When do pitbulls stop teething?

By Bethany Tate

Pitbull puppies teeth for 4 to 6 months. Their first teeth with start to come at around six weeks of age. By four months the original puppy teeth come out as the adult teeth begin in to grow in.

Pitbull puppies grow and lose their first set of baby teeth just like human babies, however the process is much quicker with pit bulls.

Teething stages for pitbull puppies

Your pit bull’s first teeth

Usually when a pitbull puppy is around six weeks old they stop drinking milk and their first tooth appears. In some cases the first tooth doesn’t show until after eight weeks of age.

This first signals the beginning of the teething process. While teething your pitbull puppy will experience discomfort and even mild pain. You’ll notice that your pup will starting chewing on object to try to relieve the discomfort and pressure from the incoming teeth.

Losing baby teeth

About a month after your puppy’s teeth first come in they will start to fall out. By three months all or most of the puppy teeth will have fallen out. This is because the adult teeth begin pushing out the original set of teeth.


When a pit bull puppy is four months old their molars begin to grow in.

Teething at six months of age

By the time your pup is six months they should have most of their adult teeth. This a good time fora a vet visit to check for any possible complications with your pitbull’s teeth. Issues such as overbite, missing teeth, or problems with the adult teeth growth process should be checked and corrected as this stage.

Adult teeth

At eight months your pitbull should have all of their adult teeth.

Symptoms of Teething Pitbull Puppies

There are some sure fire ways to tell whether or not your pitbull puppy is teething.

Excessive chewing

When your puppy starts exhibiting excessive chewing behavior it’s clear sign that the teething process has begun. The your puppy starts chewing on anything they can get a hold off, it’s because they are trying to get some relief from the pain and pressure in their mouth caused by the new teeth.


Puppy start to drool a lot when their puppy teeth come in. This is because from birth their salivary glands are programmed to go into overdrive once the teething process starts. Their saliva acts as an antibacterial agent. Their body produces it to help protect their mouth during the teething stage

Swelling or bleeding in the gums

Swollen or bleeding gums are are tell tale sign that your pit bull puppy is teething. A teething puppy has sharp pieces of bone jutting out from under their gums. Hence all the swelling and discomfort. Don’t be alarmed though. Some pitbull owners forget that this a natural part of the teething process.

Loose or missing teeth

This is kind of stating the obvious here, but if you notice your pitbull has a few less puppy teeth it means they are still teething.

Poor appetite

Sometimes the discomfort from your pitbull’s teething bring about a loss of appetite. Remember their gums are inflamed and there’s a lot of pressure in their mouth. This means your pitbull puppy might not be crazy about the idea of having to eat.


Your pitbull’s temperature may rise a little while teething. This is fairly common and in most cases nothing to worry about. Though your pitbull’s temperature will rise some, it shouldn’t raise to the level of a fever (which for dogs is above 103 degrees F). If you notice that your dog does have a fever you should contact your local vet. It could be that your dog is suffering from something serious that is unrelated to their teething.

Ways to alleviate teething symptoms for your pitbull puppy

So we’ve talked a lot about the teething process can be a painful stage in your pitbull’s life, but how can you help alleviate some of the symptoms? Here’s a few ideas…

Cold or frozen treats

A frozen dog treat will help numb your the gums and give some relief to your puppy’s mouth. Find treats that freeze well and use them to replace your puppy’s usual dog treats. Your pitbull will thank you.

Chew toys

During a dog’s teething stage a good chew toy will serve two purposes. First off it will help relieved the pressure and discomfort. Secondly it give your puppy something to do get their mind off of their incoming teeth.

When looking for chewy toys there are three factors. your want to consider: the quality of the toy, the age of your dog, and the size of your dog.

This is also a great time to start teaching your pitbull puppy what they can and can’t chew on. Don’t give them chew toys that are similar to real life items that you don’t want them to chew on!

The Nyla bone Puppy Chew Freezer Lamb & Apple Flavored Puppy Chew Toy is a great toy for puppy teething. The texture and shape of their toys are specifically designed to encourage chewing while at the time gently massaging your pitbull’s gums. This Nyla bone chew toy can also be thrown in the freezer and will turn colors to show you when its frozen or thawed.

Another great option is the Petstages Cool Teething Stick. This chew toy can also be frozen. The unique thing about this toy is provides several different textures for your puppy to experience while chewing.

The cotton and polyester fabric on the outside, the soft fabric tails hanging off the toy, and the crunchy inside that occurs after freezing; these all work together to entertain and soothe your pitbull puppy while they’re teething.

Final thoughts on teething for pit bull puppies

Teething can be an uncomfortable and painful stage in your pitbull’s life. But remember that it’s just a stage. It won’t last forever. With the right toys and treats (and your love and care), the teething phase will pass and before you know it your pitbull will have a mouth free of discomfort and full of healthy mature teeth!

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