Why Do French Bulldogs Eat Poop? 

By Coty Perry

When French Bulldogs eat poop it’s called coprophagia and it’s actually an inherited response to wanting to keep their living space free of parasites. As a result, they eat the poop to keep their crate clean. 

If you have a French Bulldog, you know the feeling of love at first sight. French Bulldogs are so full of fun energy and they’re one of the most intelligent breeds out there. 

One thing you may notice and it could shock you at first is when your French Bulldog eats its own poop. You might think they’re sick or that there is something wrong with them. Rest assured, they’re fine and it’s perfectly normal but there are still a number of reasons to make them stop. 

In this quick guide, we’re going to address the Frenchie poop issue and outline a few quick things you can do to end this behavior. 

Comon reasons French Bulldogs Eat Poop

Frenchies eating poop is a natural defense response to wanting to keep their area clean while also wanting to ensure that predators do not smell the feces and be attracted to the area. As a result, puppies will mimic what they see their mother do. 

The mother does not do this for very long and as soon as the puppies are eating on their own, they will go outside the nest to poop and that should end this behavior. 

That said, it sticks around in the mind of Frenchie puppies and as they become more accustomed to going potty outside and having their desired areas, they will want to clean it up as well by eating their own poop. 

Outside of natural instinct, there could be a few other reasons to pay attention to if your Frenchie is eating their poop as they age. 

Sub-Par Food 

If the food you’re feeding your French Bulldog puppy is lacking nutrients, it will often come out the same way it went in so your French Bulldog could deem it safe to eat. In many cases, it will smell and taste the same so it’s tempting for a puppy. Consider switching them to a different food. 

They’re Hungry

If your Frenchie is known for eating poop, you’ll want to be careful because they may have picked up a parasite along the way. These parasites will feast on your puppies’ nutrients which can leave them feeling hungry all the time even when you know you’ve fed them plenty. Making sure they’re on a good feeding schedule can help prevent this. 

They’re Bored 

All dogs do crazy things when they’re bored and French Bulldogs may eat their own poop if they’re bored. If your French Bulldog has been left alone for a long time, it could be a way of acting out especially if you’ve expressed discontent with them eating their poop in the past. 

Final Thoughts on French Bull Dogs Eating Poop

It might be a scary thing to see at first but it’s much more normal than you think. Keep your puppy busy and be sure to feed them the best food you can fit into your budget and you should have nothing to worry about! 

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Coty Perry
Coty is a self-proclaimed cat whisperer and animal lover. Growing up his mom ran a dog training business out of his childhood home so you can say it was complete chaos 24/7. Today, when he comes home after a long day of writing about animals, he’s greeted by his two loving cats Marley and Cozmo.