Why Does My Dog Growl at My Husband in Bed?

By Bethany Tate

Does your dog keep you and your husband up at night with incessant growling and you’re wondering why?

Are you looking for a way to get your dog to stop growling at your husband in bed?

Then this article is for you. Here we discuss some of the most common reasons your dog might growl at your husband at night. We’ll also look at some steps you and your husband can take to eliminate the bad behavior. 

Common Reasons Why Your Dog Might Growl at Your Husband in Bed

Your Dog Wants Attention

All the growling could be an acting out behavior your dog does when they want attention. Similar to whining, your dog might see growling as a way to get what he or she wants. This is especially true if you or your husband has given into growling in the past. 

If your dog is growling at your husband in bed because they want attention, the best way to combat the behavior is for you and your husband to ignore your dog. Your dog needs to learn that growling is not the way to get what they want. When your dog starts growling, refrain from eye contact, touch, or talking. Have your husband turn his back to your dog until the dog settles down. 

Admittedly this technique will make things worse before they get better. At first your dog might freakout at being ignored by your husband. Over time and with practice your dog will begin to realize that growling simply doesn’t work anymore and the behavior will stop. 

Lack of Socialization

If your husband and your dog are newly acquainted then your dog might need some time to get used to being around your husband. This is especially true if your dog hasn’t been socialized around different kinds of people (including men). 

If your dog is growling at your husband in bed because they aren’t used to one another, then the best thing you and your husband can do is to work with your dog to create new positive associations with each other. 

Start by having your husband spend time with you and your dog. Playtime together or a walk are good ways to start. Once your dog is used to being around you and your husband together, have your husband begin to spend time alone with your dog. In time your dog and your husband should form a comfortable bond and the growling will stop. 

Separation anxiety

Another reason your dog might be growling at your husband is separation anxiety. If your dog is left alone for long periods of time during the day, or if there’s been a sudden change in the family schedule and you and your husband aren’t home at the time you used to be, then your dog may feel stress from the separation. 

One of the best ways to counter separation anxiety in dogs is regular exercise and spending quality time together. Exercise will help wear a dog out and get rid of any pent of energy. While regular quality time will help your dog feel at ease when the two of you have to be apart. 

Separation anxiety is usually accompanied by other symptoms besides growling. Some of the most common are excessive barking or whining, pacing, shaking, loss of appetite, and going to the bathroom in places a dog normally doesn’t.  

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