Why are huskies so dramatic

By Coty Perry

Huskies are dramatic because of their “reactive” nature. They react to everything that happens around them and they can’t ignore it no matter how hard they try. Your Husky will assert their dominance when asked to do something they don’t like or if they encounter someone questionable. 

This leaves Husky owners to wonder if their Husky is the only one who acts so crazy. Why are Huskies so dramatic? Why does my Husky never listen to me? Why is my Husky always whining, yelling, and prone to dramatic outbursts ? 

Is your Husky driving you crazy with their drama queen behavior? Join the club because you’re not alone. It’s important to understand that their dramatic behavior is a result of their intelligence. If we try to understand our dog a little better, we can begin to manage their bad behavior. 

Are Huskies Dramatic Compared to Other Breeds? 

While many dog owners may assume that huskies are the “most dramatic breed,” they’re simply doing what most dogs would do. Huskies are reactive which means they’ll react to whatever is happening around them. 

This factor doesn’t always mean they’ll react aggressively towards something, in many cases they’re reacting silly to something they see, or excited about another passing dog or squirrel. 

Never forget that your dog has a personality just like you and while silliness is part of their breed, it’s something that makes Huskies so great. 

What Is the Most Dramatic Dog Breed? 

As mentioned, it’s easy to assume that your dog is the most dramatic because you’re with them all the time. If you’re a husky owner just know that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and there are plenty of breeds more dramatic than Huskies. Here are some of them: 

Basset Hounds

While the hanging and slouched expression of the Basset Hound may not scream drama, these stubborn dogs and willful deafness can lead you to believe your dog isn’t listening at all. Basset Hounds have a strange sense of humor that can leave you wondering if you should laugh or cry when they constantly refuse to listen to you. 


Beagles have a loud voice and they make their feelings known when they don’t like something. While they are known as playful dogs, this breed is also known for being stubborn and will overreact about a lot of things. Food is a major button issue for Beagles and they’ll do whatever it takes to get the food they want. 


This breed is known far and wide for it’s dramatic behavior and Napoleon Complex but it’s part of what makes them so lovable. While Chihuahuas are extremely loyal and intelligent dogs, they’re known to stress easily which can lead to snapping and biting. They’ll defend their territory and bark at anyone who makes them feel threatened. 

Are Siberian Huskies the Most Dramatic Type of Husky? 

Siberian Huskies are most known for their beautiful appearance, but are they dramatic or aggressive? According to the American Kennel Club, Huskies do not display the temperament of a dog that is aggressive. Siberian Huskies are gentle, friendly, and loyal. They do not possess a guard dog personality or the qualities of a guard dog. 

These points would indicate that Siberian Huskies aren’t that dramatic after all, but just because they’re not overly dramatic does not mean they won’t become that way in certain circumstances. 

Huskies are not “biters” but they will bite if provoked. This can often happen around children who don’t understand boundaries. Children around Huskies should be taught how to properly approach a dog and interact so the dog does not feel threatened. 

The most important thing to understand about the dramatic Siberian husky is that they have different types of dramatic tendencies. 

Dominant, predatory, and territorial are three of their behavioral tendencies. 


Dominant behavior occurs when they’re trying to control who and what is near them. This can happen when the dog jumps on someone, refuses to listen, or displays aggression. At this point, your Husky dog feels that he or she is more dominant than you and as a result, won’t listen.

It’s important that you nip this in the bud right away and correct the behavior from a young age. You need to assert yourself as the alpha. Speak firmly and reprimand them often. 


Since Huskies are a working dog, predatory behavior is common. Huskies may even see small children as prey so while you’re training your dog, it’s incredibly important to keep your eyes on the dog and children at all times. 

If their body tenses up or they’re standing still and staring for a long period of time they are responding to their natural instinct to prey. You need to address the situation immediately with a dominant tone. Be consistent. 


Most dog breeds are protective of what they believe to be theirs but Siberian Huskies take this to a new level. Many will react aggressively when someone invades their personal space but it all comes down to dominance. 

If your dog reacts negatively to people entering your home or yard, it’s because they don’t see you as the leader so they’re reacting as if it’s their space

It’s important to display leadership when training your dog and showing them that you can handle the situation so they don’t think they need to handle it themselves. This will force them to back off and allow you to choose how you will react to someone entering your personal space. 

Why Are Huskies so Whiny?

Huskies are vocal dogs. If your Husky is whining a lot, it can mean that they need some attention. They’ll whine if they didn’t get outside enough, if they’re hungry, if they want to go for a walk, or if they disagree with something. 

If you’re denying your Husky something for whatever reason, you have to expect them to whine. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get them to stop doing this, it’s a natural reaction to their discontent with the situation. 

Any other dog breed will have these behavioral tendencies, and this is just something that Husky owners have to deal with. 

The only way to limit your Huskies whining is by spending more time with them. Consider reducing the amount of time they have to spend alone. If you find your Husky demanding a lot of you after a long day of work, consider enrolling them in a pet daycare during the day. 

Why Do Huskies Howl?

While Huskies aren’t the only dogs that howl, they seem to do it more than most other breeds. Why is that? 

It’s unclear exactly as to why Huskies howl but the only answer is that it can be traced back to their ancestors. Wolves howl to alert others of their location and communicate. Huskies want to let other dogs know that they’re here and see who else is around. 

