Why Does My Pitbull Nibble on Blankets?

By Bethany Tate

Your pitbull may nibble on blankets out of boredom or because they find it soothing. A pitbull puppy will nibble on blankets while teething to alleviate the pressure and discomfort of their gums. 

Is your pit bull in the habit of chewing on your blankets and you’re worried what might be causing this strange behavior? Are you looking for a way to get your pit bull to stop nibbling on your blankets?

In this article we’ll take a closer look at this strange habit. We’ll also cover some basic steps you can take to correct this nibbling behavior in your pitbull. 

How to stop my pitbull from nibbling on blankets

Find the cause

There are a few possible reasons why your pit bull nibbles on your blankets. Before changing the behavior you’ll need to correctly identify why your dog is a blanket nibbler.


Often when a pitbull chews excessively on things they shouldn’t (be it blankets or furniture), boredom is the chief cause. Pit bulls are an active and energetic breed. They thrive on attention and plenty of physical exercise. 

It’s recommended that Pit bulls get 30-45 minutes of exercise per day. If your pit bull isn’t getting enough exercise this results in pent up energy. All this energy needs to find a way out, and oftentimes it manifests through unusual behaviors like nibbling on blankets. 

If your dog is bored, regular exercise will likely get your pit bull to stop chewing on blankets. After all, a tired pit bull is a good pit bull. 

Lack of chew toys

If your pit bull loves to chew but can’t find any chew toys, he’s likely to improvise. Your blanket might be his or her first pick for chew time. Making one or more chew toys easily accessible for your pit bull will help them nibble on the things they should instead of your blankets. 

Anxiety or stress

Excessive nibbling can be a sign that your pit bull is stressed or anxious about something. Often times this is related to a sudden change in their environment or routine. See if you can notice a pattern in your pitbull’s nibbling behavior. Does it happen around the time you leave the house or aren’t home? Perhaps you recently moved or you and your pit bull got a new roommate? A new environment can be stressful for a dog. Your pit bull might turn to blankets because they find it soothing and it helps relieve stress. 


As mentioned before, if you have a pit bull puppy then they are probably nibbling on blankets because they are teething. When puppy teeth start to come in, they bring pressure and discomfort with them. Often a pit bull puppy will chew on things they wouldn’t normally. Luckily this behavior is just a phase, and when the teething stops so will the nibbling. 

Try giving your pitbull pup a frozen teething toy to help relieve their discomfort and they will likely forget about your blankets. 

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