How to Clean a French Bulldog’s Ears 

French Bulldogs are one of the cutest breeds on the planet and they’re known for having the most adorable ears. That said, it’s important to understand that their ears can get really dirty and the smell will be the least of your problems.  Knowing how to clean a French Bulldogs ears will ensure they don’t … Read more

Can You Use Regular Toothpaste on Dogs?

Dental hygiene is more important for dogs than a lot of people think. If you’re thinking of putting some Colgate on a brush and going at your dogs mouth to get rid of their bad breath, think again.  You cannot use regular toothpaste on dogs because it contains a number of harmful ingredients with the … Read more

How to Train a French Bulldog Not to Bite

If you have recently adopted a French Bulldog, you may be wondering – Why does my French Bulldog bite so much? What can I do to stop it? Training a French Bulldog not to bite doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are 5 easy ways that you can train your French Bulldog to stop biting. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Froot Loops? 

Yes, dogs can eat Froot Loops but they’re not a good choice. This cereal is not healthy and it’s made with artificial colors, sugar, and refined grains. All of these ingredients are bad for your dog’s digestive system and they do nothing positive for their health.  There are few things more delicious than a big … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Crab Apples? 

Dogs love apples and most pet owners would consider them to be a healthy and delicious snack. But, what about crab apples?  Dogs cannot eat crab apples because they contain a toxic amount of cyanide in the seeds, stems, and leaves. The fleshy part of the apple is perfectly safe for dogs and actually has … Read more

Home Remedies for Dogs Scared of Thunder

Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms and loud noises? This is a common problem faced by many dog owners. The good news is that there are options to help address your dog’s fears. You may have seen the calming supplements and treats available at your local pet store. But, there are also many effective home … Read more

How Much Exercise Does a Husky Need? (Quick Guide)

Huskies are highly active dogs. They do not need more than two hours of exercise daily because of their activity level. Huskies are a happy-go-lucky and energetic breed and want nothing more than to be played with and go for long walks.  Since they have such high energy levels, you might find it challenging to … Read more

3 Tips to Control a Disobedient Dog

If your dog is unruly or overexcited, you may find yourself feeling frustrated. A disobedient dog can have an impact on every area of your life. They make home life a challenge and discourage you from entertaining guests. Plus, their behavior can make it difficult to go out anywhere. Bad behaviors including biting, jumping, barking, … Read more

Do Cane Corsos Shed? (Low-Maintenance Breed Guide)

Cane Corsos shed, but not nearly as much as other large dog breeds. A Cane Corso has a short double-layered coat. The length of their undercoat varies depending on the type of climate they live in.  This popular dog breed is considered a low to moderate shedder that molts throughout the year.  The shedding season … Read more

How to Calm an Anxious Dog at Night

As the sun goes down and bedtime approaches, does your dog have difficulty settling in for the night? Does your dog suffer from nighttime anxiety? You may be surprised to learn that this is a common problem that frustrates many dog owners. But, there are options to help calm your dog for a good night’s … Read more