Training a Yorkie Poo (How-to Guide)

By Bethany Tate

Part Yorkie and part Poodle, Yorkie Poos are an affectionate and loving mixed breed. These little dogs can pack a bundle of energy, which sometimes can lead to unwanted behaviors. In this post we’ll look at five training techniques you can use to train a Yorkie Poo. 

5 Ways to train a Yorkie Poo 

Use positive affirmation with Your Yorkie Poo

Positive affirmation is one of the most effective ways for training Yorkie Poos. Yorkie poos behave better when they know and understand what’s expected of them. It’s much easier for a Yorkie Poo to understand what they should do than it is for them to grasp the idea of what they shouldn’t do. 

When you scold or punish your Yorkie Poo for something they did wrong, like pee in the house for instance, it doesn’t teach them that they should go ahead and pee outside. It simply makes peeing stressful for them and paradoxically could reinforce the exact behavior you want to correct. 

Conversely, rewarding and praising your Yorkie Poo when they pee outside of the house, teaches them the exact behavior you want from them. With positive affirmation your Yorkie Poo will be excited and eager to obey you. 

Practice obedience training with your Yorkie Poo

Obedience training is when you train your Yorkie Poo to follow a series of verbal commands. These commands can range from stay, come, sit, rollover, etc. While the process of teaching these commands is a training technique in itself, obedience training also comes in handy when you need to control your Yorkie Poo’s behavior in unexpected or stressful situations. 

Redirect your Yorkie Poo’s Unwanted Behavior

Whether your Yorkie Poo is barking at other dogs on walks, jumping on visitors, or whining excessively, one great way to stop the unwanted behavior is to redirect your dog’s attention. The next time you and your Yorkie Poo are in a situation that triggers a bad behavior try using obedience commands to divert your Yorkie Poo’s attention and help them to calm down. 

Socialize Your Yorkie Poo in New Situations

Socialization is an essential part of training a Yorkie Poo. Your Yorkie Poo needs to build up positive associations with people, other dogs, and the world around them. The more familiar these things are, the less starling and stressful they will seem to your Yorkie Poo. 

If you are introducing your Yorkie poo to other dogs or people, it’s best to start gradually. Start by standing with your Yorkie Poo far from whatever is triggering them. 

Once your Yorkie Poo calms down and understands that there’s nothing to be scared or over excited about, move closer to the trigger. Repeat this process until your Yorkie Poo becomes desensitized to whatever bothers them, and they can relax and act normal. 

Find a professional Trainer

It’s okay to call in a professional trainer for your Yorkie Poo. If you tried everything and your Yorkie Poo is still acting out or won’t do your desired behavior, then it’s best to seek the help of a professional. 

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