your dog.  Did your dog get a hold of some mandarins? Do you want to know if they are safe to eat? Can dogs eat mandarins? Do you like them, but you’re not sure if … Read more