Why Does My Dog Bite My Ears?

By Coty Perry

You might think it’s cute that your dog bites your ears, or you might find it gross. When a dog bites your ears, he shows you that he is comfortable with you. Ear biting is a form of affection from your precious pup. 

Since dogs are pack animals, it is instinctual for them to bite your ears to show you that you are a part of their pack and you are their leader. As a part of your dog’s primal instinct, they may bite or nibble on your ears to “help groom you.” While it sounds strange, it is a natural urge for dogs to want to lick their human’s ears.

Reasons why your dog bites your ears

Your dog bites your ears as a primal instinct but can also bite your ears to show you they want to play. You might have an active pup who constantly wants to play. However, it is crucial to be aware of when the biting is gentle and playful or when it is aggressive. 

Sometimes dogs bite ears aggressively because they want to show you they are dominant. If your dog is displaying signs of aggression by biting your ears, it is essential to begin training them to prevent this behavior. 

Some other reasons your dog wants to bite your ears include the following:

Your Dog Likes the Taste

Understandably, you might feel uncomfortable with this, but dogs enjoy their humans’ tastes. Our skin naturally produces sweat and oil, giving it a salty taste. When your pup licks your ears, they are enjoying the salty taste and feel that they are grooming you. 

While it might sound disgusting, you should take comfort in the fact that your dog loves you so much. Licking is a sign of affection, and we as humans should appreciate this kind gesture from our furry friends.

Your Dog Needs Something

When your dog licks your ears, he might be trying to tell you something. Your dog could be licking your ears to tell you he needs a potty break, his toy is stuck under the couch, he wants to play, or he is hungry. Your pup could be trying to get your attention in this way instead of barking. 

The Dog Is Still a Puppy

If your dog is still a puppy, ear biting is your pup’s way of investigating and exploring new things. Your puppy might also be teething and is looking for a way to relieve the discomfort if their new teeth grow in. If you notice your puppy doing some ear biting, try to discourage it as soon as possible to avoid any behavioral issues later on.

Final Thoughts

If you wonder, “Why does my dog bite my ears?” There are many reasons ear biting could happen. Whether your dog is a puppy, he is showing affection, he needs you for something, or he likes your taste, ear biting is a primal instinct for your furry friend. 

If you believe the ear biting is aggressive, it is vital to begin training your dog not to bite ears to prevent any further behavioral issues down the road.

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Coty Perry
Coty is a self-proclaimed cat whisperer and animal lover. Growing up his mom ran a dog training business out of his childhood home so you can say it was complete chaos 24/7. Today, when he comes home after a long day of writing about animals, he’s greeted by his two loving cats Marley and Cozmo.