Raw diet for Cane Corso: Ultimate guide

By Bethany Tate

Do you have a new Cane corso puppy and are thinking about raising them on a raw food diet? Perhaps you have an older Cane corso and you’re considering switching their normal diet? In this article we take a look at what a Cane Corso raw diet looks like and what some of the risks and benefits are.

best meat for a cane corso raw diet

For the most part, the meat you choose to feed your Cane Corso is up to you. One of the biggest factors when starting a raw diet for your Cane Corso will be cost. Raw meat is one of the most expensive dog food options around, and a hungry Cane Corso will eat a lot more than your average dog.

Can you feed your Cane corso raw meat?

A raw diet can be a nutritious option for your Cane Corso. Many dog owners cite a healthy coat, a smaller stool, less shedding, and even reduced body odor as benefits of the diet. The right meats have many of the nutrients Cane Corso dogs need. This includes omega fatty acids, healthy fats, and essential enzymes.

However there are some potential risks of the raw diet that you should be aware of.

Challenges with a Cane corso raw diet

Feeding your Cane Corso a balanced diet

For a lot of people the raw diet makes perfect sense from an ancestral standpoint. Dogs once lived on a diet of raw food, so why wouldn’t it be beneficial for modern day dogs diets?

But the truth there’s a lot that goes into feeding your Cane Corso a balanced diet. Just throwing your pup a slap of ground beef and raw eggs won’t do the trick. It falls to pet parents to do their due diligence and find out what foods in what proportions are best for their furry friend.

Lack of Research and Support from Vets

Some vets push back against the idea of raw diets citing a lack of evidence and scientific research. Unfortunately this is because there is mountain of published studies showing the benefits of traditional dog food, and scant research related to a raw food diet for dogs.

Many pet owners argue that this because it’s the traditional dog food companies who fund the majority of research related to dog food. These companies have a lot to gain by funding research related to their traditional products, and no incentive to fund research related to a raw diet.

Precautions to take with raw food


Whether it’s canned or served raw, Salmon is packed with nutritional value for your Cane Corso. That being said, there are some risks to serving your dog raw salmon.

Feeding raw salmon to your Cane corso increases the chances of your dog being infected with parasites (particularly liver flukes). Liver flukes feed on the liver tissue of whatever host animal they’ve latched on to. If untreated they cause serious health issues.

There’s also the danger of salmon poisoning.


Raw pork also poses a parasite risk for your Cane Corso. Uncooked pork meat can contain pork round worm. A healthy dog might not show any signs up of having pork round worm, but Cane Corso puppies and senior dogs may have a weaker immune system and be at risk of symptoms.

cane corso raw feeding chart and facts

Finding the right balance for your dog’s diet

we are not veterinarians and this does not constitute veterinary advice. Consult your vet before making changes to your dog’s diet.

How pet owners are calculating adult dog feeding amounts

Proponents of the raw food diet try to mimic the nutritional benefits of whole prey. The idea here is that the whole prey that your cane corso’s ancestors ate contained everything they needed for a natural diet.

Following this line of thinking, the raw diet tries to mimic this natural balance through different types of meat and protein. Here is a popular raw feeding formula:

The ratio of meats in the whole prey method is 80/10/5/5.

80% of each meal should be muscle meat. This includes any meat that comes from the muscle tissue of an animal. Hearts and gizzards are considered to fall under the muscle meat category.

10% is raw meaty bone. Raw meaty bones are raw bones with meaty tissue around them. These bones are soft and easy for your dog to eat. You should not feed your dog bones with marrow which are difficult and even dangerous to consume. Chicken necks and turkey neck are not recommended for your dog. Their shape and bones can pose a choking hazard.

Some examples of raw meaty bones are pig’s trotters and chicken bones such as wings, feet, or even full caresses. The overall raw meaty bone amount in your cane corso’s food will be relative to how much you’re feeding them overall.

The next 5% is made up of liver.

The final 5% is made up of offal (aka secreting organs). These include spleen, kidneys, and pancreas.

Pet parents use this ratio to calculating puppy feeding amounts as well as amounts for adult dogs.

How much meat should I feed my cane corso?

A general rule of thumb for raw dog food is that you feed your Cane corso is that each day you feed them 2-3% of their body amount spread across two meals.

cane corso raw diet feeding chart

How much does a raw diet for a cane corso cost?

The cost of a raw diet will vary depending on the prices of raw meat in your area. Suffice to say it will be more expensive that your run of the mill dry kibble at Petsmart (especially if you have a large breed dog like a Cane Corso). It’s helpful to think of a raw meat diet as an investment to promote your dog’s well being and prevent common Cane Corso health issues.

Final thoughts

Feeding a Cane Corso dog raw food has many potential health benefits, but there also some risks and challenges pet owners need to be aware of.

Consult your vet if you’re thinking of making major changes to your Cane Corso’s diet. Diet is an indispensable part of your dog’s health!

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