Another reason Huskies may howl is to alert other dogs of predators. While the predator could be a passing squirrel or rabbit, remember that your dog takes everything as a treat and their drama queen nature will make a big deal out of even the smallest invader. 

Why Are Huskies so Sassy?

Since your Husky is vocal, stubborn, and silly, it can sometimes come off as sassy or disobedient. It’s important to remember that your dog is actually very smart. This breed is highly intelligent and has the ability to think on it’s own. 

As a result, you end up with a dog that doesn’t always want to listen to you. It all comes down to trust and dominance. 

Your Husky needs to see you as the fearless leader in your house and if they trust you, they’ll do what they’re told. 

Also, remember that your Husky needs a lot of activity and attention. If they’re not getting the attention they need, they can become emotional. Your dog may even be upset with you for not spending enough time with them or leaving for too long. This can lead to disobedience as well. 

It’s important to understand your Husky rather than just expecting them to do everything you say because you’re “in charge.” 

Why Do Huskies Throw Tantrums?

One of the most entertaining things to watch is a Husky temper tantrum. They love throwing tantrums when they feel bored, angry, frustrated, or suffering from separation anxiety. Why do they do this? 

First, remember that Huskies are one of the most attention-needing dogs out there. If you’re not giving them enough attention they will act out. This can lead to excessive howling, whining, and sometimes destructive behavior. 

Another type of tantrum is a physical tantrum. This dramatic behavior occurs when they’re hungry, they’ve lost something, or they have to go to the bathroom. 

You don’t want to ignore either of these types of tantrums because your dog is trying to tell you something and it’s important that we understand them rather than expect them to listen when they have an issue. 

In some cases, tantrums can be the result of underlying pain or health problems that are causing them discomfort. If you find that your dog is throwing a lot of tantrums, it might be a good idea to get them checked out. 

Why Are Huskies so Silly?

Some call it silly, some call it weird, but no matter what you call it, your Husky has a big personality. All their behavior comes down to their reactive nature. If you want a dog that’s capable of walking along and ignoring things, this isn’t the breed for you. Whenever a Husky sees something they like or don’t like, they become fixated on it. 

No matter what you do, you won’t be able to pull them away from it without offering something else more interesting. 

They’re also emotionally reactive when they’re asked to do something they don’t like. This is when their stubborn nature will start to come out. They’ll run away from you and hide, they’ll bury their face, or they’ll howl and whine at you while slowly walking away. 

All of these behaviors stem from their intelligence. They’re too smart for their own good sometimes so they don’t blindly listen to their owner like some breeds. They want to challenge you a little and it can come off as goofy behavior sometimes. 

Why Are Huskies so Chatty?

You’ve probably seen videos online of Huskies “talking.” It really does sound like they’re trying to communicate. It’s in their genes. Huskies are descendents of wolves and pack animals always have ways of communicating with other members of the pack. 

If your Husky is howling or whining at you, they’re trying to communicate. They might be trying to tell you that they’re in pain or that something is wrong. Their natural response is to get loud so they can alert you of the problem since you’re the leader of the pack. 

Compared to other dogs, Huskies do not growl much. They’re not aggressive but remember that they’ll react based on your nonverbal cues. If they can feel that you’re stressed or unhappy about someone’s presence, they’ll remain on high alert and can react aggressively if that person comes near them.  

How Can I Prevent My Siberian Husky’s Dramatic Behavior?

While we don’t want to discourage our dog from behaving how they would naturally, sometimes you need to intervene. If your Husky has become aggressive or destructive, you know it’s time to do something. 

1. Do Not Encourage bad Behavior

It’s easy to laugh about your dog’s reactive behavior but it’s important to note that you don’t encourage your husky’s drama. We shouldn’t be giving the dog treats when they confront someone and don’t lead them with treats. 

For example, if your dog ran outside towards someone when they entered your yard, do not try to lure them back inside with treats. This behavior from you serves as positive reinforcement for their actions and we don’t want that. 

Reward good behavior

You want to train your Husky to allow you to take the lead in that situation. You will decide whether or not it’s okay for this person to enter the yard and your dog will react based on that. Giving them treats reinforces the fact that they’re in control and you’re rewarding them for their good behavior.

2. Stimulate Your Husky More

Ask yourself and be honest about it. Are you giving your dog enough time? They need a lot of love and attention and they don’t care if you’re busy. Your Husky needs you to be active in their life and you’ll find that they’ll start listening and obeying you more if you’re present more. 

Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spend with them, you need to make sure to spend as much quality time as you can afford each day. Spend time training them, walking, playing, and cuddling on the couch. This precious quality time makes for a happy husky.

3. Consider Obedience Training

If all else fails and you find yourself struggling to transform your pup into a well behaved Husky, obedience training may be the only answer. Well-trained Huskies are less likely to react negatively to their surroundings. Recall training is an important part of managing life with your Husky.

Final Thoughts on why are huskies so dramatic

Now when you ask yourself, “why are Huskies so dramatic”? There’s no need to wonder. Your Huskies are very smart, lovable, and have strong personalities. Those behaviors can come off as dramatic sometimes. Proper training and consistent commands will show your Husky who is in charge and may reduce their reactive tendencies. Then you enjoy your dog and their playful nature!

This article does not constitute pet medical advice.

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